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  1. Recency bias maybe but the ending to this year’s Rumble PPV has to be up there. That was the peak of a multi-year deal and was performed and filmed like a Scorsese movie
  2. I dug using Sabu but it was a weird fit with the Cole/Jericho. I can’t help but think the right play there was to find a path to Sabu endorsing Hook.
  3. Man, I’d love to see Sheik Adnan working babyface in Iran against Andre. I mean holy shit.
  4. Back when we had the THIS IS PRO WRESTLING MOTHERFUCKER thread, I think there were net more pictures of Superstar than any other guy. That’s really all there is to say about it - dude was just pro wrestling as shit, and it was awesome.
  5. Christian as TNT champ has so much crossover appeal. Don’t tell me he couldn’t seamlessly transition into the latest target of Stabler and Benson’s investigation and/or sleazy second in command bad guy foil for Ben Afleck’s accounting skills
  6. The eye patch is hokey but the duality of Mox having formerly had an eye patch and now Hangman having an eye patch due to Mox is there. I’m guessing that’s what they’re going for.
  7. I mean I feel like there’s only one way to go with this: M: Punk has all the signs of a borderline, so having been there once in my life he’s immediately out. I also couldn’t handle Bix trying to read something into any/every small situation where there’s absolutely nothing there, 100 times a day, so he’s out. Alvarez it is. F: Hey, Punk’s a studly enough guy and it’s one night K: ….sorry Bix
  8. Yeah I was gonna say that I pray I never have to find out what my own personal hell looks like, but a CM Punk / Bryan Alvarez / Bix Twitter war is surely the closest thing to it.
  9. I didn’t realize Ace Steele was midwestern for “Brutus Beefcake”
  10. And exiting the wormhole dumps you out on 90 in Winnipeg by the Costco
  11. Thinking about this more, this really feels like a missed efed nerd opportunity to have the new show / split caused within the show narrative by having Crisis On Infinite Squared Circles or some shit. Like Collision is the result of CM Punk repeatedly punching the space time continuum from the phantom zone or whatever the fuck
  12. I am pro brand split but not pro brand split due to DA BOYS IN DA BACK~! That’s some stupid shit. So long as said split is grounded in the physics and logic of the AEW narrative (whatever tf that is), I’m good with it.
  13. I’m here for a Jericho/Strong show-long thread wherein they ultimately wind up out in hill country and we get a Stan Hansen cameo
  14. See I disagree based on what either guy actually does out there. For all the mayhem that his gimmick and persona may entail, Mox doesn’t really lay his shit in at all. His stomps and punches look weak as shit. Compare that to the V trigger that looks like a shotgun blast.
  15. This ruled. We’re back on track fellas. Christian Cage absolute nuclear heat. What a legend.
  16. Make Dom Mysterio the first champion. Fits his character perfectly.
  17. To talk about how good DEAN was at his craft, I can honestly say without an ounce of hyperbole that he belongs on the Mt Rushmore of pro wrestling writers. Of course there’s Meltzer, and there’s Bill Apter. But at a time in the late 90’s / early 2000’s when the influence of Meltzer and less talented clones like Scott Keith drove the general internet wrestling fandom ethos in one direction, DEAN and by proxy DVDVR represented that counter culture of “no, we don’t want to see Lance Storm perfectly execute moves; we want to see Jerry Lawler punch a motherfucker in the face” And that was massive. And I think it shaped all of us and how we view wrestling. It can’t be understated.
  18. This is heartbreaking. DEAN you are the best to ever do this and we’ll miss you.
  19. Shit yeah I hope it’s piranesi Need that Hobo Army and Wardlow Fashion Watch
  20. DEAN is the best of us. His positivity and spirit for pro wrestling is absolutely contagious. Y’all know good and well if we asked DEAN to review Heroes of Wrestling he’d spent 1,000 words gushing over Tully’s promo and politely not mention anything else. That’s just who he is.
  21. The Briscoe Farm bit is everything I love about wrestling. That right there is my shit. Jeff Jarrett is such an MVP. Get Satnam some yellow rubber gloves and a killer lariat and we got something right there.
  22. Daddy Magic on color can’t just go away like this. Get my dude a show.
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