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  1. Oh lord why do I ever eat anything by Quest?  I just had a Quest protein cookie and it's got so much sugar alcohol in it that it feels cold in my mouth, and it leaves a greasy feeling, too.  And 15 grams of protein for 220 calories is a shitty trade-off.  Just trash. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Per the New York Times and Bloomberg - Sony is considering making an offer to buy Paramount

    Skydance Media already has an offer out to buy Paramount but apparently that was met with a "lukewarm" reception

    So they'll merge it with their streaming platform that I didn't even know existed until I got a PS5?

  3. 5 hours ago, Matt D said:

    I'm glad that they put RVD in a spotty 4-way elimination match instead of tying him to the HOOK stuff by "giving" us Jericho vs RVD in 2024 as a rematch from their match that Jericho got pissy about on the internet all those years ago for people not liking it as much as he thought they should.

    Also, Emi vs Yuka on Rampage should be delightful.

    Remember the good old days when Mrs. Jericho's worst offense was getting pissy on the internet instead of, you know, trying to overthrow democracy?

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  4. 58 minutes ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    We've got to keep level heads and look at all sides here. Who's to say this isn't a huge misunderstanding, and that the Oklahoma republicans weren't simply opressing Nyla for being Native American?

    She's biracial, so they get a 2 for 1 on their oppression scorecards.  If they fill the scorecard, they get a free sandwich from Mission BBQ.

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  5. 44 minutes ago, Peck said:

    If WWE offered to pay for her rehab, would she have still said no, no, no?


    OMG I made that joke about Umaga refusing rehab back in the day.  "WWE want me to go to rehab and I said GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH SAMOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

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  6. 8 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Whoever destroys the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship will be a face for life with me. I hate everything about that fucking thing. The shape of the main plate, the shape is too small, the side played are too big, the strap is too long. What makes it worse is how it replaced the IWGP Heavyweight Championship V4 which is in my top three of all time with Big Gold and the WWF Winged Eagle Championship. I know I've said this before but not for a while, needed to get it off my chest again. Cheers.

    YES.  The belt is the exact shape as Cody's tattoo and we know how well-received that's been.

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  7. I haven't finished the show yet but here's some random stuff:

    Excalibur left out the best parts of the "Brody King broke his jaw wrestling" story.  He broke a tooth wrestling and the dentist, when pulling it, didn't notice a small jaw fracture under the tooth.  So when he pulled it, he broke Brody's jaw.  His jaw wired shut, Brody took to pureeing steaks in a food processor to keep his protein up.

    Loved the Willow/Brody stuff.  Someone should have yelled "you can't do that in Oklahoma!"

    Mercedes came out with a chair, ready to fight, and didn't do her signature pose or dancing.  That made her presentation 12,000% better.  Her promo was still somewhat forced and wooden but hey, baby steps.

    I loved Garcia's low effort clip art shirt.

    What ever happened to FTRcia?

    How much of Matt's commentary happened during picture in picture?

    Jericho and Hook is a battle of two guys whose theme music is on my gym playlist, which is weird.  Who here knows the answer to where the quote at the start of Electric Head, Part 2 comes from without Googling?  (I  JUST SAID UP YOURS, BABY)

    The need to cover brand labels meant that Hook was eating duct tape brand chips

    Swerve's purple eyeshadow gets bigger every week. 


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  8. 8 minutes ago, AxB said:

    If they really wanted to troll the commission, they would book Nyla to win a squash, and have her squash opponent be Kidd Bandit, or Saraya Saber, or Sigrid Daughter of Tyr, or Jamie Senegal, or Edith Surreal... or book Nyla vs Veny, or Dark Sheik in a more competitive dream match.

    Hire Effy to help out with talent booking and let Nyla win an all LGBTQ+ rumble in Oklahoma 🤣

    Book it as an annual thing.

    Seriously, just do a Super Queer Bunkhouse Stampede in nothing but red states.

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  9. 32 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    I would say that Coach Tony should open the next Dynamite with a pre-taped segment addressing the issue, saying that Nyla is an AEW original and a former AEW WOMEN’S champion, and the state of Oklahoma can shove it because AEW is where the best wrestle. If they persist, cancel future OK shows.

    But not sure if Tony can pull that off, so maybe Danielson or someone of similar stature who has the mix skills.

    I almost posted something similar but that comes a tiny bit too close into turning Nyla's status into an angle, which has always been distasteful.

    23 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Screw that, what are they gonna do, fine a bajillionaire? I'd have her wrestle Toni at the top of the show for the women's title and win by DQ just to prove a point.

    Seriously, pay the fine and throw in another million.  Write a press release about how the extra is for gender affirming care, minority voting outreach, basic literacy, or any other cause these trash human beings are against. 

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  10. Maybe Vince never knew the concept of pets existed because he was working, lifting weights, and sex pred-ing 168 hours per week.  New Peacock reality show as 78 year old Vince McMahon catches up with a new thing he's missed out on in life each week.  He could start slow with something like ice cream, then eventually work up to "real human kindness that's not purely transactional."

