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  1. 44 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

    That is an interesting comparison to make. The Universal horror film franchise was 35 deep before the Abbott and Costello pictures, and then there were the three Creature films (late bloomer apparently) over 23-24 years (there were some missing years with no films and my math sucks). I don't know how that stands up to the Marvel franchise but seems like a ways to go if it's gonna compare, right? 

    EDIT: I guess Technico was just going on the actual Universal Monsters, I added all the horror films listed on Wiki in those years. Look at them as the New Mutants and Morbiuses of the franchise.

    I was just going quick and dirty, looking at the history of Abbott & Costello films and how long/how many films it took them to get to their first monster movie (Abbott & Costello Meet Frankestein).

    This iMDB list says Universal was 59 deep before they went into comedy with A&C.  Either way, it makes sense that it took a long time to get there, as "parody/comedy" is the last phase of a genre. 

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  2. 16 hours ago, Travis Sheldon said:

    I can't like this post enough.

    Thanks!  It's just crazy how the Marvel franchise had five films lay the groundwork for Avengers, four-ish years of releases to build up a universe that then kept on going, and a bunch of suits concerned with nothing but the next quarter directed DC to just jump from a Superman movie to "Dawn of Justice" with no separate films in between.  They saw the blueprint right there but ignored it, ostensibly because that would take too long.  "Marvel/Disney have that and it's making all that money!  Why don't we have that!?  Go do it!"  It's like telling my kid to go build me a new car because my neighbor has one.

    15 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    If Abbott and Costello could make the universal monster-verse work, anyone can if there not dopes. 

    They had 8 years and 21 films to build on before they joined the shared monsterverse.  🤣

  3. On 4/21/2024 at 4:21 AM, AxB said:

    The only reason they had to go from a company that makes and distributes movies, to a company that deletes movies for the tax write off, is the Fantastic Beasts franchise died on it's arse. JK Rowling's lack of talent killed the company. She's the Vince Russo of Warner Bros.

    Need to compile a lit of shared universes that worked and were profitable vs all the attempted shared universes that shit the bed.

    All these bean counters and C-suite failing upwards fuckwads see is Marvel and Star Wars branching out with all kinds of content and making money (and, to be fair, those universes have had their share of crap) and they just direct their creatives to "go make that!," like it's that simple, with zero concept of how much real time and effort went into doing it in a way that created good films and shows that built a universe, engaged people, and made them want to buy in to those universes.  Like how the DC universe skipped from step 2 to step 5 with nothing in between and then the studio lamented that nobody cared about the Justice League.  These guys are just mining for expansive IP they can whore out with no concept of how to take your time and make it good.  It's no wonder they think AI is the future of film; they have no concept of the creative process and likely have contempt for those pesky writers, directors, actors, etc.

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  4. 18 hours ago, RazorbladeKiss87 said:

    I watched Late Night With the Devil last night. I'm not as on board with it as some people. Lots of exposition in the intro. The show segments are good and entertaining but that last ten to fifteen minutes kinda lost me. I'm willing to give it another shot but that first watch wasn't it for me. 

    Same!  I just watched it last night and I was severely underwhelmed.  Keeps faith in my hard and fast rule: when a movie starts with more than maybe four production company logos, you’re in trouble.  I swear, this had eight or nine.

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  5. Rate their fits: Bunkhouse match edition

    Danielson: gets massive points for the classic “blue jeans with knee pads on the outside” look.  Really, the only acceptable bunkhouse/street fight attire.  Loses points for wearing his own merch instead of a gimme shirt from the local radio station.

    Claudio: black jeans and knee pads on the inside.  Real fashion faux pas.  Shirt came off and he ended up looking like a member of Too Sexy: A Loving Tribute to Right Said Fred.

    Takeshita: stereotypical gear made him look like a guy you’d dispose of in the first level of Kung Fu.  I guess he didn’t want to straight up dress like a Yakuza since he does have to go home sometime.

    Fletcher: remember when MC Hammer dropped the “MC” and tried to make a comeback with some fake thug 3rd rate West Coast style shit?  Fletcher looked like a 90s boy band member trying to get back on track with the same tactic with his yee yee ass haircut and bobo Tims.


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  6. 3 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    The turnaround of match graphics featuring two or more ppl that have immediately before said graphic been in a scrum is a bit ridiculous.


    3 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    I'd like to see them hold those graphics back until the usual Excalibur pre-main event card rundown for the weekend shows and the next week.

    It's been theorized here that the AEW graphics department works like newspapers do for celebs and politicians.  They have every conceivable graphic already done and ready to go.  Let's just consider that canon.

