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  1. As someone who watched the commercial free version, it didn't affect the match quality. I think the only good thing that happened during a break was the barbed wire for Cash's blade spot. The other two were Wardlow wasting most of his 2-minute advantage standing alone when everyone else was in the other ring and Jericho very slowly climbing the truss.
  2. Most of the B&G match was really good and captured the feel of the 87-92 WG matches. I think they tried too hard at the end, though. The rooftop segment wasn't that great, and the rest of the match ceased to exist at that point. There were probably better ways to end the match in the cage that could still write Jericho off, while still featuring the other participants. MJF could've smashed Jericho's leg with the bat, then used that to get him to surrender as they threatened to do something especially heinous to Sammy. The #1 contender announcement was strange. I know AEW is lacking fo
  3. I know WWE will never go this deep, but the Grimes/Dibiase story should totally be a message about the inability of millennials to truly grab the levers of power from long-overstaying institutional boomers. Swerve/Ruff was pretty good. Swerve dominated enough of the match that he wasn't too hurt by the finish, and Ruff had to land some big moves to stay in it. Women's tag was fun. That Alabama slam on the table was nasty. Candace/Indi winning the belts is good because the matriarch of the Gargano Family should have some gold and it highlights Austin Theory's excellent performance as
  4. This is like saying The Simpsons would be great show if it was only Marge and Lisa.
  5. The Elite angle has really gone off the rails and appears to be bad for everyone, except for maybe the Bucks who get cover for a lot of their weaknesses. As bad as the "emotionally conflicted" Bucks were, there was a lot of utility for them in a tweener role. It hit me this week that their full turn completely ruined what Omega and Callis had going. Kenny as the paranoid kingpin with an ever-shrinking inner circle (for lack of a better term) who was prone to lashing out violently with Don pulling some strings and Gallows/Anderson as the hitmen was a great dynamic that didn't seem redundant ami
  6. I know everyone has been traumatized by TNA being WWE's only "competition" since 2001, but I think AEW has more self-awareness than this.
  7. I think it was primarily for a photo op or video package material. It did seem off as a "next generation" type of thing, since the 4HW are all still in their primes and figure to have many more title runs before their careers are over.
  8. Wesley Blake is like the most generic wrestler ever, but seems like a guy that could mop up on the indies and find his way back to the big time in a few years. Joe could be washed, or he could be like Kobashi and compensate what he's lost in mobility with charisma and stiffness. Definitely worth a shot for AEW if he's interested. Had no idea Bo Dallas was still on the roster. Not JTG-level, but an impressive overstay nonetheless.
  9. Eh, Priest is more of a goth partier than a dark arts guy. The comparison to Black in NXT is good though. Much Like Black, Kross' entrance starts to come across as corny because he has no character reason for it, so we're just left to assume he's doing it because he thinks it looks cool, which of course makes it a lot less cool. If Scarlett was still doing her psychic puppetmaster thing, then an entrance that highlights her god complex backed up by a big scary guy who does her dirty work would make perfect sense (in pro wrestling terms).
  10. Kushida beating Escobar in an impromptu match is perfect booking. Escobar is ready to move up, Kushida badly needs something positive after months of losses, the CW belt doesn't lose any momentum because despite the aforementioned losses, everyone knows Kushida can go and is a very credible champ relative to that division. I have to say I love a good jackknife pin too. Anyone who has ever play-wrestled as a kid knows how little pressure it takes to keep someone down when they're folded up like that. So much more believable as a flash win move than a school boy. The main event was super fu
  11. Surprised to see a consensus of night 1 being significantly better than 2. I thought the good stuff was pretty evenly spread out, and night 2 was probably a better overall show on its own. Lashley/Drew was the opener, but it should not have been worked like an opener. Fine match, but pretty forgettable in the grand scheme of things, which isn't something you want for one of your main titles. The tag turmoil was nothing but botchamaina material and if they were just gonna do one-off challenger, the Riott Squad would've been way better to give that rub to. Cesaro/Rollins was solid
  12. I'm scared to ask, but what is a Nigerian Drum Fight?
  13. So Matt Jackson's "acting" was terrible and that main event angle was cringey af, but it is a necessary step to Mox/Kingston as tag champs, so silver lining there. I enjoyed how much like MJF had a hard time finding something good to say about Spears, Jericho had a hard time finding something bad to say about FTR. Hopefully they get a "Can't tell us apart? One of us has hair, dipshit" jab back at him at some point.
