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  1. From Wrestle Tix Current setup 40,577 Tickets distributed 39,028
  2. Yukes The Pro Wrestling, released in 2000 for Japan. Early version of Smackdown 1 and the game came out before Smackdown 1 on the PS1. For exhibition, only singles matches and 4 ways exist and another special singles match type with KO only. Characters are selected from weird art squares, most of the wrestlers are weird looking. Only one ring (grey mat) and arena, WWF attitude era style ring but with no WWF logos of course with black Puroresu ropes and blue outside mat and rails. The game actually has more selling. Also the leg counter on the floor is different, you get kicked and stay down and sell. Even that falling backdrop suplex on all fours sell is there at times for other things. The Boston Crab has the slow turn before applying it, the slow turn part is not in SD1. The picking up of wrestlers is slower compared to later Exciting Pro Wresting games. The body damage meters are also in, with another meter that changes color and shrinks when damage taken and it never goes back up. The Champ mode exist. Beat the already made in game edits and the champion to win the belt. Only 4 edit slots with limited edit creation parts, more limited than SD1's CAS. No female parts like SD1 has sadly. It was a budget game anyways from the Simple series, so like the Pro Wrestling 2 compared to Smackdown 2, the game doesn't have most of the features and options from the PS1 Smackdown 1 game. It was gonna be released in USA in english but was cancelled.
  3. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1171308/uk-indie-feds-announce-content-contracts-with-wwe-have-ended/ Roman Reigns broke a record https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1171312/roman-reigns-appears-to-break-insane-wwe-championship-record/
  4. TJPW and IdolMaster https://idolmaster-official.jp/news/01_7668
  5. I don't regularly follow GLEAT but here are some stuff that happened on their latest show listed below: G-REX Champion Kaito Ishida has his own new unit known as BGI..its long name is Black Generation International, the unit inlcudes Hartley Jackson, Gringo Loco, Flamita, Kotaro Suzuki and Yutani. Unagi came to the ring after the fourth match. She will face Yukari Hosokawa. There will be a 6 Man Tag Tournament to determine the best Unit
  6. Vince could still end up working for WWE post sale. ESPN was brought up by Nick for possibly getting WWE's media rights.
  7. Nick Khan on selling WWE https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1170977/nick-khan-gives-clarity-on-vince-mcmahons-plan-to-sell-wwe/ https://www.f4wonline.com/news/wwe/wwe-ceo-nick-khan-on-vince-mcmahons-return-stephanie-tony-khan The selling WWE to the Saudis that some journalists ran with online was bs.
  8. WWE Adam Hopkins is done with WWE, he served as Vice President of Communications. He worked for WWE for 25 plus years. WWE VP Stefanie Fiondella reportedly left, she mostly worked for WWE since 2004. She left in 2019 but came back later. Her jobs were leadership program and strategy and landing speaking engagements for company executives and for WWE Superstars at industry events. She served as co-Chairperson of the WWE Women's Affinity Group. Their previous jobs and roles are on the usual other sites. Vince back at getting rid of more oldheads.
  9. The new main team of Earth 0
  10. 93rd World tag champs This year is also 30 years since the 4 Kings or Devas style or Shitenno Pro Wrestling.
  11. WWE's writing of the shows is lot diffrent these days. Not much of Vince's quirks left in the current shows. Happy Bobby won. Otis old self back is weird. RAW is XXX next week. 30 years of RAW.
  12. Better Link AJP 2023 Kento Miyahara (c) vs Takuya Nomura (BJW) for the Triple Crown. The second 5 Crown Battle because both men hold 5 separate belts together, Kento with the single Triple Crown and both men with the World tags which are 4 belts.
  13. Hulu Japan Giant Baba vs Jumbo Tsuruta (1976) Kenta Kobashi vs Toshiaki Kawada (1992) Mitsuharu Misawa vs Yoshihiro Takayama (2004) Stan Hansen (1982) and others
  14. Shingo vs O Khan will be MMA rules. Most of the fans voted for MMA rules.
  15. All Asia Tag Championship Match Tornado Bunkhouse Current Explosion Deathmatch 60 minute single match
  16. Bronze AJPW and Gold Baba with Triple Crown belts
  17. Yes. But stuff with green is from NOAH. But 16D overseas links https://goodsmileshop.com/en/search/?text=Wrestling https://www.goodsmileus.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=Wrestling Some don't show up, so global links here work https://legendmaster.jp/ Anyway there are various other ways, speciality shops or just getting somebody to bring it over. Also I live in Canada so I just see some stuff make it way here sometimes. For Japan, some of the merch gets sold out. Some of it cannot bought anymore from the makers. Some of it doesn't get sold to overseas.
  18. From Sports Hochi Whoever will face Muto at the dome https://hochi-news.translate.goog/articles/20230114-OHT1T51026.html?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  19. I think he looks like Drew McIntyre. A bit. Man's from Fife, Scotland, UK. He is 6' 0" and 205 lbs and he is 29 years old. He came from the Scottish Indys.
  20. Only few more days before the big NJPW vs NOAH joint WK17 show. Actual dream matches singles. Who goes over who should be interesting.
  21. Earth 387, everyone is a werewolf I expect Waid to modernize the world above and make it more horrorish.
  22. Earth 124 Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot are Diana from different periods of her life.
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