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Found 24 results

  1. Eventful month with AEW Double or Nothing and WWE Money in the Bank, arguably the biggest B PPV. I remember the days of the big five WWE PPV's.
  2. One of the few shows I bought on DVD such was its quality.
  3. TV Taping tonight I would figure the tag title situation would be resolved - especially since the WWE social media suddenly started promoting how War Raiders were undefeated in NXT yesterday
  4. Here's to a new month of wrestling. Let's see what it brings.
  5. Thank you Titus for the Tumble in the Rumble/Fumble in the Rumble.
  6. Here is everything (as of a couple of days ago) that has been renewed. Spoilers due to size
  7. No one bid on the rights for the remains of the Weinstein Company - so this Lantern Capital group got the rights basically by default. They say they will be dumping money in and keeping the company going. Lantern Capital is a "Dallas-based private equity firm, whose diverse holdings include luxury hotels, automotive dealerships and zinc recycling operations" I am now spending the morning trying to understand what a stalking horse bid is
  8. I knew there was a thread I forgot to start. As Mark mentioned
  9. I was kinda disappointed with Sleight. For an R rated movie, it sure is a Nickelodeon-ish version of a crime drama laced with some superhero stuff and a fairly pedestrian soundtrack. Jacob Latimore has tons and tons of chemistry with Seychelle Gabriel and has charisma to burn and is arguably the best movie big brother ever to his little sister played by Storm Reid. Dulé Hill is also fairly awesome as a pure bad guy. The story is just so cliché ridden and simply isn't there to support these characters. JD Dillard's loose direction for Dope was fucking awesome (GO SEE DOPE RIGHT NOW~!), so I have no idea why he held the reins so tightly this time around. I was also a bit annoyed by the swerve. I'd go see a matinee if you're curious about it, but I wouldn't spend afternoon or evening premium movie dollars.
  10. Deadline says that a 6 episode Roseanne return is in the works with Rosanne Barr, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert already signed on and negotiations with Laurie Metcalf and Jonathan Galecki are in negotiations. Apparently ABC and Netflix are in a bidding war for it I can't imagine if ABC gets it - CBS being thrilled about Galecki doing it
  11. RIPPA

    MLB 2017 - MAY

    Through some miracle - I actually had Anthony Rendon in my starting lineup yesterday
  12. Yay! Made it through an entire month. Of course it is these 31 day months that seem to get us in trouble...
  13. I remember this from when I worked at Borders and it still gives me a chuckle now. When any place that has to organize movies can't decide what genre to put a movie under. My library has really struggled with Silver Linings Playbook and Focus recently. The absolute best is when they put the blu ray in one section (say Comedy) but the regular version in a different section (say Drama)
  14. Our NXT Discussion has became enough to warrant monthly threads. As touched on at the end of the last thread - last night's show
  15. Yeah - I am starting to think I am just going to delete these 20 episodes of Blindspot I have taped...
  16. God - I forgot it was Friday let alone a new month I should probably pay rent..
  17. So A+E Networks had its up fronts and supposedly the History Channel will be doing something with Roots. They are calling it a "revival" They are also doing a series called "Damien" which is a sequel to "The Omen"
  18. Reminder - try to limit yourself to 3 gifs a post max. If necessary - use spoiler tags to help with the loading
  19. For some reason Encore showing both the Burt Reynolds "Heat" and then the Pacino/DeNiro "Heat" makes me giggle
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