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WELCOME TO THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #111! Hello, gentle Reader, and welcome to this universally indie edition of your beloved DVDVR – as we cover the wrestling from three different continents, wrestling that tell the big boys to shove it up their asses. Rippa clocks in with the fantab WCW handheld from back […]

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ON THE ROAD – 2004 Super 8 & CZW (04/03/04)

SHAWN DAIVARI! don’t know what you can find, why don’t you go with him on a MAGIC CARPET RIDE~! AUSTIN ARIES! is Back on the CHAIN (WRESTLING) GANG~! NICHO! is back! The man behind the MASK~! JAPANESE POOL BOY! says GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD~! LOW-KI! Might as well JUMP~! MIKE JOHNSON’S BUS CREW! NO! We […]

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ON THE ROAD: USA PRO (11/29/03)

[Michinoku Playaz] USA Pro 11/29/03, Road Report RD: Rev Ray Duffy, “find hungry samurai” PP: Pogo Pete Stein, FEE-RO-SHUS RD: I’ve been on a weird sleep cycle lately, which has resulted in me catching a lot of late night/early morning movies on cable, like Mother, Jugs and Speed one night and a few Kurosawa samurai […]

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ON THE ROAD: ROH “Do or Die IV” & Third Anniversary Day 1 (02/19/05)

LACEY~! becomes the ANDERSON~! you most want to put the BLAST ON~! EBESSAN! Hardcore Icon! AUSTIN ARIES! Blows up real good! RING CREW EXPRESS! Station! BRYAN DANIELSON! American Werewolf in Elizabeth! PRINCE NANA! Is considered GENIUS~! in France! Your REXPLEX MEMORIAL EDITION of the ROH 2/19/05 Road Report! RD : Rev Ray Duffy “I’ve got ups! WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA!” PP : Pogo Pete Stein […]

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1001 MATCHES: We Got You Covered

by PHIL RIPPA In this installment – besides getting us to a tidy 200 – features matches that had been reviewed at some point in various DVDVRs. Other than that, there really is no rhyme or reason to them. 182) CIMA vs. MAGNUM TOKYO vs. DARKNESS DRAGON vs. MASAAKI MOCHIZUKI vs. DRAGON KID – TORYUMON […]

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WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #100! We decided to celebrate our 100th loveletter to quality pro wrestling by coming up with as many MATCHES YOU SHOULD WATCH as possible. It was originally gonna be the TOP 100 but we figured that would be soooo square- and we wanted to keep it under Mobey […]

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999 Read more

On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 1999

CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! wrestles to the converted! CHRISTIAN YORK! really stinks! MATT AND JEFF HARDY! get a warm reception! ORO comes back from the dead! We finally find a steak house and other stuff from the DVD Playboyz trip to the Super 8… 2/27/99 – ECWA Newport, Delaware THE SCORECARD DR: DEAN RASMUSSEN – Steak and […]

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On The Road: ECWA SUPER 8 2001

LOW-KI! and AMERICAN DRAGON! blow the roof off the mutha! RECKLESS YOUTH! has the best match of his career! JOSH HOLMES! marks out for MR. OO-LA-LA AGAIN! RATS! rip Schneider’s flesh! TRAVIS FURY! brings Cheerwine! BILL BARNWELL! is not very old looking! MIKE PARKHURST! orders the biggest eclair on the Eastern Seaboard! and other shit […]