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  1. Is there anything as weird as Googling someone you knew back in the day and finding out they died?  I few months ago I looked up one of my high school best friends, only to find his younger sister's obituary.  All it said was she died "suddenly."  So...accident or drugs?  That got to me, man.

    Last night I looked up an old friend from college who worked at the college radio station in the spot I ended up in when he left, and who helped teach me a lot of stuff.  At first it was "oh, he's not on LInkedIn."  Then "here's his Twitter, but he hasn't posted since 2020.  Oh no."  Then I see the obit and he died in hospice, just three years older than me, in August.  Fuuuuuuuck.

    Neither really tops the time I was heading downtown for work and I saw a guy wearing a shirt with the logo of the restaurant I'd worked at maybe 7-8 years prior.  The owner's son was a college friend who worked there and got me the job.  I said "do you know Mark?"  He said "who?"  I said "the owner's son."  His response: "I know the owners had a son who did of an OD a few years back."  That one still gets me and it's been over two decades since that day.

    Here's to all the ones we lost and didn't even know it.

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Contentious C said:

    Is he one of those 5'6"/150-ish trainers, or is he legitimately a big dude?  Because there are a bunch of those short guy wannabe influencer types in my gym, and they probably all swear by it, too.  Like, sure guys, you *can* get away with saying nonsense like that works for you, because your cap is low.  I'm 6'2" and even though I've never topped 195 lbs. a day in my life, it still means my "1 gram per" number is instantly skewed upwards by just being a not-small person. 

    But I laugh it off anyway, because I know every single one of them would, if they could, trade every bit of strength they have to be as tall as me.  Genetics FTW!

    LOOOL nah, he's a cool guy.  Ran track earlier in life and at some point transitioned more into lifting and not looking like a runner 😄   Probably like 5'10"ish, maybe in the higher 100s.  He's got a lot of great, down to earth advice, but I guess we're all susceptible to some form of Bro Science.

    He's gotten me back into lifting heavy with the idea that more muscle = more energy burned at rest since my goal is actually to lose weight. I gotta say I'm really liking lifting heavy (4-8 reps per set) and I definitely feel it more in my core than I used to when lifting lighter with higher reps.

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  3. 10 hours ago, The Natural said:

    My neurologist said my body having Cerebral Palsy works four times harder doing the same task as somebody who doesn't. That shocked me. Have problem with my left knee and both hips. What do you do to rest/recover following a workout? I tend to ache the day after the most. Sometimes two days after. Thanks.

    Just think of it this way: that 100lb bench press is more like 400lbs, so you're technically the strongest dude here!!!  Sorry, I'm not converting those weights from Murican to British.  😛

    8 hours ago, Contentious C said:

    Honestly?  Just eat and sleep.  The only time your body truly recovers is when you're asleep anyway.  And it needs fuel, so if you can eat better - more protein, especially, and better sources of it - that's usually the best you can do. 


    The trainer I occasionally work with (just a half hour a month to keep on track; that shit is expensive) is amazing in every way except he swears by 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, but that has apparently been debunked.  I'm like bro there is no way I'm eating high 200s-300 grams of protein a day like John Cena in that old MTV documentary just buying hella chicken breasts.  I typically get somewhere around 200 grams.


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  4. On 3/16/2023 at 12:01 PM, Shartnado said:

    Thanks, I only have a Samsung smart TV and a Samsung tablet that is probably beginning to become obsolete. With this equipment, it was sadly, pretty unwatchable.

    Oh man I had a Samsung tv for a bit.  Worst 2 months of my life.  Their OS and apps are shit.  Even just using it just as a quick trip to AppleTV was rough.  My condolences.

  5. Check with your gym…every one I ever belonged to, you bring your own.  That’s probably doubly so now since Covid made us all hyper aware of germs, etc.

    It’s wild.  In my younger gym days, you were lucky if the guy before you  hastily toweled off the equipment.  Now almost everyone is cleaning that shit down with wipes like mad.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    That is in fact exactly what happened. And even worse, they made a really bad bet on interest rates changing and when they didn't, they started losing their customers' money. It basically sounded like the galaxy brained idiots at the bank thought they could short the interest rates changing and it wound up tanking their entire bank.

