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  1. Whole lotta focus on that Jefferson High School pen in the scene between Ravonna and Mobius. Any ideas if that references anything else in the marvel universe? Without being too familiar, had someone mentioned that in the comics there are multiple (infinite) versions of Mobius working in the TVA? Could another Mobius be the "agent you keep hidden from me" Mobius asked Ravonna about? Enjoying this show so far, some lovely back and forth dialogue, Owen Wilson is on his best Wes Anderson form, and now Amy from Flowers as (maybe) Lady Loki. Lovely hurling!
  2. I'd completely missed Chris in my rundown of Irish MCU interactions and was wondering how the hell I managed that. Then I saw he was in Thor: The Dark World and it all made sense.
  3. On the Finn Balor WM entrance, I listen to the Wrestle Me podcast (it's very good by the way, 2 British DJs working their way through every wrestle mania) and when they came to that they raised the point that Finn is by all accounts a straight guy (certainly seems to be an ally, but doesn't seem to identify as LGBT) and whether it was appropriate that he be the first to really make that kind of statement on the Grandest Stage of Them All. I know they raised Darren Young and how underutilised he was at this time. Be interested to know what the take on it from the LGBT community was at the time,
  4. Some auditory highlights for me: Don Callis's, "Shit! Shit!" as OC hit the orange punch on Kenny really made me think that could be it. Isaiah Kassidy's scream as Hobbs spinebustered his soul from his body (side note, private party look infinitely better in this gear!) Couple of other things that stood out to me: Hate animals being involved in entertainment full stop, so was unhappy seeing Jake come out with the bag. Figured once Miro yeeted it, that it wasn't a snake and was happier again. Some great organic pops tonight for those not necessarily considered big sta
  5. I've got two: Praises a racist (or two) from 50/60 years ago as the best examples of people who've used moves. Compares all Mexican wrestlers to Eddie Guerrero/compares all British wrestlers to the Dynamite Kid.
  6. One makes good whiskey, has lots of redheads and is known for getting a bit flighty, the other, eh.....
  7. To paraphrase my girlfriend, "please stop telling me about how many of the cast appeared in Skins, I don't give a fuck, I'm trying to watch this period drama in peace" Hoo boy, just thinking about how many accents he could cram into one of those characters.
  8. Looking forward to Barry Keoghan becoming the first Irish non-CGI or voice MCU actor in Eternals (Kerry Condron voiced Friday and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor voiced/played Ebony Maw). Keoghan's an actor I've a real soft spot for, he's from a really rough part of Dublin and had a rough childhood, so he's not the usual kid with connections who normally hog all the Irish roles (looking at you Domhnall Gleeson!). Plus, he looks like every kid who's ever stopped me outside the off licence asking me to buy them a naggin of vodka. G'wan Barry!
  9. It's one thing I dislike about their presentation. I may be in the minority, but as someone who has struggled with gambling problems (1 year clean in 18 days ) I'm a lot more perceptive of the insidious nature of gambling advertising. Soccer is incredibly bad on that front, approx. two thirds of Premier league clubs have betting companies as shirt sponsors. I know gambling is a different proposition in the states to here (my hometown of 4k people has 4 bookmakers on the main street), but for a company that has shown itself to be progressive in some ways (LGBT+ presentation, facilities for tho
  10. "vile thing! You make my butt sting! I detest you" Max Caster's Tegan & Sara t-shirt was a low key highlight this week. Wrestlers wearing non-wrestling t-shirts is always a good look! Ortiz bringing the innovative mic handling. I need much more Ortiz on my screen, I miss seeing him wrestle, breaking out tiger style back rakes and pointing to his noggin. Where do I get one of those Hangman floral shirts? I think I could just about make that work in Dublin. This has somehow become a minor fashion watch post.
