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Kevin Wilson

Wrestling New Classic on 8/30/12

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Not sure why I had this in my collection, I had never even watched it.



Event:  WNC at Korakuen Hall

Date:  August 30th, 2012
Announced Attendance:  1,600


Quality is good, but not HD, that is just the way the event I had was.  But its definitely watchable, may not look great on a 56 inch TV though.  I went ahead and did the entire event even though only the main was requested, since there may be something else here that tickles someone's fancy.  Some matches are clipped, mostly minor.


For those that don't like to watch professional male wrestlers interact with professional female wrestlers, both the matches with both men and women have them interact with each other.  So you've been warned :).  If anyone has an issue with Mediafire just let me know.
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