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  1. Kevin Owens gets to go to his grave knowing that he main evented Wrestlemania against Stone Cold Steve Austin. How incredible is that? That’s the top of the mountain. No title win or achievement in wrestling can compare to that.
  2. Best night of Mania in a longass time. Crowd was INCREDIBLE. Bianca/Becky was remarkable. Worked at an incredibly fast pace for 20 minutes too - just crazy gas tanks on those two. I haven’t seen FTR/Briscos yet so this is my #1 from the weekend right now. Surreal to see Cody and credit to WWE for keeping his presentation. Crowd stayed smoldering hot for a solid hour between these two matches and Taker. I’m pretty sure they knew Charlotte/Rousey was going to die a death no matter what, so they placed it where they placed it. Right call, because this was rough. This didn’t get the Goldberg/Lesnar reaction I expected, but it wasn’t in the same stratosphere as the earlier match. Right result though. Owens was absolutely masterful in the entire main event segment holy shit. Stone Cold! A match! Steve Austin is Buford fucking Pusser! This whole goddamn thing was GREAT. Yeah best WWE show in shit I dunno.
  3. Solid show. I presume it’s on to Ziggler/Steveson and Bron to Mondays. That Waller elbow drop onto the ladder was batshit crazy.
  4. I know we don’t comment on live stuff, but I just so happened to read this while this ROUGH womens tag match on the NXT pre show is on and it hammers this point home I think. Definitely feels like the AEW system is generating a better women’s pipeline right now. Even Hayter and Storm are only 26.
  5. Not slamming the guy because physical issues aren’t shit to play with and I mean it’s Keith Lee, but I thought that Lee took a back seat compared to Hobbs last night. Setting aside the physical stuff, I think Lee picked up some awful Performance Center habits like working his catchphrase into his promo and doing these awkward unrealistic motions during his entrance/match to get his signature poses in. Hobbs was much more natural. Again it’s Keith Lee and we know he’s awesome, but he needs to dump that shit in the trash can.
  6. Great stuff from Taker and his TED talk.
  7. Powerhouse Hobbs and Jamie Hayter for world champs
  8. This. If Cole can’t let himself get plugged into Christian’s TV match formula and resist the urge to do a bunch of stupid shit it’s time to go home. This is a litmus test.
  9. Q1 2022 checkpoint - My Guys: Andrade, Darby, Hobbs, The Acclaimed, Danielson Not My Guys: Cole, Matt Hardy, Baker, Sammy, Tay Conti Impossible to keep it to 5 but that’s the point. Any extended list is basically 90% of the roster being in the “my guys” category - everyone on the roster is over!
  10. I generally love that AEW doesn’t do DQ’s but Hobbs and Lee seems right for a shmozz involving cops and security being unable to break them up. I’m sure it’ll just be Lee winning, but that’ll be a little disappointing to me. Give me the King King vs Godzilla finish
  11. Is Randy the Meryl Streep of wrestlers? Uber respected and admired by his peers, super longevity, it’s all functionally and structurally good and sound…but to the lay audience it’s a little cold and uninteresting most of the time (IED run = Devil Wears Prada though)
  12. To me they’ve already got a big part of the answer for the top of the women’s roster on hand already in Jamie Hayter, and I hope they realize what they have with her. Two months ago I would have said Deeb as well, but she’s featured now. Hayter and Hobbs are kind of similar to me right now. Hosses in stables that need to stop jobbing and being background for group promos, and become a nearer-term focus.
  13. Gunn Club would be perfect as douchebag heel tag champs in ROH, with that audience. Austin acting a fool and brown streamers for the ass boys.
  14. Oh yeah. Adam Cole is poo. What does this dude bring to the show and why is he in the world title feud. Easy bottom five AEW dude.
  15. Oh yeah Austin Gunn is on fucking fire as the love child of Brian Christopher and Buff Bagwell. It’s so, so good.
  16. Hot take? But Bunny totally outclassed Storm in that one IMO. ‘Boy howdy this show slapped. I don’t even know where to start.
  17. aka Jimmy Graffiti, which blew my mind when I first found that out….like, last year.
  18. NOT COOL that they had Hook no sell the curse. Not cool.
  19. If you don’t jam this and walk around your house doing the Bernie, what are you doing? Dark just isn’t the same without you, Angelico
  20. House of Black needs a Padawan if they are going to get in on the BCC stable wars. That sort of ties into the Julia Hart turn, though of course no one ever mistook her for a shooter.
  21. Polar opposite reaction for me. Co-TNT Champion Dan Lambert is a saint and deserves better than whatever that was.
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