    It's almost like 2008 never existed and no lessons were ever learned.

    Also, a SVB rep was lobbying very recently for restrictions put in place due to the 2008 bullshit to be eased.  Like seriously, guys?

    You watch the news and it's all doom and gloom about the sky falling and how this is some kind of indicator of a possible larger collapse (because that's what the news does) when really, this is the case of a bank that ignored best practices in their industry, tried to get rid of regulations, and just did whatever they felt like.


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  7. 20 hours ago, Red King said:

    More Bank failures and risk of contagion in USA. Investors won't be protected said Biden, only customers will be protected.


    I was reading comments on a reddit thread on this and someone who apparently works in Silicon Valley wrote a long reply stating that this kind of bank was necessary because, in his company's case, traditional banks wouldn't give them a loan because their business model was such that they'd have no AP for customers until some long period after the customer signed on.  Like the period between someone onboarding with their service and paying them was maybe nine months.  But SVB could value them on their contracts instead of their payables and give them a loan that other banks wouldn't. 

    Now look, I'm not Economics Jones here, but it really sounds like this was a bank that specialized in risky loans and it bit them on the ass.

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  8. On 3/12/2023 at 1:24 AM, twiztor said:

    @the Natural




    fuck this board. can't tag users. can't embed images. can't navigate forward/backward pages. this is beyond ridiculous.  @DEAN  @Rippa
    seriously. it's been fucking months. fix this board. i'm a member of multiple other message boards online and nobody else seems to have any of these issues.  what the fuck.



    I typically have luck tagging people if I edit after posting.  Hit the "@" sign during your initial post?  It just spins and spins.  Edit the post and hit that "@" and it works lickety split.

    19 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    The whole lead up to WrestleMania VIII has always fascinated me.  I was always at a loss as to why they didn't want to run Hogan vs. Flair.   I've done a lot of digging and it always comes back to either 

    A) The house show run didn't do impressive business (especially out west) and Vince got cold feet on it 

    B) Hogan was going to be leaving after WMVIII to do some Hollywood stuff and also because he looked like a fool on live TV answering steroid questions. With Hogan leaving, of course they couldn't have him lose the match to Flair and end the show with a heel going over.  

    But I've seen the Hogan vs. Flair match in late '91 at MSG and it was a super hot crowd and actually a pretty good match, an interesting clash of styles there. I still don't understand exactly why they didn't go for it. They even announced Hogan as the #1 contender to Flair at the WM press conference.  That's an interesting watch also. 

    Sid was definitely supposed to be the new "it" guy for them though.  I don't know.  I am fine with how it played out, Flair vs. Macho was great. 

    I remember the late night wrestling radio show I listened to back in the day (they had Chris Cruise on the show weekly back when he was a legit newsletter guy and not just an over the hill concern troll) mentioned that getting the Mania main event was one of Sid's conditions for signing with the WWF then.

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  9. I just want storylines that start...actually go somewhere.  Remember that one where Senior Official Paul Turner was going to clamp down on interference and bad calls?  How about Jericho announcing that he and Hager (back in the Inner Circle days) were going for the tag belts, only for them to team once and then never mention it again?  We could have a thread about stuff AEW started and then forgot about.

  10. On 3/11/2023 at 3:59 AM, matt925 said:

    I don’t want to listen to jr anymore. He doesn’t have to like Riho, he doesn’t have to call the match like she’s hbk, but he can also stop referring to her like she’s a fish. 

    It funny because I'm catching up on old Deadlock pods and they spent a late 2019 episode pissed at JR for constantly harping on Riho weighing 98 POUNDS and then I watch Rampage two days later and there's JR...still talking about her 98 pounds over and over, referring to her as a "little lady."  Jesus. 

    Why does Saraya constantly look like she smells something bad?

