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  1. God - I forgot it used to be you couldn't play a team from your own division until the Conference championship I am a million
  2. It also wasn't correct (and I think why Hammer deleted his post) In that year - the Falcons and Browns both had byes and lost, yes but the Browns where the #2 seed and the other two teams who had byes both won. This being a year where only 2 teams had a bye is partly why it happened EDIT - Fuck there were SIX teams on bye then.
  3. The draw for the African playoff qualifiers was done Egypt v Senegal Cameroon v Algeria Ghana v Nigeria DR Congo v Morocco Mali v Tunisia Two legs - 5 winners qualify for World Cup. Matches start end of March
  4. Comoros is going to be starting an outfield player in goal vs Cameroon because they have like a million guys with COVID (specifically all 3 of their keepers are out and this exact scenario is why a lot of teams at AFCON carried 4 keepers)
  5. Y’all laugh but yet again it is setting up for fucking Tom Brady to walk to the Super Bowl
  6. KC and Buffalo fans currently freaking out because they can now host next week
  7. Natural hates the last page of this thread (specifically the first post on the page)
  8. Found my copy of Rock Band 4, installed in onto my Series X and dove back in. Figured I would be starting from scratch no matter what since it had been forever since I played but I guess everything is in the cloud now and my old band was there if I wanted to revisit them. My character is wearing a Mass Effect helmet so I forgot how much I missed this.
  9. Hawaii apparently offered the HC job to June Jones who turned it down Jones then went on social media and ripped the University for its offer (low money, only two years and the University says who is on the staff)
  10. You mean for free? Usually not I mean maybe eventually via like a Prime Gaming give away or something
  11. Please note that this is the SECOND time a Raiders player has gotten busted SINCE the Henry Ruggs incident Edit - Second time HOBBS has been busted. I mean there is no way they can keep him
  12. The Ravens have fired DC Don Martindale (who I just learned apparently doesn't go by Wink anymore)
  13. Supposedly Bryan Alvarez said on one of the WON radio shows that the only reason Raquel Gonzalez hasn’t been called up yet was because they needed women to fill out the Dusty Cup and she will be brought up as soon as it’s over That amused me more than it probably should
  14. I forget the exact details at the moment but Xavier Woods has said on a few occasions that the only reason he is still in wrestling is because of D’Von and the guidance he provided
  15. His agent - it is goofy wording but it is like setting up an interview in any job. They aren't gonna cold call him and immediately start firing questions are him. And I am not sure why you think he is being Rooney Ruled when he now listed as the favorite for three different teams
  16. No - the Jags had a "conversation" with him this week but not a formal interview And again - to Fowler's point - the reason everyone is mocking it is because McCown hasn't coached anything on any level. Its not like they interviewed him last year and said "hey be an assistant or coordinator this year and then he will revisit this". He didn't in the year that past. I don't care how good your people skills are. It is insulting to everyone who coaches - especially those who interview and are told "you don't have enough experience"
  17. They should just be renamed Morbius Impossible
  18. Joe vs Carole John Cameron Mitchell = Joe Exotic Kate McKinnon = Carole Baskin
  19. Fran O'Hanlon is retiring from Lafayette at the end of the season. He has been there since 1995
  20. They did - it was called "The Last Dance" (Yes I know you meant Michael Jackson but Michael Jordan is MJ"
  21. It would be nice if it ended up on Game Pass because I sure as fuck ain't spending money on it directly
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