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    Patrice Bergeron has signed a one year deal with the Bruins and will return for a 19th season
  2. He technically is/was but MLB itself already bent that rule by allowing him to appear at the All Century Team celebration back in 99. The Phillies organization also announced that they "received permission from the Commissioner's Office"
  3. Brian Barrett is leaving WEEI to do a Boston specific podcast for The Ringer
  4. Rose also went into the broadcast booth (whoever thought that was a fucking good idea should be fired) and dropped a bunch of curse words on a broadcast with no delay https://awfulannouncing.com/nbc/pete-rose-philadelphia-phillies-explitives.html
  5. Top Gun Maverick has passed Titanic for two different things It (TGM) is now Paramount's highest grossing film ever Maverick has also now has the 7th biggest domestic box office ($662 million) Currently 6th is Avengers: Infinity War ($678 million) It (TGM) has made even more internationally ($690 million) and I should point out that it hasn't played in China or Russia
  6. Boy all the Yanks deadline moves are really paying off so far
  7. I mean I guess people might still being doing Nightmare Hunts - I sure am not but they at least take you to these areas for the Moon I am in now. Heck, I am only currently going to Europa because they just dropped a seasonal challenge for doing Europa activities (that is another thing I still need to do with my Warlock - all the stuff around Clovis Bray). Now to be fair - they also eliminated the weekly rewards from Variks and Elise so its just another planet now.
  8. Since I finished the Solstice stuff on my Warlock and I not bringing my Hunter forward to try and complete everything in 48 hours I am just in killing time mode. Being doing the rest of the Shadowkeep story on my Warlock since, as mentioned, I hadn't finished it. I am mainly doing it just to unlock the Dreambane armor. Lord there are so many places that we used to go to all the time that are never touched now.
  9. The Braves have tired of Ian Anderson being stinky and optioned him to AAA Gonna be interesting to see if he rights himself enough to get on the post season roster
  10. I wanna give him a big ol’ Bear Hug
  11. I can hear all the joints that are creaking in this thread
  12. At this point, it’s probably more appropriate to put Trout in an iron lung
  13. Miguel Cabrera has started to hint he might retire at the end of the season
  14. Since the game is technically out I will put this here They also claim that they will be unaffected by the WB/Discovery merger
  15. Well that had pretty much been known but at least they are starting to reveal plans The two things will be merged under one "name" (name not announced) Will happen Summer 2023 for the US. Other regions will be sometime in 2024 And then there was this
  16. Yeah - in the new WON that just came out, Meltzer said that people are saying wrestler and wrestling freely now and that a lot of the crew are taking that as a positive sign. Let me grab the full blurb
  17. It is now obvious that if someone isn't signed with another company - they are free game It also helps that since they are playing the WWE owned game - they can't get in trouble for using people no longer with the company
  18. Side note - I wonder if that is one of those small things that will change. If a city they were in for RAW or Smackdown was considered "too small" they would never actually mention where they were
  19. Big E was the best part of the Summerslam stream too and thankfully he was in the first like 20 minutes so then you can skip the rest Also the best part of yesterday's video is all the small little nuggets being dropped - especially Woods being pissed off that they only let him do the King gimmick for 3 months before dropping it
  20. Is replacing the N in Disney with Pi an Internet meme thing I am too old to understand?
  21. This has been the front page story on ESPN.com for most of the day https://www.espn.com/wwe/story/_/id/34341529/it-dawning-new-era-how-wwe-moves-forward-vince-mcmahon
  22. You can extend the streak by getting more kills so technically you would never blow up You also earn more points the higher your streak is (there were a lot of more things that I didn't post)
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