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  1. Max got me this week. Popped big for both the gory self mutilation and Starrcade 97 (in DC!) lines.
  2. I loved the bookends on this show. Both the opener and the main event had that sense of warm joy in them that I just love about this company. If you can't smile at OC and Statlander's nonsense, Sting flying around like a maniac or Anthony Bowens's amazing 1980's action move villain act, then I can't help you. So good. Crowd was great. Love the smaller venue in DC as opposed to running Capital One again.
  3. Vader was in WCW during the Nitro era? And DJ Ran does not appear to be all up in the area
  4. Perhaps they are working a gimmick where WALTER is trying to round up all of the new silly NXT gimmicks, only to be foiled by the recently signed tag team of Naito and Hornswoggle The Ingobernable Basterds
  5. We were sort of talking about this in the Dynamite thread, but for as logically sound and non-intelligence insulting as AEW’s booking is (long term, wins and losses matter, continuity matters)….when was the last time they featured a genuinely surprising result or twist? They did this in the beginning (Private Party over the Bucks being the obvious example), but man the road that these stories are taking seems a bit too tidy if you ask me. I’d like to see a curveball or three. Like Hangman’s arc was good. MJF/Punk/Wardlow is good. Bucks/UE split is good. But as sound as it all is, they are multi-month storylines that we know the ending to. Give me something totally out of left field every once in a while; Garcia over Sammy on Tuesday would have been a perfect example of mixing it up in a good way.
  6. To me, lights out doesn’t fit the Deeb and Shida characters. Blow this off with those two in the Lion’s Den
  7. Bron Breakker debuts and runs through the field, only to be dumped as a 5th to last out, leaving us with a final four of Roman, Brock, Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins
  8. Explains the Cowboy and Dick Murdoch mentions too
  9. I can't decide who the better hoss prospect is between Wardlow and Hobbs. Hobbs's bodyblock cutoff is unreal, he has snappier movements, has a better heel grimace. Wardlow is handsome as hell, has a pair of MDK finishes....shit, I love them both and they looked incredible tonight until the finishes.
  10. I can not get down with how this show started, with the WWE "parade of challengers interrupting a promo" trope. Then followed up with both Wardlow and Hobbs losing by slipping on banana peels in back to back segments. That was just awful if I'm honest. They really have something with Wardlow when he's getting 50/50 chants with CM Punk. I would have found a way to keep him strong in the finish here. That sucked. Show did pick up some steam as it went along and I enjoyed the second hour. Not sure how Deeb and Shida resolve their issue but it is intense as hell and I am all in on whatever they decide to do. Garcia is such a prospect. Dude was phenomenal in that main event. Intensity, strikes, grappling, stooge bumps. Damn. Also its weird how Raleigh crowds tend to suck while Greensboro an hour away is such a killer wrestling town.
  11. (apologies if already posted) Tweeted 15 minutes after the Fightful report about WWE having an interest in Wardlow: It’s a fine enough article but my goodness. If AEW were a mature company with a proper risk management program, “Tony K does some dumb shit on Twitter because he feels threatened when he reads something and it gets us thrown off the air” would be my top risk for the entire company. Someone get the man some support. And I say that sincerely because I love the product and don’t want some reactionary TK Twitter nonsense to get them into deep shit.
  12. Really excited to see who or what is next for Hangman. So many options. Garcia/Sammy has a high degree of banger potential
  13. As a true development show it would make sense to have the Orlando-based “AA” and taped before Raw/Smackdown “AAA” hours. With “A” being the non-TV coconut loop.
  14. Wonder if the lights going out for the second during the main is a tease of something to come. I mean, I’m sure it is, and I’m excited to see what’s up with that. Between that and Chekhov’s Judges we had a little subtlety tonight, which I dug
  15. Luchasaurus is either the slowest wrestler in the history of wrestling or just looks that way because he’s been sharing a ring with Fenix and Jungle Boy. Goodness, that was tough to watch at times.
  16. Good news for budgeting this invasion angle is that, as we all know, Trent already has Scott Hall’s denim in the AEW wardrobe. Now only a question of if it fits Gargano.
  17. Regal / Danhausen buddy cop gimmick Oh shit I never realized this but Regal might be the most BTE-perfect human being in pro wrestling
  18. The big six man tag ends with Cody dropping the leg brother, and it alllllll comes full circle
  19. Sign me up for semi retired stay at home dad Triple H, taking the kids to soccer practice and keeping the thrill alive by promoting spot shows every other month at the Polo Club.
  20. Oh man Coach TK is gonna Mid South the shit out of that April Lakefront Arena show in NOLA. Someone get Excalibur a Boyd Pierce suit and find out where Hacksaw put that gorilla costume. Punk and MJF, tuxedo coal miner’s glove on a pole cage match?
  21. TK’s penchant for hyperbole means “North American” is more a limiting factor here than “Dream”. Dream for me is a Monty Brown comeback pouncing the shit out of hamandeggers on Dark
  22. We’ll see. This feels different than a Keith Lee or Ricochet. This checks every single box Vince looks for in that spot including being a home grown guy. I’m not even sure “Roman-ing” it by overpushing him would fail as who doesn’t want to cheer for a dude talking shit doing crazy-ass high impact Steiner offense.
  23. Bron is about as can’t miss as there can conceivably be. An absolute future megastar and their next GUY unless they royally screw this up.
  24. I think we can file Atlas under “AEW is signing way too many wrestlers, but this is the sort of wrestler they should be signing”. 27, good look, not overexposed on national TV, looked great on Dark.
  25. Prime was unequivocally the E show, in the best way
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