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  1. It's a bit leftfield, but I could maybe get behind Coach CM Punk with the Varsity Blonds. He can make them sign pledges not to drink and Brian "It is astounding how many free drinks I recieve for simply having a mullet" Pillman Jnr. can be all Randall Floyd about it. I mean, it's a better idea than pairing him with The Acclaimed anyway.
  2. I don't rule out CM Punk enjoying Tegan and Sara, but I'm not sure that and 'saying controversial things' is going to be sufficient common ground for that combo to really play.
  3. Obviously it is theoretically possible they will phase out the TNT belt by having Page win both.
  4. I know it's like wrestling and stuff, but what a world it would be if people were generally allowed to beat people up when they're about to sign a contract and then sign it instead.
  5. To be honest, there's a little part of me that thinks it would be really funny if Bo Rotunda and Harris Windham just showed as a tag-team in AEW and they just kind of 90% no sell their previous creative.
  6. I ain't the Shadow or anything, but I really want to believe that Miro Vs Shotty next week has to be setting up Miro Vs Dustin for All Out. Because Tony Khan loves us.
  7. Reminder: Tone's pops has a yacht that has its own Wikipedia page.
  8. They released Bray? Hahahahahahahahahaha. What a bunch of morons. I hope Windham is doing good. Run.
  9. Won't go into full detail, but I had to do a at-home pump day on Wednesday because life reasons. Yesterday did my SSB speed box squats with 5kg added (top sets of 72.5kg) and then hit sets of 6 on 80kg and then 85kg (which is 187lbs...I pumped myself up by internally rapping 'Yeah and you don't stop, because it's 187 on an safety bar squat' lol). I think using the SSB, box, and no belt makes that equivalent to repping a 2 plate free squat with belt. I had a rep in reserve no doubt, but I was pretty tired afterwards. Made successful weight jumps in my accessories, which were as last lower body day. Not sure if next gym day will be tomorrow or Sunday, depends on plans. Ultimately next lower day I will up the speed squats another 5kg but I may do speed pulls instead of the sets of 6. I'll probably do a training max on the SSB Box Squat the lower session after. I think I'm good for 110kg, but I guess we'll see in about a week.
  10. Getting lined up on the assisted machine is indeed key. Some people lol at the assisted machine, but I think it is a lot better than the Lat Pulldown - I'm not completely against the lat pulldown btw, but it's a really lat focussed movement and won't offer a lot of carryover if you ever hope to be able to do a chin-up. Obviously other potential options are using a band for assistance and doing negatives/eccentrics - though the latter can be surprisingly taxing. Building up dead hangs for time can also be effective. The best overall back builder is the Pendlay Row however.
  11. The bigger irony would be stopping the greenlight push of your most over babyface because you're bringing in two guys that WWE should have given the greenlight push to but never really wanted to.
  12. Yes, clearly that is the idea and not what @LoneWolf&Subssaid obviously.
  13. I think people are overthinking the Final Slice tbh - I think a lot of moves don't look like much if you overthink them. As Taz pointed out, if nothing else it could wreck their shoulder.
  14. Red Velvet's Final Slice is pretty nasty - possibly the best looking Overdriveplaymaker I ever saw. The step-up definitely helps.
  15. I did the Speed Bench at 65kg today, and I experimented with some wider grips - I'm probably best pinkies inside the rings tbh, but it's good to try the different angles especially since I had done speed bench only 2 days before. Being INTERNATIONALCHESTDAY~! and all, I decided not to hog the bench - I'd already done a lot of chest work on Saturday so I thought extra sets would be superfluous. Ripped through the 9 sets pretty quick, was sweating it up something crazy. Did assisted neutral grip pull ups for 3 sets of 10, which were pretty horrible tbh - I still had some lat doms from Saturday but wanted to do something for back. I then did seated barbell press for sets of 12, building up to a topset of 47.5kg. There's some upper chest there as I did full ROM but a very different stimulus to the chest work from Saturday. I think it's a pretty good bench accessory and not all gyms have the set up by any means. Will look to do 3 sets with 47.5kg next time, then try for 50kg before switching the exercise. I've lifted 60kg for 10 on it before, but with wrist wraps and a belt so I don't think we're so far off the pace. I then finished off with supersetted incline dumbell curls for biceps and slightly bent over lateral raises for rear and side delt for sets of 16 using 7, 8 and then 9kg DBss. I failed the last rep of the last set of the lateral raises, which tells me I pitched it just right but I'll try for straight sets with the 9s next time, and then try for 10s. If you count the 9 speed sets as 3 sets, then I only really did 15 working sets but I am definitely going for quality over quantity right now. As I have said, I know I can get a big training stimulus off this work because I haven't been lifting straight weight and the stimulus is novel. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow, though I will probably do some facepulls, tricep pushdowns and some shoulder dislocates. My arms are definitely looking bigger, and I'm not even doing pump work. I will start adding in the citrulline malate for the pumps next week maybe. Speed Squats on Wednesday.
  16. Oh and btw, it appears Jeff Hardy tested positive for Covid-19 and so he's in isolation and thus unless it's a home invasion angle Karrion Kross is proper fucked.
  17. You can rest easy knowing Rosey did infact become a superhero - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosey_(wrestler)#:~:text=Teaming with The Hurricane and departure (2003–2006),-Main article%3A The&text=On the July 19%2C 2004,him into a fan favorite.
