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  1. great shout out to The Dirt Bike Kid. Even says it on his kneepad.
  2. he took a couple of moves, to me it was as if to say "i am back", he looked in wrestling shape (obviously I do not have a CT scanner)
  3. last three matches of the G1 finals night was pretty much perfect pro-wrestling spectacle. I loved the final.
  4. I thought KENTA did fine - well in spots - but I'd rather he had storyline justification ie. TAKEOVER / LADOJO rather than trying lucklessly to win people over with 'great matches'. If he moved on I can't say I'd miss him at this juncture.
  5. thought Io-Candace was one of the best women's wrestling matches of this century. tapped out after 10 min of the main event. just Not For Me.
  6. quick power rankings for each block A: Okada, Tanahashi, Ibushi, EVIL, Sanada, Ospreay, Archer, Kenta, Sabre, Fale. B: Ishii, Shingo, Juice, Moxley, White, Naito, Taichi, Goto, Yano, Cobb.
  7. feel very relaxed that Naito gets a Dome main and they do not need to do Neck Death IV: One Neck Must Disintegrate. White puts Ibushi, the best babyface they have, over clean and people dance in the aisles.
  8. reading some heavy vitriol toward the main.
  9. really enjoyed B Block final night. watched the tags too - check the ending of the 8 man NJPW v Suzukigun match if you can. Cobb-Yano was what you hope any Yano match is - funny, with a new novelty in the playbook. Cobb has a better sense of humour than Elgin so this worked. I popped for Yano's big suplex spot. Ishii-Taichi was great, Taichi got straight to business and they had a great little war. I predicted the result before opening night but if they're going to deliver like this then who cares? The Abe-Taichi act is down, Ishii is probably the ace of B Block, VERY GOOD. Moxley-Robbo was pretty good. The ending didn't quite do it for me. I guess they're looking for a rubber match and can only do so much with Moxley if he might be on his way. When they just went at it, it ruled, and Juice selling hard as Mox went through his repertoire really did it for me. Shingo-Goto mirror mode match was brilliant, maybe for me both guy's best (I know) this tournament. Not a lot to say here. Shingo is outrageously good. Goto was super here and of course he lost because he is a dumb bushido guy. Naito-White-oh was a perfect classic babyface v heel match. I was fine with the timekilling powdering early because the crowd were into it and the dynamic was really clear - they actually HATE White rather than Justin Credible in X Factor heat him. When White goes babyface those cut-off suplexes are going to have Dragon Screw levels of overness - they are so cruel and brilliant and often feel heartstopping and out of nowhere. This might be my favourite Jay White match, actually, and a good time to deliver it. Naito was great. Some will be upset, bu he's IC champ and probably gets a Dome headline.
  10. I think Jay will get the final. They're not fucking around with this guy. He could have a great one against Ibushi.
  11. I sort of agree, it will be forgotten, but think the win would do no one any harm. Personally I'd have had him win big and clean despite the interference. I'd also have Archer come out tomorrow or Monday and challenge for a title. Any of them. Would be good in the short term.
  12. yeah while it was only a roll up (and a very good one at that) it felt needless. protecting Fale has limited utility these days, we all know he's a solid midcarder rather than worthy gatekeeper. hell, let Sanada get the cheeky win. no one needs to see him get his win back.
  13. Super show for the A block final. Felt like a big deal.
  14. Shingo's ass alone pushes him into heavyweight
  15. My pal Neil, formerly of this parish, said Jay-Juice was HIS fav match (which was so weird that I just wrote him to ask if he posted as @alstein) He wrote
  16. nothing to add to what Archibald covered there, but I thought the ending of Yano/Taichi was very clever too. Oh and the six man with Okada, Ospreay, Tanahashi, and Ibushi was probably a good li'l appetite-whetter.
  17. just watched Shingo-Naito. in the top 3/4 of the G1 so far. great chemistry and all the early work was entertaining and told the story of their familiarity with each other, even if it wasn't focused or "logical". At first I thought a Shingo who isn't a dominant sadist bully might have his nuts cut off but he's also a super battling underdog too.
  18. Ishii definitely giving a win back to Taichi on the last day, sadly
  19. super crowd in Osaka for today's show. they popped when Tanahashi cinched in the Cloverleaf. very appreciative. great show. maybe the best one of the tour?
  20. I'd stick the title on Moxley if he plans on sticking around.
  21. Lucifer currently expanding the circles of hell for "people who enjoy Iiconics comedy bits"
  22. Shingo is probably the new Kojima. Outsider (sort of), lariat, orange skin.
  23. Okada v KENTA was very good. Hot take on Okada - I think he's getting better.
  24. Juice v Ishii was top class. Marked out like I did at a Grunt'nGroan Bros show at Pontins (age 7) for the Tiger Suplex. Bit behind otherwise.
  25. Cobb looks like 30lbs over. He could shed that, get through the matches, and still be horse-strong.
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