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  1. Sorry for the lack of communication. Right now I'm looking at possibly extending the deadline, depending on how many people think it would help. At the very least I'll be taking them through tomorrow evening.
  2. Is that Millennials vs Mochi/DK match around anywhere? I can't track it down.
  3. Sorry for abandoning this. All those NJ 2011 matches are fine. Alan, get to it! Will start with Sasaki/Miyamoto tomorrow.
  4. -Lucha is a whole 'nother ball of wax. For one thing, it's waaaay more likely that a lucha fed would come down on a site like mine, compared to Japan. For another, I generally don't like it. -There's some FMW matches that would fit, definitely. Sasaki/Miyamoto too. -Hash/Takada is right in the wheelhouse of what I'm looking for with this. Important, loved by many, and there's nothing I can point at to say "oh that's a big flaw and I hate it". Just didn't jive with me. So with that in mind, I welcome short write-ups for Sasaki/Miyamoto and Hash/Takada!
  5. That broadway is something I dislike. -Really, really dry until the injury angle -Nakanishi returns kinda randomly rather than at a point where Nishimura is in peril -Nakanishi's selling of the injury sucks (he can't sell the leg to save his life, in general) -It never seems like they're close to a finish. The crowd gets into things, but I'm not the crowd. Not to mention that it isn't online. And yeah... 'obscure Mutoh house show performances' is definitely NOT something anyone needs to see. Dude is the definition of a 'big event' guy.
  6. Again, I'm looking for matches that you already know are good. The point is to have good matches on the sites. Random mediocre stuff is everywhere already.
  7. That is uncanny. I didn't like the match when I first saw it, but I came around during the AJ '80s set vote. Not sure how that fell through the cracks. Excellent!!
  8. I knew this day would come. I just wasn't sure how to handle it. Having gone through countless DVDs, I'm down to one show left to watch from before this year's G-1 (which, ironically, is from G-1 '99). I'll run out of 'old' content for updates very soon. Since I don't intend to stop updating the site, I've decided to allow YOU~, the puro community, to add matches to the archives. Caveats: -I hold veto power. There are plenty of matches I'm neutral about, but others I dislike. -I'm not going to buy a disc to cap the match. If it's not online and I don't have it already, it will be up to you
  9. ditch

    Best Korakuen ever?

    As much as anything, the lack of full undercards airing before the mid-90s makes this next to impossible to even attempt I was lucky enough to attend the 8/19/05 show in person, and it's about as solid a show as you'll see in Japan in terms of not having a bunch of crap scattered throughout. Bouts that would normally be dull, like the 8-man, turned out good. Not a bad pick, given how many Korakuen shows only produced one or two actively good matches (if that).
  10. Loss at PWO made individual threads for the matches: http://prowrestlingonly.com/index.php?/forum/426-2000s/
  11. Kondo vs Hayashi from August 2006.
  12. Legend Pro just did Ishii vs Okabayashi at Korakuen. ...and it might not have been taped...
  13. No way would WWE be involved. It's probably just that he couldn't be bothered to respond to our scheduling emails. It's easy to say "yes" and something else to nail down an actual time.
  14. Didn't end up happening. Not sure why he didn't want to do it after initially accepting and giving us his Skype name.
  15. On one hand, the interview didn't happen as quickly as I hoped. On the other hand, I'm now going to Skype with Vader. And it's all thanks, indirectly, to Alan.
  16. Plenty of good suggestions so far, and some different approaches to topics I'd brainstormed.
  17. I'm getting a chance to speak with that guy who played the bully's dad on Boy Meets World. Will be focusing on Japan and Europe, and I'm taking suggestions through Friday-ish.
  18. I really liked their 2 year run but it was only 2 years and probably less than 10 standout matches, so... yeah. The Eddie/Jericho tag as MOTY is baffling. Like I can vaguely see someone enjoying it, but it's not remotely a MOTYC. Not much story, not much heat, not as exciting or action-packed as their other tags (let alone everything else in '98)... would love to know where the love is comin' from!
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