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  1. October soon, maybe we get news on where will ROH TV ends up on. Or maybe not.
  2. Finn Balor is expected to be pushed, so the no 1 heel for Raw.
  3. Some fans think Orton is really off tv to get his tats removed. https://tjrwrestling.net/news/several-issues-randy-orton-lawsuit/ The Hulu/WWE deal seems to be renewed. No longer any expiration dates listed.
  4. Now, for bunch of the places AEW usually go to, the tickets sales are cooling off for those markets. Dave.M and others went into the situation. Should be better links online later to read about it. However Full Gear will most likely be another million dollar gate. Toronto and Seattle ticket sales are good. Anyway AEW has tv money and the Khans money to stay afloat.
  5. AJPW Gonna get Jake Lee redemption arc. They're still building him up going to other promotions. Next year Maybe Yuma could win the Triple Crown, then again they may want to book him like Jun's original AJPW booked role, the guy who chases for the belt but never wins.
  6. I expect Tireman to surpass Masa K. Anyway some fans might not like it but NOAH is the old man's promotion plus few other guys below 50 mattering. Me, I'm not ageist and ableists, we all get old and broken down in some ways. Anyway most of the Players can stil go.
  7. For one night only, AEW Dynamite and NXT are going head to head again on Oct 18.
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