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  1. For one night only, AEW Dynamite and NXT are going head to head again on Oct 18.
  2. Time for Riho to take the belt off C.Jericho. Riho of Honor.
  3. Wrestling newz people to avoid, Xero, and Rovert and VOW.
  4. Selling Masks Some hilarious faces in vid
  5. Ishu Saikyou Ou Zukan: Battle Colosseum Some kinda Animal battle and breeding simulator. 24 animals.
  6. I don't have any news to share for ROH, because there hasn't been any notable new news online for awhile.
  7. They're building up Yuta and Garcia as the next guys. Bypassing the other pillars. Commentary is better with J.R. gone and his negative rays of doom voice gone. Another good Jericho match. "my home country of Toronto" lol.
  8. They're doing some kind of "Revolution" thing now.
  9. WWE and Hulu deal extended and expires on this Friday now. The show known as The Bump may change too. Goldberg who appeared on the bump seemed to suggest that he will become a manager in his own way of wording. He has no matches left on his contract. Sasha Banks changed her twitter name handle, to remove WWE off it.
  10. The AEW rankings list on their site don't have September 2022, another sign of moving away from them. They already reduced mentions of the system and taken off the rankings from Wrestlers graphics.
  11. That's it for that interregnum NXT era. Cosmetic changes are in store for WWE maybe https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1028264/triple-h-reportedly-accelerating-cosmetic-change-to-wwe-product/
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