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  1. Apparently these will be the franchises XFL will retain 4 teams: Arlington Renegades DC Defenders San Antonio Brahmas St Louis BattleHawks USFL will retain 4 teams: Birmingham Stallions Houston Gamblers Memphis Showboats Michigan Panthers In order of amount of bitching I have seen from the few people that care No Roughnecks 3 teams in Texas No Sea Dragons Apparently the big hang up that had delayed the merger was the XFL wanted the split to be 5 XFL teams/3 USFL teams (basically they wanted the Roughnecks over the Gamblers)
  2. Also for Week 15 - the Saturday games are now Vikings-Bengals Steelers-Colts Broncos-Lions
  3. One possibly good thing to come out of all the bullshit recently is that the Destiny 2 Team Twitter account has been giving out a lot of info the last couple of days Lets hope it continues
  4. While I am sure he probably wasn't the specific reason - an ex-Bungie employee basically confirmed to Tassi that if Datto is pissed about something - the team listens (it was an indirect way. I wish I could find the Tweet but it was basically - Tassi, Salt and Cross are all ignored. Datto is not)
  5. MAC is doing away with divisions Top two teams will play in Championship game They will have 4 pods of 3 teams - the teams in a pod will play each other every year - the rest will rotate
  6. Bronny James has been fully cleared to return to basketball He will resume practicing with USC next week
  7. Indiana is hiring James Madison's Curt Cignetti to be head coach
  8. And I no sooner hit submit on that post when I also say that NC State's MJ Morris I am shocked - SHOCKED - by this development (Especially with Matt Rhule claiming the going rate for a QB in the portal is $1 - $2 million)
  9. Add another QB to the list Oregon State's DJ Uiagalelei is entering the portal (the driving factor being Jonathan Smith leaving for Michigan State) Uiagalelei is still weighing declaring for the NFL Draft
  10. Zach Ertz requested and was granted his release from the Cards He is seeking to play for a contender The news was broken by JJ Watt of all people EDIT - Adam Schefter did confirm this
  11. Federal regulators approved the XFL/USFL merger and as part of that process it was revealed that the new combined league will start its season on March 30
  12. NBC has renewed both Found and The Irrational for second seasons
  13. The CW Network has announced itself as the exclusive broadcast home of the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl The more troubling thing is that the game will be called by Barstool personalities including Dave Portnoy Y'all have been warned
  14. Utah State QB will skip his senior season No, not to enter the NFL draft. Instead he is going into Navy SEAL training
  15. This is really amusing to me because of the fact that the Starter Pack was killed shortly after Datto's video
  16. Night Swim If you like children of all ages getting terrorized - this is for you One of the Atomic Monster and Blumhouse collabs
  17. Griselda Sofia Vergara as the head of a cartel
  18. This is especially funny considering the news of the week
  19. Reds are signing Nick Martinez - 2 years, $26 million but he can opt out after the first year Cincy plans on him being a full time starter His numbers were far better when he worked out of the pen
  20. Sigh... the Ted prequel series NSFW due to language
  21. Random movie news Sebastian Stan will play Donald Trump in The Apprentice. The movie will be directed by Ali Abbasi (The Last of Us, Shelley) Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games franchise) will direct The Long Walk - an adaptation of Stephen King's first novel Paul Greengrass will direct Drowning which is an adaptation of the novel Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421. Since it is a Warner Bros movie, it will probably be a tax write off and we will never see it
  22. Luis Severino is going to the Mets on a one year deal because he clearly didn’t want to have to move
  23. I kinda get Datto's reason (since he talked about enemy density and how it really isn't a challenge) but yeah - it's like how content creator's don't like Gambit either. But yeah - in that first run, we were out of revives (I had joined really really late so the two guys I joined were already way at the final boss and only had like 3 revives left to start with). But Datto wasn't kidding - when I joined them, they were an hour into their run. I had to bail after the first section of my 2nd attempt because I had to go to a work meeting. I am not really sad about it since the two guys I was with clearly didn't know about break pots. Nor did they seem to know how the mechanics of the encounter worked. I need to make a new Solar Titan build. Strand is working fine for me but as I unlock more of the Artifact perks, clearly I need to switch to Solar
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