    "Hey Bob, it sounds like they're booking Orange Cassidy vs Tetsuya Naito vs Hoodfoot in a Punjabi Prison Match."  "Aw man, I made that one last week.  Challenge me next time!"

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  7. 5 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Per the New York Times and Bloomberg - Sony is considering making an offer to buy Paramount

    Skydance Media already has an offer out to buy Paramount but apparently that was met with a "lukewarm" reception

    So they'll merge it with their streaming platform that I didn't even know existed until I got a PS5?

  8. 5 hours ago, Matt D said:

    I'm glad that they put RVD in a spotty 4-way elimination match instead of tying him to the HOOK stuff by "giving" us Jericho vs RVD in 2024 as a rematch from their match that Jericho got pissy about on the internet all those years ago for people not liking it as much as he thought they should.

    Also, Emi vs Yuka on Rampage should be delightful.

    Remember the good old days when Mrs. Jericho's worst offense was getting pissy on the internet instead of, you know, trying to overthrow democracy?

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  9. 58 minutes ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    We've got to keep level heads and look at all sides here. Who's to say this isn't a huge misunderstanding, and that the Oklahoma republicans weren't simply opressing Nyla for being Native American?

    She's biracial, so they get a 2 for 1 on their oppression scorecards.  If they fill the scorecard, they get a free sandwich from Mission BBQ.

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  10. 8 hours ago, The Natural said:

    Whoever destroys the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship will be a face for life with me. I hate everything about that fucking thing. The shape of the main plate, the shape is too small, the side played are too big, the strap is too long. What makes it worse is how it replaced the IWGP Heavyweight Championship V4 which is in my top three of all time with Big Gold and the WWF Winged Eagle Championship. I know I've said this before but not for a while, needed to get it off my chest again. Cheers.

    YES.  The belt is the exact shape as Cody's tattoo and we know how well-received that's been.

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  11. I haven't finished the show yet but here's some random stuff:

    Excalibur left out the best parts of the "Brody King broke his jaw wrestling" story.  He broke a tooth wrestling and the dentist, when pulling it, didn't notice a small jaw fracture under the tooth.  So when he pulled it, he broke Brody's jaw.  His jaw wired shut, Brody took to pureeing steaks in a food processor to keep his protein up.

    Loved the Willow/Brody stuff.  Someone should have yelled "you can't do that in Oklahoma!"

    Mercedes came out with a chair, ready to fight, and didn't do her signature pose or dancing.  That made her presentation 12,000% better.  Her promo was still somewhat forced and wooden but hey, baby steps.

    I loved Garcia's low effort clip art shirt.

    What ever happened to FTRcia?

    How much of Matt's commentary happened during picture in picture?

    Jericho and Hook is a battle of two guys whose theme music is on my gym playlist, which is weird.  Who here knows the answer to where the quote at the start of Electric Head, Part 2 comes from without Googling?  (I  JUST SAID UP YOURS, BABY)

    The need to cover brand labels meant that Hook was eating duct tape brand chips

    Swerve's purple eyeshadow gets bigger every week. 


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  12. 8 minutes ago, AxB said:

    If they really wanted to troll the commission, they would book Nyla to win a squash, and have her squash opponent be Kidd Bandit, or Saraya Saber, or Sigrid Daughter of Tyr, or Jamie Senegal, or Edith Surreal... or book Nyla vs Veny, or Dark Sheik in a more competitive dream match.

    Hire Effy to help out with talent booking and let Nyla win an all LGBTQ+ rumble in Oklahoma 🤣

    Book it as an annual thing.

    Seriously, just do a Super Queer Bunkhouse Stampede in nothing but red states.

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  13. 32 minutes ago, JLowe said:

    I would say that Coach Tony should open the next Dynamite with a pre-taped segment addressing the issue, saying that Nyla is an AEW original and a former AEW WOMEN’S champion, and the state of Oklahoma can shove it because AEW is where the best wrestle. If they persist, cancel future OK shows.

    But not sure if Tony can pull that off, so maybe Danielson or someone of similar stature who has the mix skills.

    I almost posted something similar but that comes a tiny bit too close into turning Nyla's status into an angle, which has always been distasteful.

    23 minutes ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Screw that, what are they gonna do, fine a bajillionaire? I'd have her wrestle Toni at the top of the show for the women's title and win by DQ just to prove a point.

    Seriously, pay the fine and throw in another million.  Write a press release about how the extra is for gender affirming care, minority voting outreach, basic literacy, or any other cause these trash human beings are against. 

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