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  1. Corbin noticeably called him "Chad" during the promo that set up the angle later in the show last night.
  2. Well, he got suspended/banned by Twitch today, so he may want to Terry Funk that retirement.
  3. They are absolutely not thinking about doing away with fan attendance. Do you feel the same way about DX wearing blackface?
  4. Every time I see someone mention Yoshi-Hashi, I have to do a Google search to remind myself of who Yoshi-Hashi is.
  5. Joey Ryan should be nuked from orbit. Fuck that piece of shit.
  6. Do these guys not have Jeff Hardy's phone number, or what?
  7. It was pretty good, but I wish there was someone better than the Forgotten Sons in it.
  8. They teamed together for a run of house show matches a couple of years ago in NXT. They worked as faces against the Forgotten Sons at the show I went to in Houston.
  9. No, it's definitely Tamina. Lacey is raw, but has potential to get a lot better. Nia at least has a certain presence. Tamina is useless, and has probably only stuck around this long because she knows stuff about her dad that Vince doesn't want getting out.
  10. They could've booked Guy and Jericho in a "Flavortown Street Fight" for Fyter Fest.
  11. If you're including Kendall Windham then you're undermining your own argument.
  12. They should record their own theme song, "We're Not The Bobbies"
  13. Don'tsayitDon'tsayitDon'tsayit In other words, he liked it, but he couldn't put a ring on it. I'm so sorry. The Apter mags waited until Taz's first reign before they recognized the ECW title as a World Title. Three years after Raven defended it in Korakuen Hall.
  14. If he cared about kayfabe, he would've worn Roos.
  15. "Oh yeah, feel the madness! Monday Nitro is the cream of the crop with the 18 to 49 demographic! Dig it!" The really fun one would be Hulk Hogan claiming that 30 trillion people turned in to watch WCW.
  16. Shayna was a Heyman project, and apparently Vince isn't very high on her. And I think we can all guess why Bianca isn't getting used.
  17. "Showbloating" is also why Paul Wight was sent down to OVW in 2000.
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