(By Phil Rippa) At some moment in time board poster Smelly McUgly took advantage of the payola program and paid me to review a random Hodge Podge of matches. There isn’t really an order to them. Also a quick note – on Smelly’s list was also the Midnight Express vs Fantastics from Clash I which […]

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1001 MATCHES: Angle Alert

(by PHIL RIPPA) Some of these aren’t “great” matches. Some aren’t even really matches. Basically everything here is just a vessel for the entertaining/memorable/stupid angle that goes with it. 726) BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO – WWF CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (01/22/80 (Taped), (02/02/80) Aired) A teacher vs. student “exhibition” match where Zbyszko turns on Bruno that […]

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LA PARKA! REY MISTERIO JR! PSICOSIS! ULTIMO DRAGON! HEAVY METAL! and its all one match folks! JERICHO! vs HALLOWEEN! and other stuff I saw and heard this week! Howdy! Welcome to Death Valley Driver #9! Unbelievably (for me anyway), I’m almost caught up- tapewise. So the cycle begins again! Where is that Lacy fella?!? I […]

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DVDVR 4 OFF: King of the Ring 2000

(by PHIL RIPPA) I am reviewing King of the Ring 2000 because Derek Jeter bought the Miami Marlins and Dolfan was less than pleased. (I assume he did not receive a gift basket.) Payment this time was in the form of a Rusev Day shirt. I am elated #HappyRusevDay — DVDVR (@D_V_D_V_R) January 18, […]

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DVDVR 2 OFF: Royal Rumble 1999

(by PHIL RIPPA) Another from the “We Will Pay To Make Rippa Feel Pain” category as this time Chris St. Clair (CSC) chose this abortion of a show. (Pretty sure it was again because the New York Giants won a game. Lord did they really bone me all season long.) WWF ROYAL RUMBLE 1999 (01/24/99) […]

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DVDVR 1 OFF: Survivor Series 1996

(by PHIL RIPPA) As a reminder – I am a whore so people will send money for me to review things and I will review them. The trend has seemed to skew towards terrible WWE related PPVs (except for the constant pestering about Heroes of Wrestling which Dean thankfully reviewed years ago). So I have […]

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1001 MATCHES – WrestleMania

(by PHIL RIPPA) Simple yet appropriate theme to throw out today on the day of another Mania. I have mentioned previously that we tended to not do a lot from WrestleMania just because it usually is the one time a year even the most lapsed fan will pay attention. It is wrestling Easter. Just for […]

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1001 MATCHES: This Was A Thing Once

(by PHIL RIPPA) Sometimes in wrestling – there will be things were you will be like “Oh yeah – I remember when that was a thing once”. And then you forget again because you are old. 527) BUNKHOUSE BATTLE ROYAL – WWF (01/03/87) For some reason, one of my vivid memories of the WWF […]

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KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! finally breaks RIPPA~! DEAN~! loves himself some BIG SWOLL~! CURTIS GRANDERSON~! is as good as being a special enforcer as he is at playing centerfield! DAMIEN WAYNE~! is a fucking man! WORLDWIDE~! DON MURACO~! LADY APACHE~! LOS GUERREROS~! A DEATHMATCH IN A HOUSE~! So many people with DEATH WISHES~!   HIYA~! […]

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1001 MATCHES: Big One (80s and Before)

(by PHIL RIPPA) First part of THE BIG ONE~! All matches took place before 1990 401) GILBERT CESCA/BEN CHEMOIL vs. ANTON TEJERO/INCA PERUANO – FRENCH CATCH (03/12/65) French Catch wrestling is probably the newest sensation in wrestling footage becoming available. Which is ironic since it some of the earliest wrestling available to watch. ~!~ 402) […]