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  1. I'm not going to comment on the motivations of the individuals involved, but the protests happening at Columbia are ... taking a turn for the worse. 


    I'm hoping that things deescalate, but it's definitely looking like tonight is gonna be a bad night up in Morningside Heights. 

    The student-run WKCR is providing live coverage as *all other* media has been banned from entering campus.


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  2. 1 hour ago, The Natural said:



    Well, I think that we got tons of coverage for AEW. And I think it is important to say I think AEW is the best wrestling company in the world in many ways. I think that we have the best wrestlers, the best matches, we’ve been putting on the best shows. I think the best pay-per-view events this year have been the two AEW events [Revolution and Dynasty].

    Okay.  I'll just say it...   How does bringing up a real life, horrific sexual assault case sell AEW... its roster, its matches, or its shows, in any way?   

  3. 35 minutes ago, Iron Moose said:

    c'est étrange que ça se traduit comme contrecoup - je le lis plus comme 'recoil' que 'backlash' ... ça vient de google translate, ou un autre logiciel? 

    I think French French is 'recul' and 'contrecoup', respectively.   Canadian French is 'Va dépenser de l'argent dans nos casinos, espèce d'idiot américain. Tabernacle.'


    (yes, it's Google Translate) 🙂 

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  4. 35 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    Florida eliminated Tampa 4-1 with a Game 5 score of 6-1 (granted Florida scored two empty net goals)

    However Tampa will tell you they totally would have won if not for the two goals they had overturned due to goalie interference

    I facetiously apologize for using the same gif twice. That said, my response, in full:



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  5. By their own admission, they played each other one on one hundreds of times at home, and she won the majority of the time. 

    That may be their own embellishment, but I've seen them both play and...  I wouldn't wager money on him "eating her alive", no. 

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  6. Someone actually got Manfred to look up from changing the rules for a second and realize his players look like shit out there:

    Here's the absolute funniest part of the article:


    The union also absolved Fanatics, the manufacturer of the uniform that has received the majority of public scorn for the uniform mess, saying the company "recognizes the vital importance of soliciting Player feedback, obtaining Player buy-in and not being afraid to have difficult conversations about jerseys or trading cards."


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  7. Look, I know this comment is utterly ridiculous coming from seeing that trailer... but it looks Too CGI.  


    Like, everything is off by a shade of lighting or uncanniness.  Nothing blends the way it would in real life.  


    And it will obviously make a billion dollars.  😕 

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  8. All I know is the Dolphins philosophy in the late rounds has clearly switched from Best Player Available to Fastest Player Available.  

    That said, I apologize for my future (and current) obnoxious use of 


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  9. Well, it's Monday and we've got a draft to finish!  

    So far, it looks like the biggest move is Bron Breakker moving to Raw as both shows were "defending their rosters".   This can also be read as Hunter "likes things how they are."

    Anyway, after the draft, we have a new NXT Champion to celebrate as that Trick was whooped, but he pulled out a huge win over Ilja Dragunov  (who's name better be mentioned as a new draftee!).

    And after all that, Backlash is coming to France!    Let's see how that goes.  You could say... it's an Enigma...



    Enjoy the week! 


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