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  11. 1 hour ago, Stefanie Sparkleface said:

    You'll get the same strawman arguments when these knuckleheads argue about "protecting women's sports", like they aren't mocking that nobody cares about women's sports or shuffling money around to only give scholarships to football and men's basketball programs.

    Pablo Torre did an episode of his podcast to interview the single varsity sports player in the entire state of Ohio. For all the ignorant bleating about the subject and its supposed epidemic status, there is literally one trans girl playing in the entire state. She is the backup catcher on the softball team. She just wants to play with her friends. Imagine that. THE HORROR!!! Here's the episode: https://youtu.be/nJc4hxxdCJ8?si=OLne9uJDChk6TvDE

    How dare us terrible transes try to be part of society.

    LOL the backup catcher.  Jesus.  "A cisgender kid could be getting that valuable 2 innings every 8th game playing time!"

    They start this bullshit at the Little League level, too.  Which is crazy because even if trans people did have an advantage, it's god damn little league.  Who cares?

    When I was a kid (yeah, 40some years ago), boys and girls played in the same league.  Nobody gave a shit because we were just a bunch of kids playing a game.

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  12. 13 hours ago, zendragon said:

    The last commission attempting to regulate pro wrasslin! They know it’s a work right

    It's not about regulating wrestling, it's about fucking with LGBTQ+ people because they're bigots.  Fuck 'em. 

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  13. 3 hours ago, Log said:

    At this point, I really have come to admire AEW’s insistence that we never ever just “hear from” Chris Jericho. 

    Need to make a list of all the dumb terms they've used to try to disguise "hey it's a promo seg."  How they haven't gotten to "scrum" yet is anyone's guess.  Honestly, Chris' next reinvention should be a middle manager type who talks in business buzzwords.  He should tell Hook that they'll take this offline and circle back to touch base on their action items so they can strategize once they've gotten a 10,000 foot view and buy-in from the leadership.


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  14. 46 minutes ago, Kang said:

    The former RAW Tags were renamed to the World Tag Tag Team Championship, those belts have history from 2002.

     https://www.wwe.com/titlehistory/raw-tag-team-championship. The link is not fully updated yet, but the link shows the history and new name is in the page.

    The blue Smackdown tags were introduced in 2016.



    Oh god I hate to open this can of worms, but what happened to the original tag title lineage?

  15. 5 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    So, Roman unified the belts because Vince was in a "Double Champ" obsession.  The Networks want a "World" champ, so the World Title was necessary as the Shows are separate brands that in theory aren't supposed to interact outside of Mania season (and occasionally Survivor Series).  

    Cody has THE belt, that dates all the way back to Buddy Rodgers and Bruno.  Noticible that they've stopped calling it the "Universal" title and back to just "WWE".  Haven't seen if they "retired" the Universal Title yet or still have the Uni and WWE running concurrently.

    Yeah, I just read the history of the title and I need to make a flow chart or something.  So if I have it right, Cody's belt is essentially the 2002 Brock "unified" championship (itself the old WWF and WCW titles, essentially), plus the 2002 Triple H Raw championship, plus the Universal title.  And then there's the other belt that tafka Punishment Martinez has, which was just created out of thin air.  Jesus.

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  16. 44 minutes ago, zendragon said:

    Supposedly each network wants its own Champ. If it was me I'd have the IC and US as your brand specific "regional" belts and your World title be your floater

    They had Roman unify the belts, but then made a new belt with brand new lineage because Roman didn't work that much, right?  I hope I got that straight, I don't really watch WWE.  This whole thing is nuts and I just want titles to mean something and make sense, in general.  Anyway, what title has lineage back to Bruno?  Or is it none of them? 

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  17. 18 hours ago, JLowe said:

    Trios titles should be united and then scrapped, they’re totally unnecessary at this point.

    Thinking about this sent me down a rabbit hole of "have trios titles ever been meaningful in the US?"  The only somewhat relevant trios/six man title I could think of were the NWA belts in the 80s.  Checking those titles' Wikipedia entry, there's reference to a regional six man title from a Tennesee NWA territory that was hot for like 6 years back in the 70s.  That aside, the belts existed in Crockett for a bit in what only felt like a way get the Russians over and, later, to give Dusty a way to get the rub from the Road Warriors and stay relevant.

    Six man matches on US TV wrestling nowadays are just a vehicle to get six guys on TV and continue storylines.  You have two guys who are going to be on the PPV against each other in a month and you want them on TV but not really wrestling each other?  Give each two partners and away you go.  That's all six man matches exist for right now.  It's not as much a division as it is a vehicle.  If you want to have an actual trios division, you can't have random-ass six man matches every show that have no bearing on the division.  Why is HoB out here winning six man matches if their PPV match is against another random 3 man team with no title implications while the current champions have no match lined up at all?

    It's like every other non-world title in AEW.  They need to figure out a reason for the title to exist and book things around that.  I'd be fine with taking all the really good working JTTS singles and teams and just letting them fight for the trios belts.  Make it the party match division where you know you'll get something crazy fun when those titles are on the line. 

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