(By Phil Rippa) At some moment in time board poster Smelly McUgly took advantage of the payola program and paid me to review a random Hodge Podge of matches. There isn’t really an order to them. Also a quick note – on Smelly’s list was also the Midnight Express vs Fantastics from Clash I which […]

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1001 MATCHES: Bobby Eaton

(by Phil Rippa) With spaces becoming limited, I wanted to stack the list with a couple of my all time faves before finishing. Here is Bobby Eaton who is like a Top 5 wrestler of all time but no one cares. I really don’t have the energy anymore to explain why Eaton is better than […]

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1001 MATCHES: Are You New Here?

(by PHIL RIPPA) I mentioned previously that I started tracking (to the best of my abilities) everyone who was picked… well just because I wanted to. I will continue to find people that 900 matches, still haven’t shown up yet. Here are 10 – actually more than 10 – more. 891) TONY ATLAS vs. NICK […]

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1001 MATCHES: Joe Malenko

(by PHIL RIPPA) Since we are starting to hit the home stretch – it is time to start making sure my favorites get some last minute shine. I definitely was the first and probably the only Joe Malenko mark in the Internet Wrestling Community. Hey – I actually got a tape from Scott Mailman about […]

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1001 MATCHES: Akira Taue

(by PHIL RIPPA) Akira Taue is clearly the most underappreciated of the All Japan Big 4. Heck – the Big 5 if you expanded to include Jun Akiyama. Lord – it would take awhile before you went through the 90s AJ roster before you found someone that Taue was overappreciated (yes – I am making […]

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WELCOME TO THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #111! Hello, gentle Reader, and welcome to this universally indie edition of your beloved DVDVR – as we cover the wrestling from three different continents, wrestling that tell the big boys to shove it up their asses. Rippa clocks in with the fantab WCW handheld from back […]

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1001 MATCHES: 2018

(by PHIL RIPPA) I really wanted to finish this project up by the end of the year (that ain’t happening) so what better way to pad… errr…. make meaningful contributions to the list than by selecting matches from this year. By no means should this be viewed as a “Match of the Year” list. And […]

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1001 MATCHES: Underrepresented

(by PHIL RIPPA) I finally compiled a big file tracking who and how many times I picked wrestlers because of course I did. I am sure it is comically filled with mistakes especially when it came to remembering some dudes gimmicks. Putting that aside – all the guys I was picking here had only (to […]

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(by PHIL RIPPA) Since clearly my goal is make as much work as possible for myself on a project no one cares about – I picked matches that we were at live to where I (with a couple of exceptions) find a road report for. I then uploaded the road report to the website. So […]

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ON THE ROAD – 2004 Super 8 & CZW (04/03/04)

SHAWN DAIVARI! don’t know what you can find, why don’t you go with him on a MAGIC CARPET RIDE~! AUSTIN ARIES! is Back on the CHAIN (WRESTLING) GANG~! NICHO! is back! The man behind the MASK~! JAPANESE POOL BOY! says GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD~! LOW-KI! Might as well JUMP~! MIKE JOHNSON’S BUS CREW! NO! We […]