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  1. In a way, this really helps my decision to buy a PS4. If only Watch_Dogs wasn't available on PS4 i'd definitely hold out until a bigger HD capacity model comes out (like I wish I did with my PS3) Interestingly the first thing I thought when I watched the latest trailer was.. OH MY GOD YOU CAN PLAY GOLF. I don't even like golf that much. I'm really getting older.
  2. I will take the initiative to start this months footy thread with news that Wayne Rooney has been sent home 'injured' as his on again-off again-on against transfer to whoever will take him rages on. FOOTBALLS BACK SOON!
  3. POST~ more. Under my _realname this time. I was AKA The Franchise AKA Calm down, it's not Shane Douglas. Glad to see you guys back!
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