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  1. It's always a semi-punk or goth girl who gets me to buy crap I don't need or want at GameStop, so they serve a vital place in the nation's economic infrastructure.
  2. Noooo, it'd be too long. It took us, I think, somewhere around 40 minutes for the whole thing. We'd run, get stickies, use them, run, get stickies, use them. It's possible if there's two Avengers, but takes forever. I might have had 1 RPG after it was done, but all my other consumables were toast.
  3. Eh, Robert, you know we got this shit. We just got done playing two Platinum games with the No. 5 guy, someone I've played with a ton of times and has one of the most punchable voices (if that makes sense) in the world. I think he died at least 20 times more than we did. We got paid, though, which is awesome because I needed a few more sniper rifle boosters.
  4. I've waited 10 minutes before and not found anyone who wanted to play a Platinum game. I'll routinely make drinks, food, whatever, because I know I will be in no hurry. I think Destiny 2 mortally wounded it and the new Call of Duty finished it off.
  5. The game seems to get hilariously deader every day. I couldn't find a Gold match at one point last night. I keep running into the same 10 or so people playing Platinum 'cause they're probably one-third of the 30 still playing the game. I gotta admit, I usually don't get hung up on accomplishments, but I wanted in that top 100 bad. Re-speced my Avenger to work better in Platinum. It did seem to work better in the only match I played with it. Also experimented with carrying around two pistols instead of a pistol and a shotgun. I think that'll be my Remnant setup, because it seems like Destroyers and Progenitors laugh at shotgun blasts. Probably because of the shields. Once you get those down, it's easier. Pistols, for now, are a Bulwark Eagle and a Talon Siphon (good "shotgun pistol.")
  6. Wasn't he a 440 APEX with a I-1 character? Starting a game with three people opens you up to such bullshittery. I figured we were gonna exit the room anyway to check strike teams or whatever, but I just wanted to kick dude out before we did to send him a message of displeasurement with his non-amusing antics.
  7. I'm sure Meltzer's problem with working with editors is he strikes me as the type who's still working on the newsletter 15 minutes after it should've been at the printers. So he can't afford to take a few hours out of his schedule to get the thing proofed. I'm a (quote-unquote) editor for a living, and while his writing could be better, I look over it because he's a niche writer who writes a niche product. Would his style work in the NY Times? No. But nobody's buying the Observer because they want fine prose, they wanna read the scoopz~! And I don't think the newsletter needs to look more polished, either - it's such a niche publication that it doesn't operate under the same rules as say, Sports Illustrated. You can't hold his writing or his product to the same standard as magazines and newspapers because at the end of the day, it's still just a newsletter.
  8. Been playing Platinum with decent teammates all day. Didn't extract once 'cause I couldn't waddle the Gladiator over in time. Top guy (fourth overall) sent me a message that said "that happens to me all the time." So I don't feel so bad. Anyway, I forgot to buy a disappointment pack last time, so now I have the money for three. Let's liveblog it, shall we. These are all Arsenal packs - I have all the characters, so I want ultra-rare guns. Pack 1: Incendiary Ammo 3 Experience Enhancer 3 Tech Power Amp 3 First Aid Pack Cryo Ammo 4 Pack 2: Ammo Capacity Mod 3 Valkyrie 8 (N-7 assault rifle) Cyclone Bulwark 9 (uncommon assault rifle - still have a bunch of uncommon guns to get) Cyclonic Mod 3 Revive Pack Pack 3: Incendiary ammo 3 Sniper rifle rail amp 3 Targeting VI 3 Ammo pack Widow bulwark 7 (uncommon sniper rifle) It's strange that I used to think I'd never use a lot of consumables - I always thought "I'll never use ammo capacity mods, I don't shoot," but they're mandatory now on Platinum stand-in-one-place and shoot games. There'll probably come a time when I use the sniper rifle stuff. Now I'm in a party with some of the Illuminati, and it's a hoot. Scotty's barking out orders left and right, there's a Leeroy Jenkins-type fucking everyone's plans up, it's chaos. Scotty's pissed. They brought me into a party and haven't got a spot in a game for me. Hilarious. Edit: I'm gaming again with this dude who talks a little faster, but sounds pretty much like this. I keep wanting to ask him to say "Eugene," but that would be in poor taste:
  9. If this cavalcade of weirdos I seem to have latched on to gets any weirder, I'll either be headed back to Los Santos or my slime ranch.
