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  1. Barr had the benefit of not having to worry about seeing his name trending on Twitter. How many people in Mexico actually knew he was a rapist?
  2. Hans Moleman in blackface? That's it, he's cancelled.
  3. What JBL was doing was sexual assault. And fuck Marty Scurll. That statement is a load of horseshit.
  4. Check out his 30th anniversary match against Okada. They wrestle outdoors in a ring in the middle of a rain shower.
  5. I want to live in whatever alternate reality has this as a tag team.
  6. Comet Pizza doesn't have a basement. I'll get past it. I'm never going to abandon this dumb business that we all love. But the past couple of days have been tough.
  7. I've been a wrestling fan for over 30 years, but this week is the first time that I've actually felt embarrassed about that.
  8. "Proverbial" might be doing a lot of heavy lifting here.
  9. Sting, Hogan, Flair... I think Dolly Parton might literally be the only celeb that it's safe to like these days.
  10. Ricky Morton; Jake Roberts; PCO; Hector Guerrero; and Marty Janetty all had brief runs in ECW, so that's my answer.
  11. Was anyone rocking jorts and t-shirts before Raven? Because that definitely became a thing for a while.
  12. He's been pretty good. He's not on the level of the higher end workers on the roster, but he can definitely keep up with them in the ring. Dresses like an idiot, though.
  13. I am hereby banning Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan from coming over to my apartment. Nick Hogan, too. Brooke can still come over anytime she wants. Holla.
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