  11. I commented in the Dynamite thread how BCC isn't doing it for me because they're now just being booked as bullies and assholes and how that doesn't work if they're supposed to be faces.  Well this episode definitely put some credence to the idea that they're supposed to be heels now.  Yuta cheated to beat Thatcher and Claudio was an arrogant prick about possibly not defending against Kingston.  More real heeling, please and thanks!

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  12. On 3/10/2023 at 10:18 AM, Octopus said:

    Athena vs Willow is another Yuta vs Garcia lifetime feud I hope we see on and off revisited. Watch them grow and kill each other as rivals. 

    These were my favorite two matches.  Holy fuck what a fun show.  More of this, please.  God damn.


    I’m working hard to be “unlimited white tank tops” rich

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  13. On 3/9/2023 at 4:20 AM, L_W_P said:

    SOMEONE had to grab Top Flight and put them in a different colour scheme. Wearing long black pants with a gold trim, against the JAS who wear... long black pants with a gold trim, was a small thing but it says a lot.

    YES.  Holy shit, I was so confused wondering at one point why one JAS guy was attacking the other.

    Also, I don't really like or understand the BCC anymore.  I mean, I thought they were supposed to be this superior fight team, which was cool.  But now they're just kinda assholes and bullies.  They're 80s Cobra Kai: awesome fighters training together, but then they abuse their skills and act like dicks.  Moxley begrudgingly respecting Hangman after Sunday was great storytelling.  Moxley doing a 180 and backjumping him on Wednesday just undoes all that and it makes him a heel.  Speaking of Cobra Kai (and now I'm talking about the TV show), if that's what they're going for, then Yuta being earlier seasons Hawk -- the dork who gains fighting skill and overcompensates by becoming a bully -- is cool, I guess.  But yeah, unless the whole stable is turning heel, their characterization is rubbing me the wrong way.  Here's hoping the 180 this week is just the setup to next week's six man and then we'll have a mutual respect love-in afterwards and this program is put to bed.

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  14. Among some hilarious stuff, Deadlock has a good discussion about 2013 TNA, what could have been, and how they were right there at essentially the genesis of an indy talent boom with great guys coming up and being available, and how they made every wrong talent decision imaginable.

    All from the perspective of Jay Bradley beating Brian Cage in the Gut Check.

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  15. @The Natural on a related note, don't ever feel self conscious at the gym.  The majority of the people there don't care what anybody else is doing and are just trying to get a workout in.  The rest don't matter anyway.  Do your thing.

    The only exceptions are if you're doing weird or dangerous (or both) shit, like:

    • Bench presses with plates, AND with dumbbells precariously hanging off resistance bands dangling from the edge of the bars
    • Drying your balls in the locker room with two hair dryers, John Woo style

    Then you'll get a side eye.

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  16. Between last Summer and maybe a month ago, I re-read Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  It, uh, "hit different" as the kids today like to say.  I enjoyed it more knowing how it was going to end and maybe also benefiting from more life experience, as I'd previously read the series between the ages of 15 and 30 and now I'm somewhere near 50.  I felt like the themes of redemption and bettering yourself (even if it takes lifetimes in Roland's case!  :P)  resonated more.  Now if they could just do a good adaptation of it!

    Speaking of adaptations, I also read The Cabin at the End of the World since the movie version came out recently.  I can tell it was well-written, well paced, a real page turner, but it just wasn't for me.  There were violent parts that felt unnecessarily brutal, but worse than that was the ambiguity.  You never find out whether The Big Thing That Is Happening To The World And Driving The Antagonists is actually real or just in their heads.  I mean it's a good rumination on conspiracy culture, but I needed more.  It's the only Tremblay book I've read but apparently this kind of ambiguity is his bag.  Incredible premise with a popcorn fart payoff.  YMMV.

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  17. For @Nice Guy Eddie and anyone else who'd find this amusing...

    I'm catching up on "For All Mankind" on AppleTV+ (good show!); the celebrity astronaut is on the moon recording liners for local radio stations, and one of them is Kbilly's Sounds of the 70s!  I popped for it.

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