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  1. You sound just like me after my first trip... haha I was slightly nervous since you hear all the bad things about Mexico but everything went smoothly and in all my trips since I've never felt in danger. A lovely city where you dollar goes a long way. And as you also pointed out... nothing like Arena Mexico. Just an amazing atmosphere when the building fills up. Crowd is there to have a good time + see their favorites win or the guys they hate lose... not chant dumb shit or interpret body language to break down the psychology of a match. Toronto is cool too.
  2. CRASH streamed their show last night on facebook. It's still up and should be up forever. The opener was insane and must-see as most CRASH openers. Daga vs Hechicero was real good, as was Rey Horus/Soberano Jr. vs CIMA/T-Hawk. My favorite match was the Rebellion vs NGD trios. Skip the women's garbage & main event debacle. I dunno hwo you false advertise a guy for a month & then decide to make it up to the fans with a cheap main event complete with silly turn setting up nothing.
  3. I loved the show. Everything I wanted out of my wrestling. The only two things keeping it from being a 10/10 show for me was the clusterfuck lumberjack match where everyone was too selfish to just do what the crowd wanted and had to get their shit in - shocking for a Teddy Hart match, huh? That Jack/Chessman brawl at the end was 100% legit which tells you how angry they were at how things went. And the pre-show 4 was cruiserweight title match was underwhelming considering the participants. Everything else clicked for me including that wild hardcore match where they did the opposite of the lumberjack match and did exactly what the crowd wanted to see - VIOLENCE! Best match for me was the ladder match where I was terrified they'd hurt themselves in a match that made no sense to even be happening but to everyone's credit they did the match as flawlessly as possible by AAA ladder match standards. Pre-show opener, actual show opener & 4 way for title also get credit for being very good. The 4 way mask match wasn't bad but the referee stuff really took me out of it and made it feel less like an important match and more of a sideshow. Hijo de Tirantes took tons of offense and survived it all which made the other two look dumb since they were selling exhaustion and pain while this ref is invincible. Marisela getting nailed was a 100% planned spot but the execution did not go as planned since Fenix did kick her hard in the throat. Intentional? That's up to you to decide. But the sister was clearly expecting it, there was security covering the urn & protecting the grandma so they knew Fenix was coming in on top of them but he came in so hot both feet went straight at her. I loved it. Even more loved her biggest concern afterwards was fixing the wig she refuses to admit she wears. Will rank high on my favorite Triplemanias of all-time list that I'll never end up making. The English announcing was horseshit as expected. Every year it's the same thing and it will never change which is why we all have the right to forever laugh when AAA pretends that they're coming to the United States. They can't even be bothered on their biggest show of the year to get two announcers who can name the wrestlers. More important to make sure Vamp gets his buddy a payday & someone to joke around with.
  4. I liked Cage vs Penta. Fun brawl with some sick spots. Ricky Mundo killing the dude was very cool. This season is a slaughter. Melissa's acting was L-O-L. Good thing she's pretty. Skipped cage match because seemed like it would the usual jokey match with props and DeJoseph fed lines to Striker.
  5. CMLL is a family business and the family lives in a bubble. Their profit margin is so low it's ridiculous so they never have to do anything they don't want to do. Once in a while you'll get someone who tries to shake things up & that person will get somewhere for a while until the old guard steps in and shuts it down in order to keep the normalcy (& their easy jobs). You can view that either way. The company has existed 85 years doing it that way & the only time they were even in the slightest trouble was when they were sabatoged from the inside (AAA formation). Which is why they don't play well with others & why new non-family members of the office are practically non-existent.
  6. One day I'll explain why Jeff Jarrett keeps returning to AAA but today is not that day unless the sleaze thread makes a return. There is no family connection... haha Dorian almost bought Impact at one point and still wants to own it some day to make his mark outside of Mexico. Triplemania has never been about getting everyone on the show until last year. Many years people were left off because there was no room. This year 100% it's just get everyone and their family on the show. As I said on twitter... if you are on the AAA roster and can't get a spot on this year's lineup you should re-think your career options. Alberto wrestling is not confirmed. We'll find out tomorrow. Him vs Wagner would be a thing but maybe AAA doesn't want that added expense for no reason.
  7. Stuka Jr. vs Hechicero from tonight's CMLL show was great! A great match on a Tuesday! Only second time this year! Actually if you disliked Friday's CMLL show you should watch tonight. It was strangely good.
  8. I saw more fun matches at yesterday's Impact tapings than all season on LU so far...
  9. Don't sleep on this atomicos match from last Saturday. Lots of names you may not recognize but they killed it. Alas de Oro/Centella Oriental/Mexica/Yakuza vs Danger/Lokillo/Sadico/Yoruba
  10. Definitely... and shameless plug - instagram.com/RobViper13 where I'll be uploading videos of the show. You can hear the ground shake!
