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  1. Craig, Check out this link: https://www.apple.com/support/iphone5-battery/ There are some iPhone 5 batteries that are defective and you may be eligible to get a new battery for free. You would have to take it to an Apple store to get it replaced if you are eligible, but you may be able to get a new battery for free.
  2. Plex can do it from your PC to ipad.
  3. The Hopper has 3 tuners - but one is dedicated to the primetime channels (abc, nbc, cbs, fox). So during primetime you can record 6 different things at once, but 4 of the 6 have to be on abc, nbc, fox and cbs. I think the Genie can do 5 of anything. I haven't run into a problem yet with recording on the hopper, but my kids are still small so I don't have to record much for them, and my wife and I watch all of the same shows. Dish put alot of the channels together - all the sports stuff -espn, nfl network, nba network, mlb network, hockey network are all together. So are the kids channels. Movie channels are all together as well.
  4. That reminds me of the situation I dealt with regarding DirecTV. I called them first to see if they would give me a deal for the Genie before switching to Dish. The girl I spoke with agreed to give me 1 genie, 2 of the "joey" type units (for my other 2 tvs) and the Cinema connection kit with installation for $100. For an existing customer that was a pretty good deal so I said sure I would like that offer. So after taking down all my info and agreeing on that price for said equipment she passed me on to their "3rd party verification service" which would go over all the details with me. We he told me that I would get the Genie for $100 and have to pay extra for the 2 "joey" units and the cinema connection kit. So they basically went back on their offer and tried to change it. That was the last straw and pushed me over the top to switch to Dish. Who know - maybe in 2 years I will switch back to Directv. But like piranesi said - Dish's tech is way better. My parents just got the Genie and it is laggy compared to the Hopper.
  5. I am not too sure about the On Demand stuff for Dish, but I have the Hopper with Sling and it is great! The Hopper is not laggy at all, which is one of the main reasons I switched from DirecTV. Also the gen 2 Hopper (the one they are offering now) has built in Sling, so you can watch live TV wherever you are - even on your iPhone or iPad or any computer with a browser. Anything you record on your DVR you have access to as well. The PrimeTime Anytime option is great - it records all the primetime shows every night (you can specify days not to record if wanted) and if you wait to watch them until the next day it will automatically hop over the commercials - no interaction needed. Pricing wise it is probably the same as DirecTV. at least for me it was. The first year it is cheaper because of deals, and then it gets a bit more expensive after that. I would never switch back to cable as their DVR is total garbage. If you are interested in Dish let me know and I can give you a referral code that will get you an additional $50 off when you sign up.
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