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  1. It appears that David Bell will keep his job in Cincy - but he is losing like half his staff Per the Athletic
  2. The Pats have placed Brian Hoyer on IR
  3. Oh I feel bad for Salt today In the new TWAB - they announced that Divinity will be getting nerfed (instead of doing 30% weakness it will do 15%). They had been looking into the nerf for a long time Of course - no one will pay attention to that and so I am sure he is gonna get another round of death threats
  4. And for the record - Jimmy Smith himself confirmed he was done with the company
  5. I enjoy Variety promoting the story as an exclusive https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/wwe-commentary-team-raw-smackdown-nxt-1235394886/
  6. While the Giants decided to not sign another QB they have decided to bring back Landon Collins Let's hope he is willing to play LB because if he is playing in the secondary.... God Bless
  7. Causeway DIRECTOR: Lila Neugebauer CAST: Jennifer Lawrence, Brian Tyree Henry Hits theaters and Apple on Nov 4 Has been getting lowkey awards buzz for Lawrence and Henry
  8. THE COMEDY OF TERRORS (Jacques Tourneur, 1963) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES AVAILABILITY VIA JUSTWATCH SELECTED BY @odessasteps (I mean, honestly, who else would have selected this) REVIEWED BY @twiztor The plot centers around Mr. Trumbull (Vincent Price), an undertaker who has a drinking problem, a failing marriage, a failing business, and no qualms about killing to keep his business afloat. His business assistant is an Igor-type character Mr. Gillie (Peter Lorrie). Rounding out Trumbull's family is wife Amaryllis (Joyce Jameson) and father-in-law Amos (Boris Karloff). He selects as his latest victim Mr. John F. Black (Basil Rathbone), his landlord who can't wait to get rid of Trumbull. Hijinks ensue when Black refuses to die, despite being declared dead multiple times. Every actor in this film just puts in maximum effort, but ultimately Vincent Price is just FANTASTIC in this. He completely owns every scene that he is in, with only Basil Rathbone attempting to match his presence. Joyce Jameson's singing is the perfect balance of terrible and great. Lorrie as the ever suffering sidekick nails his role as well. Karloff's character doesn't do much, but he doesn't have to because he just oozes charisma. So many great gags in this. the cheapness of the funeral parlor (to name two: they continuously re-use the same coffin so they don't have to buy a new one; Trumbull offering his FIL "medicine" which is actually "poison") Thank you to whomever sent this pick. It is definitely not a movie i would have chosen, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. i see now that it didn't get the best of reviews upon release, which i can understand, but 50 years after, i had a blast with this. So much so that now i may have to check out the Raven, a previous film starring Price, Lorrie, and Karloff. EDITOR'S NOTE Yes the trailer does indeed drop "abundantly blessed" as code for big chest and I am so angry I never used that in a DVDVR I am posting these in roughly the order I am getting them so Twiztor wins the prize for getting his review in quick and having his movie reviewed quickly
  9. To quickly follow up on something from last week - and so not surprising for the world we now live The dude who ran onto the field Monday and got leveled by Bobby Wagner has filed a police report claiming he was "blatantly assaulted" (For the record - TMZ is the one with the report and it is coming from the organization that planned the nonsense so it is obvious they are using it just for attention)
  10. Per his agent - Cole Beasley has decided to retire
  11. People in this very thread are already doing that so it doesn't matter what the fuck Judge does
  12. Violet Night David Harbour is Santa It is like a movie executive finally watched the beginning of Scrooged
  13. Blake Bortles announced that he is retired
  14. Just another reminder that Jon Heyman is the fucking worst
