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  1. Great another Tampa Stanley Cup…
  2. Twitter tells me that many, many people are stupid
  3. Oh and here is the trailer for True Lies
  4. Trailers for two of the new CBS shows East New York Fire Country Apparently to get a series order - someone has to have a stupid mustache on each show. Oh and East New York is the one that has Rusev as a bad guy
  5. I can only hope the express lanes are always going in the wrong direction
  6. Another trailer for Elvis This trailer does a good job of giving you enough information to allow you to decide if this movie will infuriate you or not
  7. No - you are good. Thank you for yours as that is how I finished my Museum today. Literally happened right after I dumped all my fake ones on the ground so I could count
  8. Oh we are in peak "local reporters trying to explain how far away the actual proposed stadium actually is" My second favorite thing is local reporters fighting with each other over where EXACTLY the stadium is because it is one of those areas that go by multiple names (because... reasons). (IT IS WOODBRIDGE NOT DUMFRIES! HOW DARE THEY SAY ITS IN WOODBRIDGE!!!! etc...)
  9. I was right in that a lot of folks are looking to do last minute things today Only problem is I haven't found any who aren't fucking flakes yet
  10. Over the weekend - the USA Today dropped a story (based on one anonymous owner) saying that all the owners were tired of Dan Snyder's shit So in typical fashion, to deflect, the team today let it leak that they have spent $100 million on land in VA possibly for a new stadium BTW - where they bought the land would be the one place WORSE for traffic than were they currently are.
  11. My museum is finished They all accepted them but it is interesting that I have noticed the trend of villagers never giving you a return gift if you give them artwork
  12. The Lakers also reached out to Juwan Howard to gauge his interest in the position but Howard told them he was staying at Michigan
  13. Nick Foles has signed with the Colts
  14. I have 6 fake motherly statutes so my villagers are about to get some expensive gifts
  15. Moonage Daydream David Bowie doc that is being screened at Cannes right now Directed by Brett Morgen (Jane, Kid Stays in the Picture, Cobain: Montage of Heck)
  16. Mountain West announced they will be eliminating divisions too
  17. Well this headline made me slap my knee
  18. Next Broken Skull Session
  19. RIPPA


    Pens extend Bryan Rust 6 years, $30.75 million
  20. Sweet sweet box office news - I missed you so Everything Everywhere All At Once has become A24's highest grossing film in the US and Canada ever (Uncut Gems was the previous best) Everything Everywhere has made just over $52 million domestically (almost $57 million worldwide) For the A24 overall record, it still has to catch Heredity ($80 million worldwide thanks to a huge international BO)
  21. The Padres have put Mike Clevinger right back on the IL after only 3 starts this time with a right triceps strain I am sure he will totally be fine and that isn't ominous at all
  22. FCF gets buzz because if finds washed up ex-NFLers to show up (Manziel, TO) This weekend it got another run because they tried to push that Michael Vick was unretiring to play which lasted until Vick shot it down. So by the buzz logic - The Rock should announce he is gonna play in the XFL
  23. Jeremy Renner is set to star as journalist David Armstrong in an as-of-yet untitled film based on the true story of Armstrong’s work uncovering secrets about the opioid epidemic. So in my mind I am picturing what if Dopesick was a Borne movie
  24. For what its worth - Steven DeKnight, the showrunner for the first Netflix season, said he wouldn't have been available if asked because he is “unavailable for the next few years due to other commitments.” And
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