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Found 21 results

  1. Season has officially started (first of two in Japan between As and Mariners is in progress) Pitching is clearly behind hitting. There has already been a grand slam
  2. It's a new month yes it is as the Road to WrestleMania goes through the FastLane. I don't like FastLane or it's track record with the exception of Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at FastLane 2015. Hope to see the rematch.
  3. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind from In Your House 10: Mind Games 1996. One of the greatest matches in WWE history.
  4. http://deathvalleydriver.com/fancy_0318/
  5. Yes this is a Marvel movie but the question is not Marvel related So @S.K.o.S. - with Infinity War now coming out April 27... is it now out of the Summer Blockbuster Pool?
  6. In not really surprising news - the Heathers reboot (which was supposed to be on of the cornerstones of Paramount Network) has been delayed due to the Parkland shootings. Originally it was supposed to start March 7 Now it is just "later this year"
  7. I realized this as I was doing my ballot for the GOAT poll Robert Redford is one of my all-time favorite actors. I just never connected the dots until I was realizing how many things he was in were doing well on my list. I mean like I have even watched shit like Legal Eagles way too many fucking times
  8. So Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Jack Swagger has not been released yet and when he is - he has a 90 day no-compete clause http://www.prowrestlingsheet.com/jack-swagger-not-released-90-days/#.WLm--hIrJE4?platform=hootsuite Mind you - the UK fed that is run by Paige's family tweeted out today that Swagger was wrestling Alberto Del Rio on March 11
  9. Netlfix dropped a couple of teasers for upcoming shows Mindhunter GLOW
  10. Fuck you March - I am gonna fake it till I make it
  11. WWE.com has announced for tonight's show AOP vs. #DIY - Tag Titles Asuka vs. Peyton Royce - Women's Title
  12. Feb almost had its thread closed twice and it is the shortest month That is not a good ratio
  13. I did a search for March wrestling and this came up. It is making giggle. I don't know why
  14. Yay! We made it through a full month! I would say let's make it two but knowing what is going on this month - this isn't going to be pretty
  15. I was all I WILL BRING BACK THE CLASSIC BIT OF STARTING WITH AN AJ GIF Then I remembered this God she was not afraid to fucking die for the sake of making that angle look good. I am trying to remember - that was another instance of crying Big Show wasn't it?
  16. If you are going to start screaming about OJ again - please make a separate thread so I can close it easier next time. Meanwhile JT wants to remind you all this starts soon http://youtu.be/X-VqHhJJAiU I am sure it will disappoint
  17. Y'all are lucky that February is such a short month... And some of you will be lucky to see the April thread
  18. I totally forgot until looking for an image for this month that the PWI year in review was always the March issue So I found the cover that always made me laugh Everyone else in their wrestling gear. Madusa in an insanely tiny bikini for 1988
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