  18. I probably wouldn't do lat pulldowns for sets of 5 reps tbh - I'd rarely go below 8 on those and much more likely 12-15. YouTubers - despite being sometime lolcows in the past, I think Jason Blaha and Alex Leonidas both produce good information. Nippard produces some good content, but I think the need to sell new and different programmes on a regular basis makes it hard for me to really trust his content (I think his current idea of alternating full-body workout weeks for hypertrophy and upper-lower split weeks for 'powerbuilding' is pretty suspect). I was pretty sore this morning all over, including my abs and lower back - guess I was just not used to 'getting tight'. I toyed with not going today, especially as I had got a bit of a leg workout yesterday doing....erm stuff......but I went and did my Lower Body Dynamic Effort Day anyway. It went pretty much as planned - speed box squats (13 inch I think, the gym has mats for this purpose now) 12x2 with me adding 2.5kg every 3 sets (60-75 seconds between speed sets). The weight didn't fly up but I figured it was because I just wasn't used to having much tension at the bottom. During warm-ups I tried a SSB GM with 50kg for 6 and it was challenging so I didn't bother doing a set at 60kg, but I did sets of 6 box SSB squats at 70kg and 75kg with a nice pause at the bottom. I could have went higher, but, again....have I done enough on my 1st day back doing squats to produce a training response? Yes, no doubt. Did Plate Loaded Hip Thrust Machine for 3 sets of 20 at 80kg - the weight is underneath the back so it works the back without putting shearing force on it; such a great machine. Supersetted with Seated Calf, and after that finished with 2 sets each of leg curl, abductors and adductors - the latter of which had weakened in comparison to other minor areas - not something I had been targeting much at home clearly. Plan is to try Upper Body DE work tomorrow - I might do it on an incline press to change it up as I think I did work the chest pretty hard yesterday but we will see. A medium-term problem I have is my weight belt does not fit right now - it's partly because it hasn't been used in several months but it's not the only reason. It's something I can live with for a 2-3 months, but obv it is a tell-tale sign that I do need to drop weight as a priority. Though getting back into gym training isn't exactly the best time to start trying to establish a calorie deficit. I will probably try to stick with maintenance calories or just underneath for the next 3-4 weeks, and then try to cut 10lbs over 5-6 weeks. If I implement a quick water cut over a weekend I can probably get the belt on and stretch it out a little bit.
  19. I wouldn't personally do a 5x5 on the same exercise on consecutive days, not that you're necessarily going to spontaneously combust or anything but it probably isn't necessary either. I just started back in the gym today. Will be doing Upper-Lower consecutively, but will just be taking rest days off when life gets in the way for the first few weeks - so likely to be 4/5 days a week. Will do Speed Bench and Speed Squats as primary DE exercises for first few sessions, with a couple of additional hypertrophy sets before moving to accessory exercises. I'll add the Speed Deadlifts when work capacity improves. Today's DE Bench work was 9 x 3 at 60kg. Tbh it was pretty fast, and we'll go up to 65kg on Monday. I then did CG 60kg for 12, was hard to stay tight. I then did medium grip 70kg for 12, which felt pretty good and it was beginning to get hard so I just capped it because I did enough first time back in months to get a training response. Generally I feel like I haven't lost too much raw strength on the Bench, just a bit rusty on finer technique points. I've done 100kg for 8, I'd like to get that to 100kg for 10 in 3 months and I don't think a 3 plate bench is out of reach this year though tbh hopefully I'll drop weight instead and get to a 140-150kg bench a bit later. I then did T-Bar Chest Supported Row (Plate loaded), Cybex Chest Press (Cable) and a Cable Low Row as accessories for 15-20 reps. I had to work the weight up as I wasn't used to using these neurologically. Normally I would do arm work but I was gassed, and I will likely do Bench again Monday, with a different set of accessories so I don't see it as an issue. I have plenty of equipment at home for extra armwork anyway. Tomorrow will be squats, probably safety bar. I'l start doing speed work with 60kg, but I'll add weight between sets if it's clearly flying up. Probably one longer set of 10ish, then one set of Squat Stance Good Mornings at 60kg. Then Plate Loaded Hip Thrust Machine, Leg Curl, Seated Calf, maybe some kettlebell swings but I srsly doubt it lol. I'll slowly bring in secondary/tertiary barbell movements, and Max Effort Days, but even the T-Bar Row really fatigued me so have to leverage decent machines and cable movements for little while. Looking forward to it, but definitely feeling today's workout and how it's very different to working out at home.
  20. WWE has a great roster of talent, but struggles to get people over. AEW has actually got people over - Guevara, Page, Orange, Baker (eventually lol), Rosa, Whilst of course a lot of people associate wrestling with WWE obviously, I think the idea that this is so permanently etched in stone is somewhat erroneous. And the whole bush league thing is a bit questionable - it's not like WWE is always *so* slick and besides, in a post-YouTube world I'm just not sure this is such an issue. People want something good above all else - and it's hardly controversial to say that AEW Dynamite is consistently much better television than any of the main 3 WWE shows. Ultimately Dynamite sometimes beats Raw in certain key demos And in the corporate world, I'm pretty sure they're not thinking bush-league when they think about Shahid Khan. His yacht has its own wikipedia page.
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