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  1. Around 200 plus demons in SMT-V. Heard weaker demons can be made better off now.
  2. WWE Announcer Greg Hamilton was released earlier this week.
  3. Ganbare stuff Shinjiro Otani is the on-site director for Ganpro. Retired kickboxer Taison Maeguchi who is a representative of the Ibushi Wrestling Institute will maybe participate more.
  4. WWE stuff: Next years Feb and Oct seem to be the Saudi shows months. March, Aug and Nov have no PPVS this year and maybe it stays this way. Vince Mcmahon said no to bringing back Russo according to Russo. Rey's daughter wants to become a wrassler.
  5. Average ratings went up, well of course because of the season premiere 1,658 (0.47)
  6. Both To clarify I was joking, top one is Miz.
  7. I still expect NJPW to be better off business wise later on, because of their national TV deal (which allows more fans than the other promotions to watch) and sponsors and occasional commerical ads promoting NJPW. Anyway any slight decline in recent years for attendances is because of the Elite gone, which attracted both western fans to show up sometimes and fujo women into western men. In other NJPW news, Kota Ibushi is out for two months, he probably will be back in time for WK.
  8. They're probably setting up for Seth to be Champ of Raw again. It is Monday Night Rollins after all.
  9. Kinda. The IWGP HW is still deactivated, and since both IWGP HW and IC merged into one to create the IWGP World HW..the title history and records of the IWGP HW are finished for good. That's just how it is in Japan for real unification. Reactivating the NWF HW, IWGP 3rd Gen, Greatest 18th, the early Hogan/Inoki IWGP tournament belts and more would bring those belts intact and all if they were to do so for any of them. Because those titles are only sealed away and/or deactivated in specificated cases.
  10. Belt conflicts something old NJPW would do pre Bushiroad, so I am fine with these angles. Probably expect Will's belt to go away first because it's too similar to Shingo's. In regards to attendances, Bushiroad reportedly limited crowd covid control mandate is more strict than all the other promotions.
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