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  1. For me it starts and ends here.




    Let's have a discussion about what people think are proper names and which ones are improper instead of picking one team out to shame.  There are a lot of teams named Redskins but only the Washington Redskins are being singled out.  


    No group of actual living people should be used as mascots without their approval, but the name Redskins is especially egregious since it's actually a racial slur.  Calling someone an epithet based on the color of their skin is a pretty shitty thing to do.  Naming a business venture after one is just ridiculous.  Hence the USPTO's retraction of Snyder's trademark.


    The Redskins get the most heat because:


    1. Their owner is a dick who has been especially in-your-face about his resistance to changing the name, which provokes his detractors
    2. As the last team to integrate, with a bigoted owner who fought against having blacks on his team until the league and government stepped in and forced him to, they have a dodgy history WRT race relations.
  2. Right.  There was a "herd" moving toward Terminus and they had a system in place (fireworks) that they use to distract the walkers and reroute them.


    The TV series never really got into the concept of loud noises attracting zombies and creating herds, which the comics did (Professor Sweet Mullet and Sgt. Ginger explain this to Rick's group pretty early on in the comic series).

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  3. I get the impression the Bloodbound Warriors, Kongo and guys like that are an elaborate rib, just Delirious fucking with ROH fans by finding the most "non-ROH" guys he can.  Kongo was like if 80s indy wrestling was made sentient and took human form.  He would have been right at home underneath Tom Brandi vs King Kaluha.  Was Rasta the Voodoo Mon unavailable?

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    This sort of limited advertising is fine with me. If it helps sustain the WWEN and keeps my sub costs low, go for it. Maybe the revenue from the ads will help hire people to remaster and upload more old stuff more quickly. 



    I'd rather they fix the timer bar so it works like YouTube's, so I can easily get back to where I left off on shows.  Or better yet, have it remember where I left off and also let me "add" shows I want to remember to watch.  Kind of like Netflix, right?  I mean if they want to be "the Netflix of wrestling" or whatever their tagline was, having similar functionality would be a good start.

  5. I think I'm going to watch Deliver Us From Evil this weekend.  It's the one based on the supposedly true memoirs of a cop who helps out with exorcisms and hauntings.  I don't have high hopes.  I tried to read the book it was based on but gave up maybe 50 pages in because the cop was just entirely too religious.  Half the time, it felt like I was reading a sermon.  Also, as I read, I realized that there are only 3 possible explanations for any of this:


    1. It's all absolutely true and the supernatural is 100% real
    2. The cop and his priest friends are just crazy people, and they are "helping" other crazy people who suffer from the same delusion (that mental illness is really possession and that bumps in the night are demonic infestations)
    3. The whole thing is just made up

    While I'd love to believe #1, I just can't.  So that left 2 & 3, both of which made reading about it all seem like a waste of time.  I'm hoping the creators of the film take enough artistic license to just use the book as a jumping off point and do their own thing.  Eric Bana is in it and he's pretty good, so I'll hope for the best.


    On a side note: twice this weekend, my cable guide had Halloween II (1981) listed and both times, when I selected it, it was the Rob Zombie version.

  6. This week in the Dan Buys Indian Friends saga: Snyder had the president of the Navajo Nation in the owner's box yesterday.  Quite a get.


    Except, this president is a lame duck who is leaving in disgrace come January after being voted out in a landslide due to widespread corruption and assholery.  The incoming president does not share the outgoing one's views on Dan's team.




    Snyder looking up at the monitors to make sure they're on camera.  That's probably a check from Dan in Chief Lame Duck's pocket.

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    Great first episode.  Completely went against expectations blowing off Terminus instead of dragging it out for 7 episodes and Rick and his crew are becoming absolutely ruthless. 


    Comic readers: was the guy in the train car at the end, who dragged a woman out of the car in the flashback, supposed to be Negan?


    I assumed it was supposed to be Negan.



    I should have just Googled it...Robert Kirkman said it wasn't.  It was supposed to be the guy with the tattoos on his face that Rick and his group later freed, but the lighting was such that it was hard to tell.

  8. Anybody seen Cold in July with Michael C. Hall?


    Hall's character is the victim of a home invasion and kills the intruder. This leads to the perpitrator's ex-con father stalking Hall's family. This is the first act of the movie; after that, the story shifts into one about mistaken identity and police conspiracy. The action was really tense thanks to an awesome score.


    It's in my queue but I haven't watched it yet.  Is it worth it?

  9. Great first episode.  Completely went against expectations blowing off Terminus instead of dragging it out for 7 episodes and Rick and his crew are becoming absolutely ruthless. 


    Comic readers: was the guy in the train car at the end, who dragged a woman out of the car in the flashback, supposed to be Negan?

  10. I'm not sure about that. Cornette seems like a guy who, no matter his line of work, will always let his temper get the best of him. If he cut all ties to wrestling tomorrow and opened a restaurant or went to work for an accountant he'd still end up blowing up and ranting and raving.


    Exactly.  He ends up burning the bridge for every company he ever works for because, I guess, he's always right and eventually he can't fight the need to tell everyone else just how wrong they are.


    When you tell the same kind of story about every single ex-employer, maybe the problem is you.

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  11. Haha, an eyeroll .gif really offended you. But don't worry mate, next time I'll Google a "shrug .gif" for you and maybe you won't flip out. Ta-ta for now.


    No, it's just that your shit is tiresome, adds nothing, and is a waste of time.  Please ignore me.  I'm begging you.

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  12. This guy is just a dude you happen to disagree with regularly but somehow can't resist replying to.  I made a stalker joke because, holy fuck, I get more replies from you than anyone.  And it's always assholish replies.   If you have such a massive issue with seemingly everything I post that you can't resist being a colossal prick, please put me on ignore and fuck off, it's not hard, you big fucking baby.  Christ.

  13. Do you follow me from thread to thread to post snarky gifs?  That's twice in two days and I'm starting to get worried.  I don't like you that way, man.


    I know DLC bitching is passe but come on.  Look at something like GTA4, where the DLC packs were $20 each, 1/3 the cost of the game, and each was a completely new story with new characters and maybe half as long as the original game.  Look at the expansion for Red Dead Redemption, which was only $10 and completely changed the game.  Charging $25 for a bunch of characters (some just reskins) and moves that could have easily been put in the game is a shameful cash grab. 

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