  15. PIECES (Juan Piquer Simón, 1982) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES AVAILABILITY VIA JUSTWATCH SELECTED BY @twiztor "it is a totally underrated slasher film (my personal favorite type of horror flick). It's not super obscure, so there's a good chance that whoever gets it has seen it before, but IMO it's worth watching again." REVIEWED BY @The Comedian So my selection is Pieces (1982). Heard of it, but never seen it. Apparently it's a Spanish giallo (amarillo?)/slasher flick. The director is Juan Piquer Simón, most famous for his follwoing film, Pod People. Yes, that Pod People. So in Pieces, will Simón do magic things like Trumpy, or will I end up declaring bluntly that, "It stinks"? We get a variation on the Halloween opening here, only in a very unconvincing 1942 Boston. Mom stumbles in on young Timmy putting together a jigsaw puzzle and singing "Humpty-Dumpty". She ain't too happy when the puzzle turns out to be a nudie pic though, so she flips out and commands the boy to get a trash bag so she can rummage through his room and toss his assorted filth. Instead of a bag, he brings an ax, then a saw, and you get the picture. Only Timmy's a bit older and smarter than Michael Myers was, because when the cops show up, he's hiding in the closet, playing innocent and mumbling something about a "big man". So instead of an institute for the criminally insane, Timmy gets to go live with his aunt. 40 years later, there's a serial killer loose, and we're straddling the line between slasher and giallo. Like the former, we know who the killer is; it's obviously grown-up Timmy. But like the latter, we still have a mystery; Timmy ain't Timmy any more, so we gotta figure out who he is. His first attack is to chainsaw a girl's head off on a college campus, which brings out a couple of detectives. One of the detectives is played by Christopher George, aka the guy that dies in comical fashion from a shuriken to the chest in Enter The Ninja (it's included in plenty of those "worst movie acting" youtube scene collections.) Before long a second girl gets cut apart, her torso taken from the scene. Pieces, get it? Jigsaws, Humpty Dumpty, anyway the second girl's boyfriend is Kendall, played by Ian Sera, Mr. "It Stinks!" himself. For whatever reason the cops bring him into the investigation, I don't know why. Nor do I know why the first obvious red herring suspect, Groundskeeper Willy..er, WIllard, gets caught literally red-handed, then is forgotten until later into the film. A female cop (who happens to be an ex-tennis champ) is put on the college staff, because famous people make the best undercover agents. And to round out the cliches, a nosy reporter wants in on the story as well. All this as more women get various body parts cut off. Eventually our ragtag bunch finds out who the killer is. And without spoiling too much else, I'll say this: just as Pieces opened with a nod to Halloween, it closes with a doff of the cap to Friday the 13th, as a story grounded in reality takes a bizarre last-second turn to the supernatural... Is it a bad film? Yes. But is it so-bad-it's good? Yeah, I can easily go there. I've liked worse movies. Hell, I love Dr. Butcher, and that makes this film look like The Shining in comparison. It's dumb in an endearingly cheesy way. Like the police profiler going out of his way to tell us he's not a medical doctor, then later showing up doing medical work. Or the street cops letting a college kid boss them around like he's their superior officer. Or the F'N KUNG FU GUY. Seriously, what was that?!? And then there's the ending...wow. Just remember one thing folks: the most beautiful thing in the world is smoking pot and fucking on a waterbed at the same time... EDITOR'S NOTES There is a full version up also on Youtube. Also - and @odessastepscan correct me if I am wrong - Pieces was an early early DVDVR Movie Club selection (like so early it was before I was running it)
  16. If anyone needs the sign up thread Back in a minute with our first review and then more this afternoon
  17. One thread is more than enough for the rest of the way - especially because there are so many series that no one gives a fuck about All Wild Card series start on Friday, Oct 7 As a reminder, the Wild Card round is Best of 3 with all three games being hosted by the higher seed
  18. Emma Caulfield will return as Dottie for Agatha: Coven of Chaos
  19. Since it technically came out yesterday, it now goes here Overwatch 2 launched yesterday... and no one was able to play it as Blizzard's servers were being hit with DDoS attacks Honestly, it really shouldn't have been a surprise because of *waves arms* everything
  20. Jim Redmond passed away Sunday at the age of 81
  21. While I wouldn't call Anaconda good - it is hella fun I can't comment directly on Hustlers because I have never seen it but I know some people speak fondly of it
  22. It is one of the bigger issues that Bungie has flat out said they have to improve - the New Light experience That being said - it is probably too late for them do anything before Lightfall They might just be waiting till after Final Shape and do it with whatever Destiny is gonna look like beyond this story arc
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