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  1. I need Battle Dome and WMAC Masters (and my boy Yin Yang Man) back in my life ASAP
  2. Reading the pops was fascinating. People appear ready to see guys like Taichi, Sanada and Shingo ascend. Hell the entire field is more or less ridiculous give or take the bottom 2-3 guys.
  3. Wow I love this lineup. So many fresh matches. Something like Shingo/White should be amazing and hats like the 8th most hyped match that popped into my head when reading this.
  4. Now I want Sid vs Invisible Stan at the next Spring Break. Sid’s expressions could totally do it.
  5. I definitely think there was a market inefficiency in the appreciation of the hoss archetype in the early IWC. Like, just to pull two relatively random names from the time, I’d posit that the early 00’s crowd gave more praise to Lance Storm as a worker than Meng. Now thank God for DVDVR bring the one place wherein something like that wouldn’t be the norm, but that was the world we lived in. Much love to DVDVR for bringing balance to the Force.
  6. Sid’s in his own category, man. Everyone loves Sid! On the 20-80 baseball scale dude had an 80 look and 80 charisma. Sure he had 20 wrestling skills but no one cares about that. One of the best squash match wrestlers ever. I seem to recall in the earlier days of ye olde IWC that was a lot of anti-Sid sentiment. These people were idiots.
  7. Man you don’t realize how huge Orton is until he is next to a normal sized person. contribution:
  8. Well not all the matches. Lest we forget the Undertaker match. But I did love his run. Great character, presentation and delivery.
  9. What a fascinating and perfect matchup I didn’t realize I wanted until right now. What’s great is those guys could do anything On a spectrum from a death match to a total comedy bit and it’d be great. In fact, the last thing I want on this spectrum is a straight up wrestling match.
  10. I’m interested to see how the Wyatt stuff actually translates to the ring. I’m not sure how you pull that off. Establish some catchphrases/memes on the Funhouse show and run with him as a face that the crowd can interact with?
  11. Savage and Eddy fit this mold for me. The truest five tool pro wrestlers. Face, heel, talking, bumping, brawling, flying, grappling.
  12. I’m surprised no one has mentIoned THAT uppercut by Cesaro and sell by Ricochet. Best thing on the show tonight not involving Brock and need a GIF ASAP
  13. AEW pales in comparison to the potential of “Hey Sami, what are your thoughts on the Saudi Arabia show?” if one were trying to get fired
  14. I can’t help but resurrect the old “why doesn’t WWE just let people cut promos” talking point. Moxley can do that, he could always do that, and WWE signed the dude largely because he COULD do that. So why didn’t they just tell the guy to cut a promo and get out of the way? Just crazy.
  15. The way they shot the Moxley intro really was a throwback to Scott Hall. Very good. Production was great all the way around.
  16. I can’t be the only person who looked at those entrance tubes and thought Samus Aran was going to be #21
  17. Disappointing that it's already been 12 hours and we haven't gotten breaking Twitter updates from Cathy Kelly that D'Lo Brown has pinned Frank Stallone for the title in a Topeka Waffle House
  18. Lots of potential for the 24/7 title if they just let the wrestlers roll with it. Tonight Woods should get someone to agree to put it on the line on UUDD in a ****1/2 game of Mario Kart 64
  19. With the Network, I admit that a 24/7 title could be a ton of fun. Imagine them cutting into a showing of Backlash 2009 at 10:00 AM on a Thursday because Bobby Roode has attacked Apollo at the gym
  20. Leads to an interesting question: who is the oldest legend that can still go? I betcha Backlund could still give you a good 10 minutes.
  21. All of them? I posit that the aggregate Rotunda family WAR is 0: Mike was a clearly a replacement level 0 WAR AAAA guy all the way. He’s heel Terry Taylor. Bray has some 70 tools but long stretches of bad. Positive WAR contribution at the end, though. Bo is a negative WAR piece with a cup of coffee. He cancels out Bray.
  22. I hope it’s an analytically-driven title given to the performer with the highest WAR (Wins Above Rotunda)
  23. They can always have the match continue during the NBA commercial breaks Robin Hood-style
  24. Daniel Bryan’s feud with Kane was another post-WM. dud for a newly established tippy toppy guy. Sure injuries derailed the whole thing and he would have been fed to Lesnar at Summerslam anyway but that was bad.
  25. I can agree with this. They did a lot of unique things with the production of the show. The outdoor Disney lot, the two sets of commentators and having announcers with “specialties” such as women’s wrestling expert Stagger Lee Marshall. Not that it was always good. Nothing exemplifies that more than that one Nitro whose first hour was nothing but video packages. I think that was a Nash thing? I assume it still outdrew recent Raws.
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