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  1. Not to be a 1 upper, but Becky Bayless sat near me at Mania 27. She popped big time when Punk beat Jericho.
  2. Paul E. has been cutting that promo since 96. Every ECW guy who left for greener pastures was "scared and ran."
  3. Homicide is an insane person.
  4. Special K could eat offense, great undercard heel faction.
  5. Parkers unite! Just started blogging a month ago, writing about wrestling is really fun. Www.indywrestlingreview.com Also, here's more insanity because I dont wanna just be shilling my blog
  6. Low Ki whooping on those JAPW kids has been a highlight
  7. Been doing a "work rate history" of ROH on my blog. Early ROH was insane.
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