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  1. We'll see if the new tag titles designs rumors are true. https://wrestlingheadlines.com/wwe-planning-big-reveal-for-wwe-tag-team-titles-with-the-usos/
  2. Another good Raw. Can't wait for Alexa Bliss vs Boobly. Spooky Bliss is slowly coming back.
  3. RoadDoggs job https://www.wrestlinginc.com/1127358/road-dogg-details-exactly-what-his-wwe-role-entails/
  4. 53 year old Jun Akiyama won the DDT Extreme Championship. He defeated Joey Janela in a TLC match to win it. Jun became the oldest Extreme Champion.
  5. AJP Tokyo Sports is still building up the Jake Lee to NJPW angle, But I'm not sure if it's real. Its weirdly going on long unlike other kayfabe articles.
  6. DDT Jun won the extreme belt, he doesn't like the purple belt so he wants to change the belt to white strap like the old GHC Openweight Hardcore crown. So another possible change making for DDT more like old NOAH. Yuki Ueno won the D King Grand Prix.
  7. WWE Stock 80.50 USD +1.39 (1.76%)today https://tradingeconomics.com/wwe:us I've read that the upcoming Elimination Chamber PLE is mostly sold out.
  8. From looking at the preview for Lazarus Planet, I was right about about the JL disbanding.
  9. Now Meltzer saying William Regal is gone https://twitter.com/WONF4W/status/1599137955624341504
  10. What do they want? Inter groups matches are some of the biggest matches companies can book.
  11. Stardom Haruka Umesaki challenged for the white belt.
  12. I liked Gunther doing the Emerald Friosion as a finish. Tegan Nox is back and with her full name again, she looks like the nu Lita. Lot of stuff announced. Hype main. They did that NJPW callback spot. I was thinking of Gunther vs Ricochet in my mind and it gets booked.
  13. Another person who could be X is Shingo. Doesn't seem to be any more Muto/Muta matches besides the last 3.
  14. Time for Giulia's possible Coronation this month. Or maybe they drag it out and crown her when the crowds are back to normal.
  15. There's nothing on the net suggesting he will leave. Tony Khan himself loaned Omega to NJPW. https://411mania.com/wrestling/tony-khan-reportedly-gave-blessing-for-kenny-omega-vs-will-ospreay-in-njpw/
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