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  1. not seen anything at all from this year's Champion Carnival. just looking at some of the matches makes me think I should remedy this.
  2. so all the top 5 are 5* for me. after that it gets tricky. no way is Cody-Aldis worth 4.75, nor Riddle-Suzuki. But I liked what they were about and how they stand out and did something different in 2018. The rest are traditionally very good and I guess 4.5 to maybe even 5, but I need to see some again. I might have underrated that GL-Chaos tag purely because it's those same four guys again but christ I was into it.
  3. alright Ishii-Omega G1 leads then all of these have a shot at #2 Ishii-Ibushi G1 Tanahashi-Ibushi G1 Hiromu-Ishimori BOSJ Kenny-Okada - Dominion 6-10 contenders Zeus-Kento for Triple Crown Sugiura-Nakajima for GHC Cody-Aldis for NWA at All In (not the greatest match but felt meaningful) Suzuki-Riddle at Bloodsport Ibushi-Naito G1 Thatcher/WALTER-King/Bateman at PWG All Star Weekend Okada-Tanahashi (all) CIMA-Takeshita - DDT Peter Pan Golden Lovers-CHAOS at FS Unleashed missed out loads of incredible matches too. And not even seen any BJW, Zero1, W1, or joshi this year. Shame.
  4. ooof! hard one. let me mull it over dinner tonight. I haven't seen as much as I normally do.
  5. just seen the Zeus v Kento match for the Triple Crown, the one with the spine-severing knifehands. Great match, in the MOTY conversation for me, or at least the top 5-10.
  6. at that time I might have voted for The Miz. but lol @ people realising Tanahashi is great BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY SAW HIM.
  7. this is the poster for the ALL STAR BATTLE Sumo Hall show Abby's gonna retire and Stan will be there. This show is gently shaping up well for me.
  8. I'd really to halt this 'New Japan is failing!' story that has emerged but help yourselves for a sec here guys! [that to Harold Meij, who is reading]
  9. Meij's goons attacking gifmakers. Lariato got some takedowns, BulletClubITAL banned. I know they were active on copyright before, most Japanese companies are, but I choose to read it as this.
  10. I like Tsuji too. I'd like them to have a homegrown powerhouse. Like a better Nakanishi, or a new Sasaki. There's always going to be workraters.
  11. Didn't Daichi actually leave the dojo to sign for IGF? Anyway I think that horse has bolted. He's just not that great. There are better pick-ups out there. Takeshita, Endo, and Higuchi for me would be incredible.
  12. I think of the in-house guys they are super high on Sho Tanaka. I think they could make real money with him too.
  13. in my mind they're being really dumb not building SANADA a little quicker. i know he's not the finished article yet but he's pretty much got all the tools. way more charisma than Okada had before he found some thru Gedo. he can be a cross over and his style is not too risky. if anyone in Japan is the new Tana, it's Sanada not Kento.
  14. Yeah I can see them doing something like Tanahashi, Kento, and Sugi vs. BODYGAH, Okada, and Nakajima. And I wouldn't complain. But Kenny has been getting those matches he wanted. Like multiples with Ishii, and saving Ibushi, etc. idk
  15. Kenny, in his early days as champ, talked about wanting to face Shuji Ishikawa on a big stage. This feels like it.
  16. hey guys, Ted Kazcynski hasn't sent a bomb for years, he's liberalising.
  17. I don't feel sorry for WWE at all. The Saudi government didn't become bad with this one death. Thing is I wouldn't begrudge the good people of that country a fun wrestling show as entertainment on a regular touring schedule, whatever to that. It's just that there's an official governmental relationship and that effectively that government is booking part of the show and inserting feed lines and graphics that turn it into Welcome to Saudi Arabia ft. some wrestlers, and will be doing that for the next DECADE. VKM can get out of Bret's 20 year contract but not this? Gimme a break.
  18. I've barely been hanging on with WWE for the last 3/4 years - major events, the odd NXT, listen to Dave talk about them, TV highlights on youtube - but if this goes ahead then I'm just off all of that. No talking about them online, no nostalgic watches of my old favourites, nothing. No big deal to them, I'm worth nothing to them as a fan. And I don't expect anyone to follow suit, it's your life. Given most regimes have some kind of barbaric history (nations, not just Vince) then it's not realistic to boycott everyone and everything but I think you have to have a line. This is it.
  19. do we think they'll do EVIL-Jericho on Power Struggle? Seems small beer for Jericho and his only wanting to do major things. It felt like they might do Okada-Naito, which beefs the Dome up hugely if they go Omega-Tana, Jericho-EVIL, KUSHIDA-someone. They could hold back on Jay White a little as he's not a credible singles guy, having lost pretty much all of his major matches, and while he has a new faction to push on.
  20. things are getting overwrought in this kingdom, I must admit. that said, the potential card for WK looks very good and I think we'll all forgive them if it goes down well.
  21. heard we were praising the genius of Akira Taue and ran here as fast as I could. his attitude was totally understandable and it's not like he didn't have his share of utterly great tear-ups. guy that big is a spectacle to behold, and as well he just shouldn't be moving as hard as a Misawa. Kawada & Taue were in so many respects the perfect tag team, just the gold standard esp. for Japan. i like Nash more as the years go by. he had an X factor. he's an interesting mind on him. just wish he had like 6/7 more really good matches.
  22. UWF claimed 60000 for the first Dome show and sold a legit 40k on the first day. It had a more rustic stage set up but just feels 'bigger' when you watch it. The stadium holds 55000 when set up for a ball game. I can believe there were 15000 empty/unused/covered seats at WK12, but artfully covered in the most part. Either way, I think this will continue the modest upward trajectory but not be a super no vacancy full house.
  23. I'm not 100% on this because of historical layers of bullshit regarding sellouts and the different ways they can set-up the stage but I feel that a true paid sellout would begin with a 5.
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