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  1. This is a good piece as WWE talks to Adam Riches who makes Johnny Gargano's TakeOver gear: https://www.wwe.com/article/adam-riches-johnny-gargano-takeover-gear?sf213643516=1
  2. Eventful month with AEW Double or Nothing and WWE Money in the Bank, arguably the biggest B PPV. I remember the days of the big five WWE PPV's.
  3. One of the few shows I bought on DVD such was its quality.
  4. TV Taping tonight I would figure the tag title situation would be resolved - especially since the WWE social media suddenly started promoting how War Raiders were undefeated in NXT yesterday
  5. Forgot it was April already Based on the WWE court document - these are the taping dates through at least October
  6. Season has officially started (first of two in Japan between As and Mariners is in progress) Pitching is clearly behind hitting. There has already been a grand slam
  7. Spyware reports The (original) Hart Foundation is going in. Which would make Bret and Jimmy the second and third two time inductees.
  8. This made a lot more sense when TV followed a more traditional TV season path Stupid Netflix ruining everything Get off my lawn
  9. It's a new month yes it is as the Road to WrestleMania goes through the FastLane. I don't like FastLane or it's track record with the exception of Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan at FastLane 2015. Hope to see the rematch.
  10. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind from In Your House 10: Mind Games 1996. One of the greatest matches in WWE history.
  11. Let's see if this works a little better. Three month chunks of the year probably is fine. Granted I would have to watch movies anymore to care
  12. It’s a New Day...and Month, Yes it is! IMHO, the RAW Elimination Chamber match between John Cena vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Mike Knox at No Way Out is the best in the gimmick’s history. You get Edge taking out Kofi Kingston to enter the match as Edge lost his WWE Championship in the first Elimination Chamber that night, Rey Mysterio’s performance is amazing as was his year, John Cena is quickly eliminated with a memorable reaction by Edge to it and the final stretch between Edge/Rey Mysterio as Edge leaves with the World Heavyweight Championship.
  13. Since I spaced posting the spoilers from the last tapings I am going to do something a little different for these shows. I am pretending I don't know what happened since this is SPOILER FREE~! (until obviously after the show) Advertised for tonight - Johnny Gargano kicks off the show (in what is being called a "victory lap") - Bianca Belair & The Sky Pirates vs. 3HW - Jaxson Ryker will wrestle - William Regal has invited Drew Gulak to appear on the show
  14. Yeah - considering the other thread is like 14 pages long already this will be the post show discussion. And yet again I am being optimistic that the show is over by 11 pm EDIT Yup - considering the men's match clearly isn't starting till 10:30 at the earliest, I am pushing this back
  15. God - it's 2019 already We are all fucking old
  16. I know one of you probably have this issue so you can let us know the questions though I feel like the woman question will lead me to banning a bunch of people to celebrate the new year.
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