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  1. Somebody said June was the most successful month in comic sales since 1997.
  2. https://www.16d.shop/view/item/000000000354 " A new prototype and mold this time, and adopted 18 gold for the plated part. The 50th anniversary commemorative specification is full of luxury, such as using glass parts for the 213 large and small rhinestones." Material: Die cast parts (zinc alloy), hook (iron), belt part (cowhide / PU processing), stone (crystal) Size: Total length approx. 125 × 12cm Main plate diameter approx. 20.5cm Side plate diameter 6.5 cm Weight: Approximately 2.7kg With special cloth cover with lion mark logo embroidery With serial number. * Serial number cannot be selected.
  3. Ric claimed he isn't banged up back in 2019 “I'm not physically banged up,” Flair said. “I feel great. My knees, elbows, and back, they don't bother me at all right now." Time to make Omega tap out and win the AEW World title. Woooooooo.
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