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  1. Yeah - the Giants have gone back to the "Throw 50 yard bombs every play" offense
  2. Mike Vick is suddenly not in the game and suddenly NYG can stop the ball. Of course - they can't catch punts either...
  3. RUEBEN MOTHERFUCKING RANDLE!!!! (who I didn't start... sigh...)
  4. David Wilson (who had been out since the 1st Quarter anyway) won't return today.
  5. And of course the play is upheld Sigh...
  6. And the Giants just called a timeout so they could challenge a play. So there is a chance they will be down to one timeout Oh and there are 12 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter
  7. Foles staying in the game so there is that
  8. Why am I still watching this fucking game?
  9. Well that was a wacky way to end the 1st half
  10. McCoy is going to end up with like 185292 combined yards this game
  11. Yeah... the Giants are going to use 500 players by the time this season is over
  12. And Reuben Randle does the "Oh I dropped the ball better play up an injury" trick
  13. And Vick starts grabbing his hamstring Which was bound to happen since he is running around like a loon
  14. And now Brandon Jacobs likes to fumble I really should find better things to do with my Sundays
  15. You know what would have stopped that TD? A FUCKING DB THAT KNEW HOW TO CATCH!!!! Grr...
  16. Giants not converting 3rd downs. Who could have ever seen that coming?
  17. Poor poor kickers not knowing how to tackle
  18. Jags/Rams definitely has the look of being one of those ugly games that go deep into OT and we all suffer
  19. And the Eagles have finally realized that the Giants can't stop the run
  20. And have no idea how that wasn't a safety on David Wilson
  21. I don't think Red Zone ever planned on showing this much of the Jags/Rams
  22. Especially when you remember the Jags traded their starting LT to move Joeckel over
  23. Okay - there is the Giants defense I've come to expect PERSONAL FOULS FOR EVERYONE!!!
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