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  1. On 7/2/2022 at 12:03 PM, Bustronaut said:

    Even with insurance it'll still be $3000, but on the bright side my out of pocket is also now maxed out 2 days into my insurance year 😃


    On 7/2/2022 at 1:34 PM, JLSigman said:

    Now you can get all those appointments, procedures, whatever you've been putting off. 😉

    Ain’t U.S. health insurance grand?  Same thing happened last year when I had back surgery.  “Congrats!  Yes, you have an 8” scar, we had to remove a chunk of disk, and your huge deductible wiped out all your flex spending and some of your savings, but now you get 8 months of free prescriptions and checkups!  🤬

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  2. On 6/22/2022 at 1:38 PM, Mister TV said:

    Didn't they already shoot season 5?

    I looked it up and apparently that was the original plan but then they didn’t.  So no timeline for S5 and word is they’ll do a time jump to explain how all these kids look 35 now.

    I liked the last episode but it really dragged in spots and could have been cut.  There was no need to revisit every single person’s emotional connections and doing that 4-5 times killed the flow of the episode.  

  3. 10 hours ago, AxB said:

    According to the match graphic, the entrants in the Royal Rampage are (left to right):

    1. Kazarian
    2. Silver 
    3. Orange Cassidy
    4. Rush
    5. Hangman
    6. Takeshita
    7. Penta
    8. Hobbs
    9. Starks
    10. Keith Lee
    11. Swerve
    12. Darby
    13. Blader
    14. Dustin Rhodes
    15. Butcher
    16. Caster
    17. Nese
    18. Matt Hardy
    19. Dante
    20. Brody King

    Although debuting a surprise entrant on a taped show is a bad idea, so no hassle.

    It's crazy that there are mode upper midcarders and tippy top guys in this battle royal than the first one for interim title contendership.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Their last tweet/picture promoting it is still calling the match Royal Rampage. So Rumble will be the flub. 

      Hide contents




    HAAAAA!  Jesus,  got it wrong myself, and I'm younger and more with it than JR (I hope!).  He's screwed.

    Or he may do something like he did in the Takeshita match where he'll stay far away from trying to say the name of the match.

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  5. 6 hours ago, AxB said:

    Alan Angels is indeed done with AEW (for now). Also, he's only 24 years old. I thought he was much older, the baldness threw me off.


    Word.  Every time he hit the ring and took off his hat, he went from 24 to 44.

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  6. 18 hours ago, Ace said:

    Last week, it was discovered Joey Ryan was working at Disneyland as a guide on the Jungle Cruise. Disneyland has since released him.

    Yep, an Internet supehero posted a sly pic of him, at his job, on Reddit.  I'm kind of bothered by it, man, I don't know.  I mean the guy did bad shit and lost his wrestling career because of it (we hope!), and rightfully so!  He should not be in a locker room ever again.  But should he be hounded at his next job, and the one after that, etc?  If he gets a gig at a 7-11 somewhere in the valley, should we tweet at his boss? 

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  7. 3 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Regarding Tay's dress/skirt, props for dressing EXACTLY like the type of character that would be with Sammy's character. After it happened I was like, yeah, Sammy would be with a woman who would have to pull her skirt back down in a fight.

    LOOOOOOOOOOL Sammy and Tay as the couple you see on an episode of COPS is awesome.

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  8. 9 minutes ago, Pete said:

    What a coincidence, so did I! And you didn't even need the top rope splash... anytime you went for a pin you won. It was like if someone designed a wrestling game by basing their entire research around studio squashes.

    Fitting since all wrestlers in the game look like Crockett studio job guys!  I'm just sad nobody in wrestling has stolen the full nelson into an atomic drop move.  That's so innovative, you'd think Nova or Kanyon would have done it at least.

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  9. 46 minutes ago, EVA said:

    Maybe I’m just skimming the thread too fast but I’m genuinely surprised at the lack of SETTLE DOWN posts regarding the Tay/Ruby brawl.

    I threw one in there that you missed from the skimming 😉


    Was that Aubrey Edwards that Tay took out?  Also, if you know you're gonna brawl, don't wear a skirt you have to stop punching in order to constantly keep from hiking up.  🙂 And settle down, all of you.