  10. I got to thinking the other day about how I kinda missed some of the parts of the drug- and car-selling stuff. That said, I really hate getting my ass kicked in GTA. Some of that new stuff is tough, and I'm already behind the curve. Really, game quit being much fun when people started using the marksman rifle a lot.
  11. A lot of these guys invite me to parties so we can "strategize," which usually means they're gonna brag about how good they are and tell me what to do.
  12. Yup. It wasn't a five-star wrestling classic, but it was absolutely perfect for what it was and was exactly as long as it needed to be. It was so damn well thought out.
  13. I fucking hate it when some stranger barges into your party without being invited. But the night shift got visited by the German Guy (Detlef, I kid you not) and the other guy who has the world's ugliest-sounding girlfriend. Now, I mind, but I thought maybe they needed one more to fill out a game or some shit. I think the German guy's heart is in the right place, at least. Turns out they had pretty much just started a match, so I had to sit around and sit around for them to finish with their match. How do I freaking attract these weirdos? All I want are some decent people to play the game with when the night shift isn't on, and as usual, it bites me in the ass. Detlef left and here comes a guy with pretty much every stereotypical British accent ever. He was telling some wild story about how some other guy I''ve played with before and is a known jackass was accusing the British dude of calling the American government on him or some such shit, and I'm just constantly thinking "all of this would be one hell of a book." So, apologies to Melraz and Robert.
  14. Please keep this thread clear for any news about DLC or patches or any new content for Andromeda.
  15. I tried playing that werewolf TellTale game, and while I loved the idea, it just wasn't for me.
  16. Yep. There's so few people playing these days that folks figure correctly that everybody will take whatever they can get. I figure that if I'm gonna have trouble finding four anyway, having anyone is better than no one because they draw fire away from me. If they die too much, I forget how to revive them. It gets really bad anytime new characters are out, because people are trying to level them up fast by playing them at the highest difficulty they can get away with. You'll see Level 8s in Golds quite a bit. People think that if they have a semi-decent APEX rating, they'll be trusted to know what they're doing. Actually, it's usually any port in a storm.
  17. I finally found a game I'm halfway decent at. That and making fun of dipshits with the night shift.
  18. Piranha is only held down by its horrible ammo capacity, but there are ways around that. Also still like my good ol' Scattershot, bulwark or siphon depending on the circumstances. Plenty of guns I need to play around with.
  19. The goal is to get into the top 100, doable but tougher than I thought because it seems a lot of the people at this level are still playing. It's been a slow climb. Played last night with a bunch of sharks - I was low APEX in the group - and even got invited to some secret society of 40,000-plus APEXes designed to make platinum spots easier to fill. The ringleader was this mouthy dude who always had a better idea of how you should be doing things, all while dying every 5 seconds. Good stuff. By the way, mission funds ultra-rares are still characters, for the third straight week. Just have to keep saving. New Silver APEX also promises to be a mixture of enemies like the one last week.
  20. I was on this afternoon for a couple of games, and one of my teammates had to have a come-to-Jesus chat with two teammates who wasn't clued in on the Nova thing. I was the Salarian, and the Avenger was low APEX, so I was worried. He did fine, though. The chat was hilarious - "OK, guys, here's what you're going to do..."
  21. I'm playing some matches with this guy I've played with a billion times, except this time I'm in a party chat with him and his "girlfriend," who sounds about 60 and gave her throat to the Marlboro Man years ago. It's easily one of my most surreal gaming experiences ever. I am both dying to know what this chick looks like and absolutely petrified she would turn me to stone if I ever found out. And oh yeah, there's a German dude. Later on we were joined by Freight Train of $5 Wrestling fame. We failed the last game I played with them because the cloaker (dude with the girlfriend) forgot he had to do something besides shoot and he completely whiffed a devices wave. In his defense, he was stoned.
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