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Found 8 results

  1. Observer Hall of Fame inductees: Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo, El Texano and Negro Navarro) Ultimo Guerrero Villano III Dr. Wagner Jr. Gedo Jim Crockett Sr. Edward “Bearcat” Wright Jr. Paul Pons Akiyama was shy by three votes (HORSE. SHYIT!), Don Owen missed by two votes, Stanley Weston by 2, and Sputnik Monroe missed out by 4. Akiyama missing again is a travesty.
  2. Okay, we have lots of decent baseball minds here we touch on this in the HOF thread, but the discussion often gets lost amid other stuff (like who is actually on the ballot, for an example). How about we list our picks for the HOF, I've broken it down into eras that make sense to me, but I'm certainly open to changing that if a valid argument is put forth for doing so. Here's what I came up with: Inception to 1900 1900-1930 (The deadball era as we know it) 1930-1946 (We lost lots of top stars to service in WWII, that's the reason for the 1946 date) 1946-1970 (I really thought about a cut-off of 1965, I'm open to suggestions on this) 1970 (or 1965) -1995 that's going to cover all the guys who were on bubblegum cards when you were wee ones. Obviously, there is going to be some overlap and no where will it be more prominent than guys who started in the late 1980s early 1990s and may have still been playing just a few years ago. Feel free to include such folk. I figure a max of five selections per era should give us plenty of people to talk about. Is this enough breakdowns, too many? Feel free to comment, nothing is set in stone. I just figure this gives us a good chance to bang the drum for our personal favs.
  3. Spyware reports The (original) Hart Foundation is going in. Which would make Bret and Jimmy the second and third two time inductees.
  4. Putting aside issues with Halls of Fame in general and the way the WON one works - for those who are curious, here is this year's ballot (as it appears folks have started to receive them) And in text form (taking form mookie's tweets)
  5. Has it really been four years since we did this? Guess so. Since we have a bunch of new people here, here's how this works. This is the reverse Baseball Hall of Fame. The idea is to nominate up to ten players and five non-players who should be bounced out on their ears for either not meriting inclusion due to performance or the often overlooked "character clause". So, yes, being a general asshat may be invoked. I'll tally up results and post the losers on 1/24/18. Feel free to try and defend someone that you feel is being unfairly maligned, but be aware, Rippa, Tabe, Kuetsar, and myself will likely have nominees and in addition to being grim and hateful bastards, we know our shit.
  6. Just gonna start the thread now since stuff has trickled out DDP (via PWI) is saying he is going in this year PWI is also saying the Rick Rude is also going in this year Now y'all can spend 3 months saying how no one is qualified to make the WWE Hall of Fame
  7. Just to see who would make it - if we, the idiots, had a vote. YOU CAN VOTE FOR UP TO 10 PEOPLE (this is the honor system people) Names are alphabetically just to make it fair A tip from last year - READ ALL OF THE CHOICES BEFORE VOTING!!! A lot of folks got tripped up because they missed names (especially those who where picked guys in alphabetical order).
  8. Just to see who would make it - if we, the idiots, had a vote. YOU CAN VOTE FOR UP TO 10 PEOPLE (this is the honor system people) Names are alphabetically just to make it fair
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