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  1. I haven't tried Trials in awhile - I just haven't really been motivated to do so So irritated that the Masterworking Armor quest is never retroactive
  2. I hope y'all are sitting down for this shocking news Skull & Bones has been delayed Again New release date is March 9, 2023
  3. Paramount has officially pulled Star Trek 4 from its release schedule Not necessarily a surprise since Matt Shakman left as director last month The movie had been scheduled for Dec 22, 2023
  4. So Natural follows Ryan Reynolds and Dolfan follows Hugh Jackman Got it
  5. There is so much going on in both of these clips and it is like crack for me
  6. The aforementioned Mets and Braves play a 3 game series starting Friday Problem is... the series is in Atlanta MLB is considering contingency plans due to Hurricane Ian Of course, MLB being MLB has already ruled out starting the series on Thursday (both teams have an off day) and has ruled moving the games to a neutral location So the two most likely scenarios are a Split DH on Sunday or extending the regular season one day and have the teams play on Oct 6 (the regular season ends Wednesday, Oct 5)
  7. Final Trailer for Halloween Ends You probably don't want to watch it because it spoils the last movie and pretty much shows the entire movie (I mean I count at least 4 kills it shows)
  8. Slayers (Red Band Trailer) I watched this trailer a few weeks ago and I guess never posted it Looks like goofy fun but since it is vampires it is going here Technically you could argue that both Abigail Breslin and Malin Akerman have turned into Scream Queens which is something I don't think I would have predicted
  9. Bassam Tariq has left as the Director of Blade Per Marvel's statement “Due to continued shifts in our production schedule, Bassam is no longer moving forward as director of Blade but will remain an executive producer on the film" No replacement has been named yet
  10. No KC is most likely waiting for the NFL to decide what is happening with the game first. Because if the game is moved to Minnesota (as a random example), they aren't gonna wanna fly to somewhere in Florida and then to Minnesota Plus, in general teams don't fly out till Friday afternoon/evening (possibly not even Saturday depending on how close the game is)
  11. The Cards also clinched the NL Central thus leaving the NL East as the only race not over (and in that case both the Mets and Braves have clinched playoff berths)
  12. Because it’s basically never happened before. It definitely never happened since 1900 Stats folks can only find 6 instances ever where a pitcher has balked 3 times in the same inning It was the first time Bleier had ever been called for a balk in his career
  13. Well I wanted people to discover that themselves hence my vagueness with the post Plus some folks get weirdly irritated over what is spoiled and what isnt
  14. Deadpool 3 - 9/6/24 You can watch the video to see what else they are teasing
  15. You are fucking UCONN - how do you not fucking do this?
  16. More changes due to Hurricane Ian Eastern Washington at Florida - moved to Noon Sunday East Carolina at South Florida - moved from Tampa to Boca Raton, time moved up to 2:30 Saturday (was 6 pm)
  17. Brian Daboll confirmed that Sterling Shepard did indeed tear his ACL
  18. Dean Wade has officially signed his 3 year extension with the Cavs 3 years, $18.5 million
  19. South Carolina has moved its game against South Carolina St to Thursday night to avoid Hurricane Ian
  20. My favorite thing about Thamel's list is the 2nd to last name is Brent Key It was like "Fuck - I guess I need to include the guy who was named the interim HC"
  21. So even better - Yahoo just declared both teams the winner and called it a day. So yeah - this is clearly the worst year we ever had
  22. Russia will be boycotting the Academy Awards and will not submit a film for consideration for Best International Feature Film
  23. Sterling Shepard is definitely out for the year
  24. The Cowboys love to commit penalties
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