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  1. Oops - forgot to post the link https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/51298 Also, I have Fallout's Twitch stream running now and apparently - Time and TravelDanielle (which makes me slap my knee) are on Fallout's team
  2. I finally found the full list of captains but not who is participating I should clarify that Datto, Fallout and Krystal (for the Hunters) are leading the US teams Houndish is leading the Titans UK team (at least I think it is the Titans team - they all have wacky names) The rest of the streamers are not folks I recognize (at least at first glance)
  3. I keep telling myself that I hate myself enough to do another playthrough of Andromeda But I never even finished my playthrough of the Legendary Edition so that will never happen
  4. To be nit picky - its the NYC Employee's Retirement System So technically Activision is being sued by New York City And apparently they aren't the only pension system that invested in Activision as at least a total of 6 different state ones have been pestering Activision to open their books
  5. Peacock has cancelled the Saved by the Bell reboot
  6. Yeah - I have probably 4 fake Motherlys and 3 fake Omecs but still need both real ones
  7. Netflix is rebooting Iron Chef June 15 The 5 Iron Chefs will be announced at a later date
  8. The fucker just did it to me again Tuesday - has fake Motherly Wednesday - actually on island with shit Thursday - has fake Motherly
  9. Ben Simmons is having back surgery Recovery is 3-4 months
  10. What's really amusing is I hadn't checked this thread since like last summer so going by the unread posts I had I got the entire story arc of Tessa's employment in one go
  11. I LOVE that the competitive part of Guardian Games is a matchmade Legend Nightfall So many rewards
  12. Unfortunately - the words cheap and DC do not go together. That being said - ignoring the chains inside Union Station - there are a bunch of stuff within a few blocks walk in the direction (due West from Union Station for all intents and purposes) that is in between Union Station and Cap One Arena. Just will depend on what you are interested in. Just know that since it will be a Saturday - a lot of places might not open till 7 AM (some might not open till 8 AM)
  13. Freddie Prinze Jr says he will be starting a wrestling promotion in the next 18 months https://www.f4wonline.com/news/other-wrestling/freddie-prinze-jr-reveals-plan-to-start-wrestling-promotion-in-next-18-months Some notes - Goal is starting with the next 18 months. Could be sooner but said that we require him to move to Australia for 3 months (it sounds like if he accepted a specific role being filmed in Australia it would really boost the available money for the project) - The company could theoretically run for up to 3 years without making a profit. (Ideally he wants to be making a profit within 2 but Scooby Doo made him a lot of money) - It looking for a full time location that the promotion would run out of - Wants it to be a 2 hour TV show but knows he probably won't get a TV deal at the start - Wants all the wrestlers to join SAG so they would get benefits that way
  14. Madison Bumgarner got ejected in the first inning of today's game during a foreign substance check It is a little unclear if he was tossed for having a foreign substance or because he said something to the ump as there was a really awkward exchange between the two - partly because the check was taking forever (and Bumgarner is upset about a call already) I think its the later and not the former just because I don't think his mitt was confiscated
  15. Now I am trying to remember all the Andromeda links to original ME characters (besides obviously Liara) There is now that one to Mordin Garrus' Dad Nyreen Kandros' brother??? cousin??? Zaeed Massani's Son Conrad Verner's Sister A lot of the Cerberus folks (Illusive Man, Miranda) get named dropped
  16. That reddit thread is interesting as I couldn't figure out what part of the game that was but someone mentioned it was when you get the lamp for the two stoners and then I instantly remembered that mission And someone posted why the scene was cut
  17. I just pasted it as plain text because there was some weird HTML gremlin in it that the board hated
  18. https://www.espn.com/soccer/chelsea-engchelsea/story/4657546/chelsea-in-race-against-time-to-complete-sale-as-issues-mount-sources Apparently the UK government said that Chelsea's sale must be completed by May 31 So the new owners have to actually buy the club first Then the new owners must pass the Premier League's owners test (the quickest that has ever happened is 10 days) Part of the issue is Roman Abramovich is making noise that he wants repayment on the $2 billion loan he made to the club
  19. The time for him to retire was 10 years ago
  20. Lee Westwood has confirmed that he has requested his release from the PGA Tour and European Tour as to be able to play in the first LIV Golf Invitational event
  21. Post Show - Nikkita Lyons announced she was in the Breakout Tournament So 8 in it are Arianna Grace Kiana James Sloane Jacobs Lash Legend Fallon Henley Tatum Paxley Roxanne Perez Nikkita Lyons
  22. Kailia Posey, who was featured frequently on Toddlers & Tiaras has passed away at the age of 16. The family has confirmed it was due to suicide Most folks will be familiar with her due to this gif National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  23. https://www.si.com/nfl/2022/05/03/hue-jackson-browns-tanking-allegations-daily-cover SI has a full article about all the things that Jackson has accused the Browns of (story is technically behind a paywall if you run out of free stories) Summary is from PFT so the snark is Florio
  24. And the game in Mexico will be San Fran vs Arizona because the NFL is not creative That game will be 11/21/22
  25. I pinned this just to make life easier. If folks have questions - it probably is quicker to just send Niko a PM
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