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  1. 51 minutes ago, Kevin Wilson said:

    I'm so old, WWF Wrestlemania on NES was my first wrestling game. It wasn't good, I have no positives to report.

    My lord that game was a pile of shit.  I remember picking that up at a now-defunct department store called Best.

    I'm so old, Bop N' Wrestle on the C64 was my first wrestling game.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    My Punk joke that I've been sitting on...

    "Now that he's back in WWE, it's not like it was a choke anyway. It was just a rest hold."

    Work in a reference to the external occipital protuberance and you're golden.

  3. Listening to Meltzer this morning, two thoughts:

    So much of the Punk shit just panders to the Cornette Cultist narrative that Khan is a mark who just financed a company to hang with the boys and have good matches, a dumb money mark working with daddy's money, blah blah blah.  Now I'm not saying he's the opposite or a shrewd businessman who is 100% strategic, but the truth is far more likely to be somewhere in the middle.  But the Cornette types just salivate over this shit so Punk is feeding raw meat to the base.  I've never seen a more self-hating lot than wrestling fans and people from the old days of the business.  God forbid someone who actually likes wrestling run a wrestling company.  We're so much better when wrestling is run by con men with nothing but contempt for fans, or rapists, or a soulless corporation that enables both, right?

    Alvarez going back to describe the opening of the original scrum, how Punk went after Hausman first, then after Alvarez, both off of bad information, was wild.  I'll never forget a reddit thread I read at the time where a poster described his girlfirend, who was in therapy, watching the scrum.  She told him she couldn't watch it because they were, in her opinion, watching a man with psychological problems having an episode right there in front of the world.  Thinking back on Punk going in on Hausman like YOU'RE COLT'S FRIEND, AREN'T YOU???  And Hausman like, "uh, no, we met once I think."  And then Punk pivoting to Alvarez and yelling at him about a story he never wrote or something he never said.  The whole thing just showed a guy going after imagined or perceived enemies based on bad information and it was kinda sad.

    Anyway, I hope to not write any more about Punk today.  Thanks.


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  4. 9 hours ago, Go2Sleep said:

    Henry is a stereotype indy wrestler in a company full of dudes who built (then mostly transcended) that stereotype.

    Dutch and Drake, let's go.

    I seriously got Anthony Henry and Kevin Blackwood mixed up constantly.  Young white guys, similar builds, lots of tattoos, penchant for weird hair color...

    9 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    Dutch and Drake with Vincent as their mouthpiece would make a pretty awesome team. 

    Vincent and Dutch are all up on their cult shit and Drake is just a good ol' boy who likes bowling and is weirded out by these freaks but is still their friend would be pretty fun.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, tbarrie said:

    I don't agree. Pro wrestling is at its absolute worst when they try to work real-life shit into the storylines.

    I'll concede enough people are inexplicably interested in the backstage crap that it might have been the most lucrative thing they could have put on screen. But best? Nah.

    I know “it’s wrestling and wrestling is different from real life job environments,” such a lousy argument that excuses all manner of bullshit, but seriously…in what world should anyone be forced to work with a coworker who talked shit and physically assaulted them because “think of the money!”

    The “they should have done business!” argument needs to stay in 1982.

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  6. 23 hours ago, Craig H said:

    the not good being Punk making himself look like a calm and rational angel when it came to all of the Jack Perry stuff

    Every single time.  There's a link a few posts above to him discussing how calm, rational, and professional he was in dealing with the Hangman issue, as if the scrum never happened.  In all seriousness, as someone who has dealt with some psychological issues in life, once you've started figuring out your own shit, it becomes glaringly obvious when someone else is dealing with some undiagnosed shit.  In my humble opinion as a dude just trying to get through life, just based on how Punk presents himself, this dude is a massive narcissist who has never devoted a nanosecond to wondering if he might possibly be the problem, has never once thought about how his own shortcomings might contribute to these issues.  Everything he does is right because he is the hero of his own story and can never be wrong.  Every single interview about these situations, he's the most professional, rational, and correct person involved.  It's fucking wild, dude.  Have some fucking humility.

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  7. Mr. Workers' Rights talking about how wrestlers should still be paid based on houses (which, even in the best of times, was likely a scam based on a little something I like to call Carny Math) is certainly a choice.  First crab out of the pot, pulling the ladder up, getting more conservative as you get older, etc.  But hey, he wears reproductive rights T shirts sometimes, right?

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Stefanie Sparkleface said:

    It's also funny that he said he wouldn't talk to Cabana without a lawyer before the scrum, at the scrum said his door is always open to talk to anyone, the Bucks and Kenny come to talk to him - with a lawyer! - and a fight somehow starts.

    Not like funny ha ha, but funny "uhhhhh".

    I also enjoy him confronting Perry on "dumb internet shit" like Punk didn't build a whole career on dumb internet shit.

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  9. 23 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    You didn’t even watch it, supposedly, so how would you fucking know? I swear, you are quite possibly the dumbest motherfucker on here. Most of the time a lot of us just look the other way when it comes to your borderline creepy infatuation with Mercedes and the other dumb shit you say, but other times it’s worth calling out and venting about it. The entire program has interviews with order wrestlers and fighters because, huh, weird, there is a pretty big show coming up. 

    But like I said and as you just showed us, formulate your own narrative.


