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  1. Panthers officially ruled out Bryce Young. Andy Dalton is starting in his place
  2. Colts have officially ruled out Anthony Richardson for Sunday's game against the Ravens Gardner Minshew will start for Indy
  3. Updated list of entrants RIPPA Odessa @Curt McGirt The Comedian @Execproducer @J.T. Twiztor Lawful Metal Lawful Jr. driver If you are tagged, it is because I still need a movie selection from you
  4. RIPPA


    Per Variety - A24 has received a waiver so that the cast of The Iron Claw can promote the movie so expect to see Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White all over the place talking about the Von Erichs
  5. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally approved the Microsoft acquisition of Activision which was pretty much the last remaining hurdle for the transaction happening
  6. And now you see the downside of only having one other QB who is only on the practice squad
  7. So the Jags have started the threats that they will leave Jacksonville if taxpayers don't give them a new stadium It is a PFT story - so the random editorializing in the blurb are from Florio
  8. In the new WON that just came out - Meltzer finally did the full Terry Funk obit It is massive
  9. There is definitely some RNG involved too because on my successful run - the game spawned me in a flight path where I was hidden from the mines and turrets. So he was down before I took any damage.
  10. The numbers are way more accurate than you realize because the internet has raised an entire generation of people who research this. Remember folks like Dolph, Kofi, Miz have been around at least 15 years and were mid-card guys during the peak House Show era and who rarely got hurt Using Dolph as the example and using Cagematch for the data Between 2009-2018 - he wrestled almost 1700 matches (1682 by my quick math). That doesn't count his Spirit Squad run either For comparison - Bruno Sammartino wrestled 1357 known matches between 1960-1969. Hulk Hogan wrestled 992 between 1984-1991. Kane is #1 because he was fucking there forever. He has 18 years were he wrestled AT LEAST 100 matches (6 of those over 150 matches) and then 5 more years of extra matches.
  11. Yeah - Woods was in FCW. Breeze and Woods were actually tag team partners for a bit in FCW. They told the story on the New Day podcast how Breeze won the Tag Team title with Roman Reigns (Reigns first ever title reign) and Woods found out he wasn't teaming with Breeze anymore by seeing the match while working the merch table. Others who were there (who may or may not have been mentioned) Drew McIntyre The Usos Jinder Mahal Kofi Kingston Nattie Roman Reigns Sheamus Tamina I didn't count people like Titus, Wade Barrett and Jason Jordan who are with the company but not as wrestlers
  12. Went back to the Frontier for a bit to clear out some of these space battles I had to do Still had trouble with The Warlock because it took me forever to realize he had defenses that I kept flying into (I was like "How the fuck am I going from full shields to blown up in an instant?")
  13. The game freaked the fuck out on me last night as I went to Akila City and I didn't realize that if you start the main quest there Sam Coe is your follower until the end (of that quest line). Problem was - Sarah was locked in as my follower until going to Paradiso. Poor system couldn't figure out how to process that. So I went back one save - ran into town to do the two deliveries I had acquired and got the Freestar quest line at the same time. So yeah - ended up at Paradiso myself while ignoring the Giants game
  14. BTW - with Mace being released, it continues the curse of guys being released while holding some sort of UUDD title
  15. I wouldn't read anything too nefarious into (outside of the WWE just being its usually shitty self) When you start hiring a more diverse pool of wrestlers - at some point a more diverse pool of wrestlers is gonna be let go
  16. I hate all of you
  17. I have seen some people say Dabba Kato is released but I am haven’t seen it officially
  18. Honestly anyone making main event money but working in NXT probably has a target on their back (though I imagine Corbin is safe)
  19. I am posting this here just for shits and giggles but since we are talking hot women and horror
  20. Fightful seemed to imply (without saying who yet) that more than just Ali were on expiring contracts
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