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  1. Of course the no hitter will probably get overlooked due to people screaming about Anthony Rendon hitting lefty (the Rays put a position player on the mound so Rendon batted lefty… and hit a HR)
  2. Sure as heck looks like we are getting another Lyons/Legend match
  3. Ex-Jags Kicker Josh Lambo is suing the team over Urban Meyer's behavior He is seeking payment of his $3.5 million base salary for 2021, along with compensation for emotional distress.
  4. The first of the Christmas games has been announced Broncos at Rams at 4:30 PM EST Game will be on CBS and Nickelodeon (It will also stream on Paramount+)
  5. This is how all jersey number buying should work
  6. The previous gen versions of Gotham Knights (aka PS4 and XBOX one) have officially been cancelled Game will only be coming out on PS5, XBOX X/S and PC
  7. From that same game The White Sox blew an 8-2 lead in the 9th Josh Naylor became the first player in MLB history to have 8 RBIs in the 8th inning or later (run scoring double in the 8th, Grand Slam in 9th that tied it, 3 run HR in the 11th)* He is also the first player to ever have multiple 3 run (or Grand Slam) HRs in the 9th inning on *- since 1920 when the RBI became an official stat
  8. The Spurs have request to play two games in Austin, Texas (specifically at the new arena being built at the University of Texas) So the city of San Antonio FREAKED THE FUCK OUT So much so that the Spurs owner had to release a statement saying that the team isn't moving
  9. Or in the upcoming game thread where I just put it
  10. She probably got tired of hearing about his vodka
  11. According to PWI - the reason the Lacey Evans promo aired last night was because they have decided to put her on RAW instead Even better - she is gonna be a heel
  12. I will put this here since it’s so specific to the NFL FOX Sports has announced that Tom Brady will be their lead football analyst once he retires
  13. Yes - because I think we already had the discussion around Tom Hanks' accent (unless there was a 2nd one that came out)
  14. Father of the Bride Latest version - this one with Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan as the parents Hits HBO Max on June 16
  15. More Dead Cap for the pile!!!! Fucking Gettleman
  16. Next episode will be 24/7 Themed with guests R-Truth, Carmella and Dana Brooke
  17. Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, Long Shot) will direct the Dirty Dancing sequel He was originally only going to produce but now is directing too Jennifer Grey will return as Baby
  18. What was funny was after Datto/Frost/Patty went Flawless - Frost immediately hopped over to play with Fallout and Mushroom Partly because Fallout was challenged for charity to do a perfect card (ie: not lose a single round) I never went back and saw if he was successful or not
  19. This isn't surprising but the Charlotte injury angle is to write her off so she can get married/go on her honeymoon
  20. We are officially at slow leaks of the schedule season Per Adam Schefter - the Week 1 Week 2 Monday Night Football Doubleheader will be Titans at Bills (This one is officially starting at 7:15 PM EST) Vikings at Eagles (Time TBD)
  21. Well I am back into the groove of new people immediately wanting to leave my island. I think this is my third straight resident who is leaving basically like a month after getting here.
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