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  1. 26 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Oh yeah, and if MJF, the devil, is champ, and we somehow don't get Miro vs MJF, then something is wrong. 

    Dude, one of those shadowy, sepia-toned vignettes with him going "I now know what my God needs me to do." would be so GD killer. Great call

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  2. 36 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Yeah. He got concussed in the Forbidden Door 4 way, Jay White called an audible to end the match, and Cole has been out since. It's crazy he's been out as long as he has been. 

    Man, I mistakenly thought he had a shoulder injury this whole time for some reason. They are obviously taking the protocol very seriously, and regardless of what one thinks of any of the other 'public facing' shortcomings as of late, it's unquestionably the right move. Obviously, every injury and every person's body is different, but if it means not getting to see Hangman for another 4 months, so be it, as long as the man has his wits about him. Head injuries are nothing to play with, not just for the performers' health, but for the obvious optics of also being NFL owners. Whoever shouted out the Tua situation on the last page is entirely correct.

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  3. Late to the party, but the Hangman injury had me a bit shook last night. As others have alluded to, it's pretty wild that he was hurt on something fairly routine like that after having moonsaulted off a balcony only minutes earlier. I was finally able to sleep after Dave gave confirmation on the thumbs up (that's my tweet @DEAN posted earlier, I got sick of waiting for news, and enough people were just parroting it without proof that I thought the best move was to simply ask). I can't lie, I 100% thought that was the planned finish at first. It protects Hangman to a degree, Mox gets the KO victory in his hometown for the title, and they have 'unfinished business' down the road for a rematch now. Obviously, Hangman's health is the only thing that really matters, but given the circumstances and legit injury, it's almost a 'best case scenario' for this kind of situation in terms of booking.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, DreamBroken said:

    Pac retained over Kip on the All Out preshow last month and that was the end of that.

    Whoops - thanks, man. You may have heard already, but a couple noteworthy things happened during and after that one that kind of took precedence in my memory.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Clark Connors was in contention to be the first champion, so probably just a misunderstanding. 

    Completely forgot him, thank you. I was thinking back, and for some reason my brain could only remember Miro, Malekai, and Pac. 

  6. A little embarrassing, but after only a week I've just realized: wasn't the AA title supposed to be limited to non-Americans, or was that just an assumption and/or something I made up? I bring this up now because I'm wondering 1) what's going to happen with the Pac/Kip issue I thought we were going to transition to and 2) whether or not OC is perhaps going on excursion soon

  7. Random thought: TBS aired reruns of the awful Dwayne Wade game show The Cube during the Yankees rain delay earlier tonight - if I'm TK, I'm on the phone with TBS offering up a Best of AEW compilation for the next time they have time to fill, and making sure that the production team has one of those in the chamber ready to go at all times, with updated lower third crawls for upcoming events, and maybe some fresh studio wrap-arounds with Tony Schiavone and Dasha or something.

    Also, I hesitate to even put this out into the multiverse, but said Yankee game got moved to tomorrow at 4:08, so let's all hope they wrap up the win in 9 innings

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  8. 42 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    Didn't the company actually make a lot of those arrangements for being in Playboy? 

    Not 100% certain about the earlier ones, but I'm guessing blindly that they did for some of the later issues featuring their talent, because I recall some sort of co-branded or co-sponsored Playboy battle royal or pillow fight or something 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Ramo2653 said:

    Going back to the confused looks from wearing a wrestling shirt thing, I get looks and questions when I wear my Shayna Bazler "Submission Magician" shirt. I've gotten asked multiple times if I'm into dom/sub play from wearing that and I have to explain that it's just a cool wrestler.

    Man, I could've avoided a lot of awkward moments/convos in my 20s if I'd just had a Shayna shirt

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  10. 19 hours ago, zendragon said:

    Do you put DDP above or below Raven? Raven seems like a guy who was good at taking guys who where better than him (Jericho, Benoit, Saturn) and giving them a road map

    Man, that's a tough one, only because I've read over the years that DDP followed the Savage formula of meticulously laying things out ahead of time (probably why their two PPV matches in '97 are so killer) so while I 100% agree with your assessment of Raven, I'm wondering if that's part of the reason he and DDP had such great matches the following year. 

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  11. 32 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    His problem seemed to be Tony refusing to answer even stuff that wasn't legal related at all.

    I thought the main two things at issue were the Punk/Elite stuff and MJFs contract, am I mistaken?

  12. 7 minutes ago, Pedro said:

    Mick Foley

    I thought about him, but pulled back on it only because IMO being able to have the great matches he did while working around his physical limitations actually makes him equal or better to whoever he's in there with in my eyes, but he's def not a bad choice and its really kind of a matter of opinion/perspective anyway

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  13. 1 hour ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    Which wrestler has the most good-to-great matches where he is consistently the second-best guy in those matches?

