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  1. It could be the director version of doing a "blockbuster" movie to get his smaller stuff funded/approved
  2. Newest Dancing With the Stars cast Ex-NFLer Keyshawn Johnson actress Valerie Harper; reality TV stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack Osbourne; Bill Nye, the "Science Guy"; actor Brant Daugherty; singer and actress Christina Milian; actress Elizabeth Berkley; actor Corbin Bleu; actress Amber Riley; country comic Bill Engvall; actress Leah Remini.
  3. BTW - The NFL moved up the start time of the Skins/Eagles Monday Night Game. It is now apparently starting at 6:55 pm.
  4. Please note the Red Bandy Nature of the trailer http://youtu.be/ILjls_ZX-S0
  5. Reminder that if you want in - to be safe - register by today. Since I am too lazy to check to see if you can make a pick after Thursday.
  6. Yanks scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th to rally past the White Sox Hawk was not pleased. The best was him being bitter at the umps but not melting down because it was Mariano getting the calls
  7. The best is that I am 99% sure CSC originally got Love Is A Mixtape and then traded because he didn't want to go through the heartbreak again. Aww... poor life decisions
  8. Finally hit Level 60 last night on my drive out to the Salarian Team on Virmire. Thank God... now I can go quicker because I don't have to go around hoping out of the Mako everywhere so I can max experience points. It also means I don't have to suffer through Pinnacle Station anymore
  9. Off the top of my head - I think it's around 75% were full 100 vote ballots
  10. Depending on what I have to make the cutoff - in theory, it could happen to someone's #1 movie. I am pretty sure this is what happened to Slotman in the 2000s vote. That being said - I haven't even summed up yet since I have one full ballot to enter and two entire ballots to correct. I did find already that I had duplicated three sets of movies... hence why I need to go through the entire list again.
  11. Supposedly (and this is going by ESPN's shady math) - if the US takes 4 points from it's next two games - the secure a spot in WC 2014. I am assuming that is because of the opponents (Costa Rica and Mexico) and the amount is higher if you just did the old "magic number" bit
  12. How about an example or two? Let me just say that right now we are at over 700 movies voted for... The rest you will see when the results come
  13. Oh and a preemptive "you guys suck" So many movies I seem to be the only person who loves it..
  14. The Yanks used their 52nd player of the year yesterday. That is a team record. And sorry Giants fans but Bruce Bochy said Barry Zito wouldn't be DFAed to make room for Sept call ups
  15. Okay - so Dean and I are trying to create a archive of the old board so y'all can see the messages. We have all the old posts (in about a zillion php files) uploaded but we need something to house them. We really really really don't want to buy a 2nd IPB - since that is silly for just an archive. We have found free versions of IPB but none that support 3.0. So - do you good folks have suggestions to things we might use?
  16. Last Call for Ballots/Updates/Etc... I just have to enter my own ballot and Jae's corrected ballot. I then just need to go through and check my work (make sure I didn't duplicate movies, entered everyone's ballot correctly, etc...) Ideally the countdown will start Wednesday or Thursday
  17. Jets have signed Brady Quinn EDIT: And the Packers signed Seneca Wallace
  18. Assuming you mean Kickalicious - the Lions cut him and no one had signed him
  19. Sorry for the late start - I was busy. Here ya go. Everyone in the league last year should have received an email invite. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/23357 League ID: 23357 Password: kenthebox
  20. My son's favorite thing in the world is the Sheetz Mac & Cheese for some reason so every time we head through PA on the way home from NY - we stop there lunch. Joe speaks the truth about their pretzel melts. And Kyle speaks the true about Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. It's insanely greasy. The first one I got I thought it was just poorly cooked and someone was sloopy. But the next three I got were the same. God I am going to die before 40
  21. Got it - Not a problem. And I am sending a correction request to Control
  22. Other things on cut day Skins are keeping 4 QBs for now Giants decided to go with Curtis Painter over David Carr Greg McElroy was the Jets QB show the door Chargers released Robert Meachem
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