    15 minutes ago, Just Dave said:

     It’s no coincidence that he’s spending so much time at the PC now.


    Well there are a lot of hot younger female workers for him to rub elbows and take pics with


    (in all seriousness a middle aged famous wrestler, with a rumored history of womanizing, ostensibly hanging out with nothing but the 20something women in the training center is creepy as fuck, gives me "grown ass man hanging out by the high school" vibes)

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Yeah, but that's not what he's saying/implying.  He's saying that Tony's niceness has been exploited and that guys are out of control.  And when he asked him to correct a situation with an employee that's out of control, he didn't know what to do.  

    TK may be fun to work for, but that doesn't mean you're gonna like who you're working with. 

    Thanks for clarifying!

    It's also pretty funny that Punk is complaining about how AEW apparently felt betrayed that Punk showed up backstage in WWE.  Wasn't the original wedge between him and Cabana that Punk got angry about Cabana showing up at a WWE event?

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  11. One can be a boss and a nice guy.  If the only way you can be a good employee is to work under a domineering asshole, you have issues.  Good old Phil “I don’t believe in therapy” Brooks, everybody.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    Somewhere in the house, I have the pictures I took at the civic center at a JCP show in Feb 86. 

    That's awesome.  My first-ever wrestling show was a WWF house show in January of 86 in that building.  I didn't catch a Crockett show until December of 86, the Bunkhouse Stampede.

  13. 1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

    So the old Italians in the audience were thrilled for Bruno and the rest were big into Hogan?

    that whole match is up there for the people collecting local promos but so far I don’t think they’ve found any promos for the Hogan/Bruno team

    LOL I was almost 14 years old, I can't remember. 

    Apparently the only thing that exists is one pic:



    Apologies for not getting some shots on a Polaroid or maybe Kodak Disc. 

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  14. 16 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    Matt and I were just talking about who out there would left on a realistic bucket list of people to see live. 

    Off the top of my head, I think it might only Casas, Virus and Blue Panther, since I got to see Hechicero in Baltimore when he and UG and Okamura came to Baltimore for ROH. I got to see Danielson wrestle Quack at the one ROH Philly so went to in 07 or 08. Got to see Regal wrestle Benoit at the 2000 Pillman show. Lots of guys went through Chikara, especially during KOT. Maybe 70+ year old Mike Jackson? Maybe Gunther, depending on the opponent. 

    Not sure who else there might be.

    That's awesome.  I'll sometimes look at old arena reports and be reminded of people I saw wrestle live.  Usually it'll be some weird outlier like Bobo Brazil (he worked a legends battle royal on a WWF show). 

    I think the coolest "bucket list" wrestler was that I was there for Bruno Sammartino's final match.  

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  15. 1 hour ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    I'm borrowing @CSC's comment at the start of the last thread.  Anyway, general life stuff here. 

    I'll actually start since I wanted to vent anyway...

    My partner Alex and I are trying to buy a vacation cabin/home up in the Catskill Mountains. Have been hunting and searching for just the right place at the right price because, frankly there are some real deals up there. 

    So we happen to find a lovely spot in a town we really like called Smallwood, which happens to be about a 5-10 minute drive from the site of the original Woodstock. After a bit of (seemingly unnecessarily) contentious negotiating, we end up agreeing at a price that's slightly under asking (365 vs 375).  We run our inspections and turns out the house needs more or less $40k in work (New roof, big electric fixes, plumbing stuff, some contracting stuff, some landscaping stuff).  All of this is apparently news to the seller and more importantly, his realtor, who he'd told that the house was clean and would pass any inspection without issue.

    So, we itemize everything, and say, please give us about 15k in credit.  His reply was to stall for about a week and a half before coming back with a 5k reduction in price.   Annoying.  Very annoying. 

    We give a best and final offer of 10k in credit or reduction.  Just to get him to yes, because if he declines all those problems we listed.... they will remain his.  The reply from his realtor:

    "He says he's not going to reduce another $5."

    So we walked. 

    Such a shame, but onward. I *almost* want to share the results of the inspection we had done, just so he knows that whomever ends up with the house (whether it remains his, or another buyer) is gonna have some capital-W work on their hands.  

    We'll find a spot, but buying a place is an inherently and necessarily annoying process. 

    Oh man, I feel you.  I've been through the home buying process twice in my life and it's a pain.  The idea of this guy giving up a sale because you want what amounts to a 1-2% reduction is insane.  Cutting off his nose to spite his face, penny wise and pound foolish, whatever your preferred idiom is.  Yeah, I assume he's banking on it being a seller's market and hoping the next inspector isn't as good as yours obviously was.  What an ass.  Good luck to you guys!

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  16. Somehow it's so fitting that it's an iconic AEW moment and JR brings it down. 

    Excalibur: "Eddie Kingston with a can of gasoline!!!!"

    JR: "We assume it's a can of gasoline!"

    It somehow wouldn't be AEW without JR shitting on something.  Or maybe he was just in denial from Kane-induced PTSD.

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  17. I can get with the gist of it.  It sucks that women work hard to be respected and seen on the same level as the men, but then seemingly the only thing that gets attention is this male gaze oriented bullshit.  At the same time, it’s a WWE performer giving an interview, so it’s likely a work.

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