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  10. 3 minutes ago, Pete said:


    HOLY SHIT what a callback. I loved that game way too much, crappy and glitchy as it was.

    Thanks, man.  I'm old.  I played that in 1985 on a C64.  We figured out that you could win every match with one move and a tope rope splash.  Any time I see old pics of dudes who look more like plumbers or landscapers than wrestlers, and they're wearing legless singlets, I think of this game. 

    I need to figure out a way to reference Epyx Championship Wrestling next, probably.

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  11. 18 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

    It sucks that Fubo TV has every network that I want, EXCEPT TNT. So, I'll be looking for recaps and or replays  to see how crazy this is going to be. (I used to have YouTubeTV but that was missing NESN)

    OH man, that's why I dropped Fubo and went back to Sling.  I remember it was a Wednesday night last Summer when I tuned in for Dynamite and realized TNT was gone.  I changed streaming platforms right that second.

    16 hours ago, just drew said:

    None has been confirmed, but there are strong indications that Santana is unhappy and would just as soon leave. Stinks, because they should’ve had a run with the tag titles, but iiwii…

    People are like, "if you go by Santana's Twitter..." and then I check his Twitter and there's nothing really there,  it's all the same indeterminate complaining you see on social media, what we called "vaguebooking" back in the days when I used Facebook and people would post vague whining just to get attention.  Sorry, if you're using social media and you're posting complaints, post the actual complaint.  All that being said, I hope he's okay.  I had no idea he hurt himself and had to look it up after noticing he wasn't celebrating at the end.


    What a show!

    The company is an actual wrestling fan's dream.  Who would have believed me four years ago if I told you there's be a new national promotion on actual TV and they'd dedicate the ENTIRE SECOND HOUR of their flagship TV show to an actual by god Wargames match on free TV?  What a time to be a wrestling fan.

    I have many criticisms about Dusty Rhodes, but I have to give the guy all the credit in the world for creating this match.  Good guys are up when it's even, bad guys are up and getting heat when they have the advantage, rinse, repeat until you do your finish.  It books itself.  Wrestling is not hard unless you overcomplicate it.

    I really liked the subtlety of the finish instead of Claudio turning OR the two fighting over Claudio "stealing the finish."  Kingston was frustrated but had to admit it was cool that they won.  They can slow build this if they want to (just not as slow as Julia Hart's turn).  Kingston was selling his back at the end and I hope that's just work.

    LOL @ this large, conspicuously-placed, oddly-located, weirdly elevated "timekeeper's table" and Sammy's deadman bump onto it.

    Was that Aubrey Edwards that Tay took out?  Also, if you know you're gonna brawl, don't wear a skirt that you have to stop punching in order to constantly keep from hiking up.  🙂 And settle down, all of you.

    Angelo Parker crawling out through a gap in the cage like that gif of the octopus getting out of a boat through a tiny hole.  He's gonna steal Gresham's nickname.

    LOL @ the botched rubbing alcohol gimmick, with Tay trying to pass it back to Jericho THROUGH THE BARS and spilling it all.

    I did wonder what the hell everyone else was doing while Eddie and Jericho fought on top of the cage for 10 minutes.  Trivia contest, maybe.

    Chuck Taylor is still alive, guys!

    Are they giving JR rest and letting him just do mains/second hours?  That's cool.

    OC gets his old music AND some orange juice!  We're partying like it's 2019!  Very good match with a fun story and OC winning with a BODYSLAM.  Excellent.

    Christian has gone full on douchebag, dressing like a 70s English spy and wanting to hook up with young Jack's mom.  And then he unleashes HEEEEEEEEL Luchasaurus.  You know he's a heel because he dresses in black.

    RAMPAGE RUMBLE!  That's gonna be cool.

    Friday's Bucks match should be great but I hate non-title matches to see if the contender is worthy, from a logic perspective.  

    Another Jade jobber match and she's in a feud with two people, which is really unfocused.  I did like the wrinkle of the designated jobber being turned to the dark side by Stoke, but that was about it.  Points to Athena for hauling ass (get your mind out of the gutter) to the ring and forcing Stat to keep up, like "oh, we're running running, not wrestler running?"

