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  1. Yeah I’m concerned about Gable as a heel. he’s such a natural Mighty Mouse babyface. If they are going full blown killer wrestling machine, maybe he needs a manager. Angle would work, and he himself hasn’t worked heel in a while so that would be fresh.
  2. Yeah that Jey->Sami->Crowd tracking shot was unbelievable. The thing we’ll remember from this show for a long time.
  3. My gosh, what are we even doing with this show We’re this close to blood baths, “Iron Man” and comments about scissors This ain’t it
  4. I don’t think the crowd will turn on Cody for the same reason they didn’t turn on Bryan: they witnessed the struggle, the departure, rebuilding himself and climbing back to the top. It’s the same reason the crowd never turned on Austin or Foley. With Roman, Cena, and eventually even Hogan, there was never that initial struggle for the fans to build their support behind. They got turned on. I don’t think they have to worry about it with Cody.
  5. Is it weird that I’m actually far more captivated by what’s next for Roman than I am Cody? He’s Thanos after he’s retired and is now living as a farmer. He has to now know that the Shield breakup a decade ago is at the root of all of this and he has to get right with that, somehow, or he’ll never truly be at peace even though he has conquered it all. How does that happen? I’m fascinated by how his next stage translates to wrestling. There’s like an Old Man Logan arc in there. They have to figure out how it translates to the ring.
  6. This is a great callout and something they have really struggled with in similar spots in the past (Bryan getting Kane immediately comes to mind, but there are other examples).
  7. Roman/Sami is the best one It’s kind of interesting. The title run and Bloodline stuff ran from 2020 to 2024. I’d argue that Roman and the group were at peak powers at Wargames 2022, which is almost exactly halfway through. So it almost really was a four year long tale of the rise and fall. A nice bell curve there.
  8. That’s who I thought it was at first when we saw the glimpse of the tattooed arm under the ring (looking back it was obviously Solo). But yeah not in the current situation. Waters are too hot. In an ideal world they do it and throw AEW a bone of getting a Ricochet/Ospreay match or something
  9. Here here, in all its glorious forms. How blessed are we that we get these big budget Hollywood summer action epics (WWE), prestige television (AEW) and Indy A24 type stuff (indies, puro, lucha) all at the same, widely accessible time like this. Like I mean shit between Mania, Dynamite and Rampage this week I got to watch Endgame and two episodes of Shogun. Shit rules.
  10. If putting streamers through tables is the new Pete Rose bit, 1) I am game for it and 2) that goober MrBeast needs to be taking a stunner next year
  11. Sorry, one last thought: it was also so cool and satisfying to see Drew and Bayley get their big moments in front of fans, finally, four years later, after carrying the company on their backs in 2020. The latter especially.
  12. Hey man we gotta talk about the absolute geek of the millennium Seth Rollins though. Between the build up, the tag match last night, his own match, his big main event run-in being a comedy bit non-starter where he didn’t even get a move in. Holy moly. My man Seth is down bad.
  13. Now THAT was more like it. What a giant heaping helping of sports entertaining. Hell yeah. This whole thing ruled. Snoop’s commentary. Speed in the suit. The cash in. And yeah that main event was the epic Avengers Movie spectacle it was supposed to be. WWE at its best right there. No one does this kind of stuff like they do.
  14. Just watched. Man, I wasn’t feeling this one at all and I hate that. Last year’s Night 1 was one of the best, most entertaining wrestling shows I’ve ever watched. This was…not. Everything sans the IC match felt run of the mill. This was missing all the fun of stuff like the Jackass match. If last year was 14, this was 15. If last year was 17, this was 18. 15 is a good comp IMO. A miss of a show during an otherwise hot run. Philly curse?
  15. They have to pull the trigger on Hobbs at some point….right? I mean it’s been several years now of this dude just oozing star and looking like the next big thing, yet tomorrow has not come.
  16. It’s a shame they combined the Continental into a single belt, because the world needs the aesthetic of Okada walking out in a boss ass suit dripped out like Ultimo Dragon, while Matt and Nick channel their Cutler and stooge their ass off for him. I wasn’t sure about debuting him as a heel but I was dead wrong. This act rules, and then just imagine the (hopeful) Omega confrontation leading up to Wembley. Oh man.
  17. If Chris is smart he’ll let Hook choke him out and then go on one of his excursions for 6-8 months. It’s time, you can tell by the crowd, and he’s usually pretty good about sensing when it’s time. I predict that happens.
  18. I think Okada holding it is fair game. The Ultimo Precedent of carrying around the WWF Lightweight Title on Nitro allows it.
  19. Dynamite main event winner Willow Nightingale! That rules. I haven’t been this pumped since Dynamite main event winners Butcher and The Blade
  20. After debuting Ospreay as a face and Okada as a heel (like, what were the Vegas odds on THAT parlay two months ago?), all bets are off with me with Mone and I love it. Coach TK has made some bold decisions on these debuts.
  21. Side note this men’s roster is sort of approaching 2002 WWE levels of stacked. And just like then, I’m not saying everyone is currently in a good story, or being used right, or whatever, but goddamn. You could literally Battlebowl the matches every week and you’re guaranteed classics.
  22. Darby taking ownership of the baseball bat going forward as a literal passing of the…bat…and the way it sort of went unspoken but understood was just perfect. That’s great.
  23. NXT is such a different wrestling show than anything else and I dig it for that reason, corny as it may be Always good to see Regal and I’m curious what he’s going to do with the Blackpool Not-That Club
  24. Re: the IC title, I think the move is somehow Sami and Nakamura costing each other the match and starting an issue, leading to Gable winning. Then you get a two-fer, as I can’t think of better opening matches for each night than Sami/Shinsuke and Gunther/Gable (where the REAL story could be finished)
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