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  1. I'm probably exaggerating in some sort of fevered dream now, but Agents of SHIELD feels like garbage to me now. Thoughts on season 1: I just finished Season 1 last night, and I thought it was awesome:
  2. They're going to give us the proper costume at the end of the season or something. Since he's basically wearing a red version of Iron Fist's costume right now which might be awkward later down the road when Iron Fist suits up for his series. (Unless they go in another direction with Iron Fist's costume which would suck imo).
  3. Critieron is having a flash sale right now 50% off list price, ends tomorrow 3/11 at Noon EST Code: SPRING
  4. Second Daredevil trailer. I"m pretty pumped for this now.
  5. Check out Parenthood, it's pretty good plus its from the same showrunner as FNL and he brings in some of FNL's stars for guest arcs including Minka Kelly (Lyla Garrity), Michael B. Jordan (Vince), Matt Lauria (Luke), and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Jess). First four seasons are on Netflix.
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