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  1. I just realized the first thread is six and a half years old. We can finally get a new one!
  2. From now on - the photo thread and GIF thread will be one thread. A few guidelines that I ask to be followed. This way when you wonder why come like March I don't allow the threads anymore you will know why. Please no more than 3 "images" per post. (And honestly 3 is really too many). If you absolutely feel like you have to do more than one thing in a post because the board absolutely needs to see it - please use spoiler tags. This also doesn't mean you can get around it by just having like 5 posts in a row. I will turn on flood control if I have to. For the love of God please edit your quote boxes We do not need to see every tweet made by every wrestler Just because everyone has been working from home - use spoiler tags for things that can be considered NSFW. If the length of a GIF reaches double digit seconds... it isnt really a GIF. For reference what I am talking about - GIPHY doesn't allow more than 15 seconds and recommends no more than 6 seconds in length. I am sure there are other things that I will be reminded of by like Jan 2 as they are done instantly
  3. Lets try to limit the number of GIFs per post to 2-3. I was fine with this being the official UFC 168 poster before Dana's announcement.
  4. Most of my comments from the Photo thread apply here too with some additional notes 1) 200 second long clips are not a GIF 2) Unless requested - there is no reason to post the full match that the GIF came from. (Especially when it is the WWE edited version) 3) Since I forgot to say it in the photo thread - some of you need to learn how to edit reply boxes
  5. This is where I post the reminder that GIF are not 8 minutes long And that it is pronounced with a hard G
  6. Rematch at WrestleMania XXXIV. @NikoBaltimore be hyped up!
  7. Streamers (2 wins) vs. Bobby Eaton is the best
  8. Streamers (1 Win) vs. Headhunter A... or B
  9. Fuck Your Flying (1 Win) vs So happy Kevin made this
  10. I don't know why EC3 trying to slam Hama makes me happy but here we are
  11. Andre (4 Wins) vs. WHEEL AWAY! WHEEL AWAY!!!
  12. Andre (3 wins) vs I miss Honma
  13. Andre (2 Wins) vs Eugene gets what he deserves
  14. Andre (1 Win) vs. Nagata...son
  15. Mr. Pogo (1 win) vs I would be scared of Andre too
  16. Axel Wins (3 Wins) vs. So this wasn't a good idea all around...
  17. Axel Wins (2 Wins) vs. Curse you Japanese Table!
  18. Axel Wins (1 Win) vs. Poor Titan (Thanks Cubs!)
  19. Yagi Was Robbed!!! vs. Axel Wins!
  20. Gordy (4 Wins) vs. Killing minis never gets old
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