  11. I heard, "heel tunnel, Don" On the Pinnacle coronation, I groaned when I saw them being flanked by 5 women, especially when Tully had a line about how the Pinnacle get all the best things, including these women, icky! But something I noticed (and this is probably confirmation bias) but during the promo when the 5 women were chatting in the background, Shawn Spears (the dick!) seemed to turn around and shush them. Then 30 seconds later (lovely!) Wardlow, turned around and seemed to be engaging in the chats with the women like an actual human being, ignoring the promo, even missing
  12. On the Cody promo (which really was garbage), I (as an Irishman) found it really hard to get on board with the "America, Fuck Yeah" sentiment when one of his examples of how great America is, is that within the lifetime of 2/3s of their commentary booth there was racial segregation in the country, and "haven't we come so far now". I dunno, just hit all the wrong notes and seemed tone deaf to me. Anyway, even though it seemed to knock OC loopy, I loved the snap in the liger bomb from Pac. That and Darby's tope where he bounced off Miro were my 2 favourite moves of the night. I kinda
  13. Yeah, the opening result was the right kind of surprise booking. Both look good coming out of it, even though Page never got going. Loved one bit of Taz commentary when Page went up for the Moonsault, "big mistake! Big mistake!" page hits it beautifully, "awww, not a mistake" Alex Abrahantes is so so good as the hyper little nerd and really adds something to Penta's presentation. Interesting to see Penta break out some power moves, liked it! Where's Chucky T?? I was laughing out loud this morning at Matt Jackson's expression after the dick punch! So good! There's something so sati
  14. Tis also a staple of Irish weddings - who doesn't love the opportunity to shout "fuck" at the top of your voice while in the company of your parents, grandparents, parish priest etc
  15. Well I'm feeling very smug this morning Much like Wandavision, I found myself a little disappointed at the lack of very obvious links to future films/serues. Sure, there's some little hints and teases, but nothing as obvious as a hammer appearing in the desert at the end of Iron Man. But that's just me, and hasn't ruined my enjoyment of the series. I dug the switch to "Captain America and the Winter Soldier" at the end of the credits. Wyatt Russell brought it again this episode, but also impressed by how well handled Sam's talk to the Senators was, they didn't whitewash or g
  16. Glad to see more people join me on the Sharon Power Broker Train (y'know, the old SPBT). I'm not nearly up on my comics enough to know who the Contessa character was, I was just thinking that members of this board would be excited about the Seinfeld connection. Seems they could go a few directions with her, good stuff! Is it just happy coincidence that Sam Wilson is called Sam so that his nephews can constantly refer to him as Uncle Sam as he's umming and aahing over whether to become Captain America?
  17. Hell of an episode with no filler. This is moving along at a right pace now. Zemo stealing scenes left right and centre, delighted for Daniel Bruhl! I have a soft spot for him since Goodbye Lenin. Walker growing out the stubble to reflect his disintegrating mental state was done nice foreshadowing. The Dora Milijae did a real number on him! Was shocked to see Buckys arm just fall off, was wondering if he'd be able to reattach it. I'm sticking to my Sharon is Power Broker theory, no matter how wrong I am
  18. Dunno if any of you have seen Hardy Bucks (mockumentary set in a rural Irish town) but Zemo was giving me real Viper vibes in that scene, "fierce reptilian in his movement", so I just couldn't stop laughing, imagining him as the primary hash dealer between Castletown and Enniscrone Was getting some red flags from Sharon in this episode, any chance she's the power broker?? I know they like to switch things up in the MCU.
  19. Tony had a great line to the effect of, "I'm having flashbacks to the 90s with a houseful of annoying brats", parent of the year, Tony Schiavone! Arcade Anarchy was great, big smiles here for all of it. Love unhinged Miro shouting, "Charles! Charles!" and Trent looked main event ready in returning. They actually got me interested in something QT Marshall is doing, kudos! Felt for Ogogo with the cuff though. Nice call back going hard on Big Shotty though! Nice opener, but Christian needs a better finisher, the Kill switch looks like crap in setup, real suspension of belief required.
  20. I suppose it depends on where you're from, some can see borders as a way of keeping them and theirs together, whereas on the island I'm from the border is a 100 year old wound that shows no signs of healing.
  21. After episode 2,i'm fully behind the Flag Smashers! Hell yeah, a world without borders sounds great! Not letting the same small group of people control the planet sounds great. Maybe I misunderstood, but it sounded like they were bringing medicine to refugee camps? Great bunch of lads! Can't get a fix on John Walker yet, he seems like a relatively OK dude, I imagine we've only seen phase 1 of his origin so far though, maybe his pal Battlestar gets killed and that causes a snap. Is John Walker a super soldier at this point? If not, how the hell was he hanging with Morgenthau et al?
  22. That show just breezed by. I've said it before but the fact that storylines don't exist in vacuums in AEW fills my heart with joy. That main rocked, loved it all except for the weird Sting coming to even the odds when those loveable goofs at ringside were only offering encouragement to John, there was no shenanigans! Hell yeah to a Kenny Omega - Brandon Cutler mini feud, "give me the mic" No clue what that QT Cody segment was meant to make me feel other than apathy, Cody exists in this weird parallel universe and I don't like it. Roll on Arcade Anarchy, hope we'll get
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