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  1. I read that as "charges" at first and I was like "Yeah - I am a little surprised Edmonton fans haven't assaulted a member of the front office yet"
  2. This might be nit picking but is there even a Collector's Edition. It isn't listed on 2Ks website under versions of the game and another website I saw said this
  3. Couple of notes about this year's voting and changes to the voting for next year (Warning large block of Dave speak) Nothing can ever be fucking simple for Dave
  4. I swear to God - I am positive PFT wrote that same story last year because I remember the exact same conversation
  5. Basic gist is Meat Loaf basically always claimed he won ever Fantasy Football league he was ever in. The story focused on him claiming he won 20 of 30 leagues in a single season but in an update late on he went on Rich Eisen's show one year and claimed he won 50 of his 56 leagues in a season I will miss insane bullshit like this
  6. So the general consensus among the local Giants media is that they will hire their new GM today Supposedly Joe Schoen and Adam Peters are considered slightly ahead of Ryan Poles And related but not exclusive to the Giants (and not new news) but... If a team hires Joe Schoen then Brian Daboll is his top choice for HC. If a team hires Adam Peters than Brian Flores is his top choice for HC
  7. It appears Carolina is choosing between Ben McAdoo and Jay Gruden as their next OC as both have had second interviews with the team One could argue that the Panthers are also lining up their interim HC for when they fire Matt Rhule midseason
  8. Technically still a few weeks away but we don't have a Super Bowl thread and this is the only thing I care about
  9. Especially if you get to like pick 8 or 9 and no one has taken one yet - then a team is clearly thinking they could jump up and have the pick of (questionable) litter
  10. That NWO edition is $119.99 which is just absurd
  11. It’s the 2nd straight year they interviewed McCown
  12. So much for lower levels - MLB will be using it in AAA this upcoming season Not every park will use them.
  13. Big meaty TWAB All changes are for Witch Queen or beyond Floor being raised to 1350 Soft Cap - 1500 Power Cap - 1550 Hard Cap - 1560 All players will be adjusted somewhere on that spectrum based on their level heading into Witch Queen When players hit the soft cap (1500) they will stop receiving blue drops from activities. Instead it they will see a slight increase in legendary drops or a small amount of legendary shards. Enemies and chests will still drop blues. They are going to continue to "think about the future of rare drops (aka Blues)" but don't expect anymore changes at least for a few more season Banshee will have his reputation rank reworked like the other vendors. They confirmed that you should spend all gunsmith materials before Witch Queen. They will also eliminate Mod Components. Armor mods will now just cost a flat 10K in glimmer. Master Rahool will take over for Spyder as the material exchange place. You also will now be able to breakdown Umbral Engrams at Rahool for World Drops instead of having to go to the HELM. (You will still need to go to the HELM for focusing) They confirmed that eventually Gambit will be getting reworked but more info on that is too come. Harbinger and Presage will both be removed from the game. HOWEVER, Xur will now sell a random roll of each weapon (Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale) each week (the price is on the hearty side). In addition, the catalyst for Hawkmoon, DMT and Ager's Scepter will be added to the potential drops at activities end. Along with those - they are adding the catalysts for Outbreak, Whisper and 4th Horseman to the drop pool too. (Side Note - Fallout was saying in his stream that he STILL hasn't gotten the catalyst for Ager's Scepter - partly because he stopped even trying for it). The Witch Queen raid will be March 5 (two weeks after Witch Queen drops). Also no Trials in Witch Queen until after the raid happens. There will be one more Iron Banner this season and it will be the very last week of the season.
  14. Sternberg claiming that playing in two cities was "the wave of the future" was not something I was expecting to hear today Have fun with that MLB
  15. I have all three but haven't gotten any of the DLC (though I doubt the DLC is included on Game Pass)
  16. Not linked is a different IGN story about the crunch was for that game and how apparently toxic it has gotten to work at Traveller's Tales (and that isn't me being flippant - there is a story I just can't find the link at the moment)
  17. Sami Zayn has signed a new deal with WWE per Fightful, WON, etc...
  18. Lonzo Ball has opted to have knee surgery and will miss 6-8 weeks
  19. I will take either And I think we are at the point where any peripheral would work with a new game (he says setting himself up for disappointment)
  20. MLB has officially decided (well their executive council) that the Rays are not allowed to split time between Tampa and Montreal. Rays Owner Stuart Sternberg is speaking at a press conference right now but it is difficult to image the Rays have a future in Tampa anymore.
  21. I dumped my drum kit when I moved to a 4th floor apartment because I was like "Yeah - there is no way I can use this think without the downstairs neighbors wanting to murder me" (Factoring in I also had a young child at the time and a dog)
  22. Both Kiper and the Athletic have it that the first QB comes off the board at #11 There is no way that is happening
  23. Just to go with the NBA 2K question - for one piece of comparison The trailer that was labelled "Gameplay Reveal" was done on August 30 for a game that came out on Sept 11 But to go to Kevin's point - there is general built in acceptance of how a basketball game is going look year after year - so waiting that late isn't crazy
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