    Caster's rap was amazing, as always.  Fighting a juggalo!  A white guy in whiteface!  Danhausen bringing out FTR is "waking up and choosing violence," as the kids all say today, I think.  So great.

    What a show.  We all love wrestling.


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  12. Hey hey, I'm slowly continuing working through my 80s/90s WWF nostalgia tour and I'm still working on Mania 3.  Read if you like!

    Rougeaus vs The Dream Team: this is part two in a three part series called "turn Beefcake into an over face!"  Part one was on WWF TV, where the Dream Team teamed up with Adonis in the buildup to the Piper match (up next).  Adonis was eager to show off his barbering skills but was somehow blinded and ended up cutting Beefcake's hair.  So now we get to this bout.  It's an above average rematch from The Big Event and somebody please tell me this wasn't a house show match for seven months!  Nice psychology on the finish (sort of, hang on) where Beefcake accidentally hits Valentine with a forearm BUT Dino Bravo interferes to secure the heels' win.  In two moves, Dino is proven more valuable to the bad guy team then Beefcake, and they leave without him.  That was really cool.  But wait a minute...if this is leading to a face turn, it's kind of weak because it's not like Beefcake did anything good or valiant (pardon the pun!) here.  He just screwed something up.  But whatever, it all worked out in the end.  Did The Rougeaus segue into a program with The New Dream Team after this?  That team only lasted a few months because the second rule of wrestling, after "black dudes must always team or feud" is "The NEW something gimmick never works."

    Piper vs Adonis, hair match: Piper is retiring after this.  I was such a Piper mark at this point in my life.  I think I retired my Hot Rod t-shirt in solidarity.  Did Piper really intend to retire or was this just a gimmick?  I mean he was gone for two years and then still didn't wrestle for a while after that, so I'll lean toward "he really did want to retire but Hell Comes to Frogtown didn't pay the bills."   Anyway, it's cool that they recap the feud -- I was at the TV tapings where Adonis and his crew jumped Piper and then "next week" he got his revenge.  Fun match that's all sheer lunacy to start, with Piper fighting off both Adonis and Jimmy Hart who is just busting his ass out there.  Christ, Adonis was so good.  Also, quick shout out to @Dolfan in NYC who wrote a GREAT thread watching every Mania.  He mentioned how (I think it was during Mania 3) it REALLY looked like the boys had gotten some more effective new candy and holy shit is Piper cut and big here.  Match ends with Adonis putting Piper to sleep but breaking the hold prematurely.  Then Operation Turn Beefcake pays off as Brutus wakes Piper up and then Piper puts Adonis to sleep for the win.  Beefcake gets more of the rub as he cuts Adonis' hair and FOR FUCK'S SAKE STOP USING CLIPPERS ON LONG, WET HAIR.  Beef gives that up after an agonizingly long time and gets the scissors.  Fun sendoff for Piper and nice work dovetailing another program into this one to give another guy a rub.  A fan hits the ring to celebrate with Piper and how did I never notice the dude getting mobbed at the end?

    That's all for now!  Thanks for reading if you got this far.  Bulldogs & Tito vs Hart Foundation & Danny Davis is up next.

    EDIT: I came back to say they should have blurred out the massive AIDS ADONIS banner when they were doing Peacock edits to the footage.  Forget "looking at it through 2022 eyes."  That shit was fucked up THEN.

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  13. 23 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    That was sort of the set up for #30 with Sterling, Bates, and Shafir.

    Ah, true!  I forgot about that, thanks!  But then the payoff was Jade making "dangerous MMA fighter" Shafir look like a chump.  The equivalent of Rocky knocking out Clubber with a jab in round one.

    So counting Cody doing it twice, that's now three times they did a sort of Rocky 3 angle and failed to pay it off correctly.  Somebody send TK a DVD.

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  14. 1 hour ago, (BP) said:

    If Elon’s not dragged to hell for his tiny submarine coffin idea or the slander against the actual rescuers then no buys, Ron Coward. 

    I was gonna say, somebody better drag his ass for calling the main rescuer a pedophile for refusing his supervillian submarine idea.

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