  14. Show pretty much played out like I expected with the first half being excellent and the second being mediocre. Kushida/Dunne was a nice match that would've looked a lot better on Night 2. Great pace, full of smooth transitions and hurty looking moves, and a great finishing sequence. Their biggest problem was that Walter went out and put on a master-class of selling that made their lack of long-term selling look amateurish in retrospect. The gauntlet thing was a pretty good showcase for everyone involved. Tough to balance a match like that when you need 5 of the 6 to look strong, but
  15. Night 1 sounds great. Dunne/Kushida, Walter/Ciampa, Gauntlet thing, men's tag titles, and Io/Raquel all within the strict confines of a 2-hour show. Night 2 doesn't have nearly as good a match listing, and will have license to overkill as the first big Peacock only show.
  16. So, I'm mulling whether or not I should even bother with Peacock. It's easy enough to watch NXT and ppvs elsewhere, and the only reason I've been a beginning to end network subscriber is for the archives. What all do they actually have on there?
  17. 1. Io Shirai - Just effortlessly good. 2. Sasha Banks - I'll never not love Sasha. So glad to see her getting the ace run she deserves. 3. Thunder Rosa - Great look and natural charisma, a real shot of life into AEW's women's division. 4. Asuka - She's like the Daniel Bryan of the women's division in WWE. Too much ability to stay away from the top for too long. 5. Xia Li - Couldn't have been less interested in her as a blue-chipper face, but as LU-style heel that kicks people's faces in? Give me more. 6. Tay Conti - WWE will regret letting her slip away. She will absol
  18. 1. WALTER - No bigger "oh shit" threat in wrestling now that Lesnar drained all his good will. He's like AJ Vader, Hansen, and Williams all rolled into one. 2. Finn Balor - I was apprehensive when he came back to NXT, but WWE hasn't had an ace this good since Austin's heyday. 3. Kenny Omega - There are few more overused and inaccurate descriptors in wrestling than "next Shawn Michaels," and ok, Kenny's way too far along in his career for that, but he is doing a damn good job combining on-screen and off-screen 97 HBK into one character right now. 4. Santos Escobar - Has made the
  19. Looking through the WCW tag history, I'm surprised they were restrained enough to not do Dusty/Dustin, Ric/David, or Buff/Judy which would have not been unrealistic for the time frames those pairs were on screen together. I think WWE missed the boat not having Chavo Jr/Sr get a tag title run in 2004. Would've made more sense than Sr's CW title run, and the champion teams of the day were like Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki, so it's not like deserving teams would've been robbed.
  20. Hopefully not opening too much of a can of worms here, but I've seen it mentioned in passing in some other threads here and elsewhere... Can someone give me a brief run down on why Jericho is toxic now?
  21. Have they also scrubbed the DX/Nation parody blackface segment? Always seemed weird to me that it not only got a pass, but was actively promoted as a major moment in the attitude era and a top example of "comedy" from that time. It'll be interesting to see where they draw the line. Jarrett's woman-beater gimmick? HLA? Steph getting married while drugged (can't remember if there was some type of consummation "joke" there as well)? Goldust's early stuff? JR's constant homophobic comments every time Pat Patterson was on screen? Kai En Tai dub segments? HHH's "people like you" promo aimed at
  22. Definitely agree with this. He's a fine midcard act that needs to win enough to stay strong, but Knight clearly has more potential even if he's more of a NA title guy. Swerve is the biggest casualty of NXT having too much talent. First Women's tag finish was good. I'd be ok with a Raquel squash at Takeover. Cole/KoR promo was so weak. Lamest blood feud in some time, and poor Roddy just relegated to battle royal status in the crossfire. Walter is the best thing in pro wrestling today. I like Kross, but if Finn disposed of him then dropped to Walter who then holds the belt for a y
  23. I'm surprised more people don't dig Kenny Omega. Maybe it's because I didn't watch a ton of NJ and burn out on him or something. I love his paranoid drugged-out mafia leader act, and he carries himself well as a champ in the ring. Cezar Bononi is destined to be a jobber anywhere, but Tay Conti was a great pickup off the WWE scrap-heap. She always seemed to have potential, but wasn't going anywhere in WWE's excessively talented women's division. She's already better than a good chunk of AEW regulars, though. It's time to strike while the iron's hot with Britt, but Tay is someone they shoul
  24. Oh man, I thought it was before his title win, which I know was 2015. I used to think WWE 2002-07 was blur with how same-y all the presentation was, but it has nothing on WWE 2008-2019.
  25. Are they have trouble moving the limited Mania tickets, or are not as many people moving to Peacock as promised? As much as I like Bryan and as uninterested I was in Roman/Edge, it really doesn't make a lot of sense to switch to a triple threat, other than as a desperate move to rope in the core audience. Sheamus/Drew was pretty awesome, though. Best Sheamus has looked since the Cesaro series from 13 or 14?
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