    I've been watching a ton of Ted DiBiase stuff from Mid-South and All Japan lately, is why I ask. 

    I'm with @Sammo~! on HHH and will submit his cohorts Orton and Batista as my top answers. I think Luger and Sting probably have to be up there, too. This is a weird one, but possibly Paul Wight.

    edit: DDP's a good choice, the only great DDP match I can think of where he's not the lesser skilled guy is probably the '98 Havoc with Goldberg. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Casey said:

    Back on the topic of wrestling shirts in the wild - a few months ago, exactly what I feared would happen actually happened while I was wearing the Seth Rollins "Redesign Rebuild Reclaim" shirt. It's bad enough that the front has the little SR logo that looks like a crosshair, but the phrase on the back... yikes, if you live in a heavy red area like I do. Some older guy at a gas station asked me what it meant, and I could kind of tell that he wanted it to mean something very particular. His face when I told him it was an old wrestling shirt was great, though.

    I hated when that was his thing because it seemed to me like a rip-off of the CKY album "Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild" but maybe that's just me seeing what I want to see

    Also: I fully support and encourage all Lost-related references on this board, in wrestling, and wherever else possible. Three years in to AEW, and I'm still waiting for Chuck Taylor to bust out the Dharma Initiative armbands on cable.

    Edit: I actually have to give this board a huge piece of credit when it comes to the way I consumed that show. I wasn't a regular poster yet back then, but I always loved coming over here to scope the recap thread and watch everyone going crazy trying to extrapolate info from those Doc Jensen columns on the EW website. Great times.

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  15. No dog in the fight here, but even if Helwani has a point, he sounds like a massive baby in his delivery, and that to me is more of a turnoff than anything he said or asked or didn't say or ask during that interview. And FWIW, as others mentioned earlier in the week, I'm fairly certain TK was just answering with a keen eye on whatever the legal situations may or not be. Pretty standard shit no matter if you're a wrestling promotor or like, an insurance adjuster or the mayor of a town or whatever.

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  16. Credit where it's due, it is pretty insane in retrospect how over Konnan was in the NWO. WCW had plenty of great promo guys at that time, but Konnan really was sort of the only one in my mind (other than Scott Hall's survey time) that came close to matching that WWF catchphrase-sing-along/call-and-response formula that was starting up with New Age Outlaws, Rock, etc. (of course none of it would fly today with the homophobic comments and some of the insane things he got away with saying in Spanish)

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  17. 47 minutes ago, Zimbra said:

    weird how quickly it's playing out, but I'm very much into the Firm/MJF drama.  Mostly I'm just intrigued by the idea of an MJF who has to go into a major feud without a reliable goon squad to take out his opponent and has to become a much meaner piece of shit instead.

    I love your idea, but I'm not sure if that's where we're heading, only because Stokely's face made it look like he had something/someone for MJF. I don't think they'd bitch Stoke out like that unless he was going to get some measure of revenge (though I guess there isn't really any reason they couldn't run with both ideas in parallel, unless MJF is turning babyface)... which (finally) brings me to my point:

    I could be way off base, but I would assume the textbook thinking would be turning MJF babyface(ish?) through no actions of his own, but just by garnering sympathy via a Big Cass beat down or whatever. This way, when he starts heeling it up again, doesn't matter if its a month from now or two years from now, he can go with the idea of never having said or done anything to make us think he's a babyface, and in actuality, WE'RE the white trash dummies with the losing sports team, and he's better than us, yada yada.

  18. 6 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Best Friends celebration was made better when they went off-air because Kris Statlander came out to join them. 

    That's awesome! I forgot she was supposed to get the TBS title at Grand Slam. Wonder if they were originally slotted for the Trios so all could be belted up, but switched to the AA with her injury (nothing to indicate that, just speculating)

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  19. 8 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    If we are talking about real sports, I'd say there's definitely an issue with big time reporters/TV people having the agent or the same agency as players/coaches/GMs they cover. 

    Look at all the Bristol folks now with CAA or Endeavor or whomever the big agencies are. 

    I asked LeBatard about that years ago and he basically said "it's up to you to decide if you trust the reporter or not and respect their credibikity." 

    IIRC, Dan, SVG and Riley were all reppped by same agency at the time. 

    A million percent this. IMO (and this is likely stating the obvious) it's felt 1000x more in Bristol because they have the whole juggling act of being a news outlet while also being massively indebted as broadcast partners to the same leagues they're reporting on. I don't agree with it one iota from a journalistic perspective, but from a business aspect, I completely understand the conundrum of (for example) being hesitant to report a negative NFL story on the 6:00 SportsCenter that might turn people off from Monday Night Football at 8

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