  11. Should note... you all should watch Toxin vs Fly Star in their mask match from the Mexa Wrestling show. Legit MOTYC and an atmosphere unlike anything you'll see elsewhere. It's pretty violent though so if you're not into that you should avoid.
  12. The Arena Mexico show on Friday was great! Easily one of the best Arena Mexico shows I've attended live, probably only behind the 2013/2014 Anniversaries (but ahead of the 2015 one & H2L this year). The Negro Casas ceremony was surreal live. We actually couldn't tell Dalys was an edecan at first (they were using big screen for video of whatever was airing on the feed instead of the dance number). I watched the CMLL edit and it didn't do it justice since they kept zooming out to show the crowd and missed Casas kicking his own grandchild. LOL Playfully! Don't wanna get the outrage police angry. Warrior Jr. being in the ring was funny as shit. He's not even family yet! The kids had their own mini fight at one point and one tried to escape the ring. Adorable. Speaking of... the notable missing things from the feed were Monito getting beat up and rolling across the ring while selling... a triple stage dive in Mistico/Caristico match... and lots of Rush/LA Park crowd brawling. They hit 3 out of the 4 corners of Arena Mexico at various points including taking rows of chairs out. It was awesome! The ground was literally shaking when they had their two stand-offs in the 3rd fall. Penta was super over and the cero miedo chants were really loud when Parka/Rush were taking breathers on the floor. Even though the show ran long by Friday standards and the metro was closing in 45 minutes - there was no mass exodus after the DQ. Everyone wanted to hear Rush/Park do mic work. Getting out after that was chaotic with the huge crowd though. Opener was tremendous. Audaz/Templario are gold. Second match was worst of the night but still passable. Caristico was SO OVER! I regret not recording when his music hit because it was the 3rd loudest pop of the night after the two Rush/Park stand-offs. Legends match was what it was. No Ultimo Guerrero there to save things. Blue Panther is REALLY slowing down these days. Solar is shot and messed up a bunch of stuff. But the crowd being so into things saved it. Crowd chanted Casas' name so he'd come back out after he tried to leave so he returned to kiss some fans. Volador Jr. vs Taven was probably hated in these parts but live it was electric with the crowd buying into Tirantes' shtick. Huge pop when Volador won and the post-match angle... rare for CMLL... got a huge pop too. There's nothing like Arena Mexico live but even moreso when it's full and Friday was so it was a great experience and nice bonus since originally I was just going down to see some indy shows on the Saturday. The Mexa show was really good for the first half we saw and I regretted not staying because the second half kicked ass too on video so I assume live would have been incredible. Instead we went to Pura Raza to see the ROH guys and that show not only bombed but the matches were hardly anything worth checking out. IWRG on Sunday was awesome though. I penciled that in as just a way to pass a few hours before my flight but almost every match was very good to excellent including a crazy Freelance vs Dragon Bane sprint that saw a ton of money thrown. Freelance almost took me out on a dive! It really is a shame it doesn't appear Rush vs Park is in the cards. For this year at least. That would have gotten me to skip BOLA Night 1 but I just don't trust CMLL enough to keep my plans in flux so now I'm out of going to the Anniversary no matter what happens. Either way... can't see what they can do on 9/14 to top last Friday.
  13. I booked a weekend trip mainly to see the indy shows on 8/4 (Mexa Wrestling w/ Fenix vs Titan, Bandido/Flamita teaming & other stuff + Pura Raza with Chris Daniels vs Hechicero & Briscoes vs Volador Jr/Rey Cometa) and accidentally stumbled onto the most loaded Arena Mexico show of the year the night before! I still can't believe it. Already got my tickets (they didn't even raise prices!) FYI Front row is $20 US.
  14. They did it in 2010 and drew a full house. And in 2013 did Sombra/Volador when everyone expected Atlantis/UG. Never underestimate how cheap CMLL can be & how little they care about the perception of what they do.
  15. Cage. Use the names to draw, take the cheapest mask.
  16. Pretty flat episode I thought. The battle royale came off as so lame with it only going a minute & someone just being taken out of the big match next week just by someone else's choice at random. Very Attitude Era. Dezmond's debut was cool but again it came off as Impact where they take 2 months off for tapings, everyone leaves, so they just reset and push the first guy available to come in. Wins his debut, is suddenly in line for shot at biggest title in company. Main event was pretty short & another weak title match. Just not feeling it. It's not a bad show by any means but it's not the Lucha Underground from previous seasons. Also, where's the lucha? LOL Does Aero Star still exist?
  17. Incase you were all ever wondering how behind the times a lot of wrestling fans are in Mexico - there are quite a few who think him showing up like that and arguing with Electro Shock was 100% legit & the AAA vs ELITE beef is real. Seriously.
  18. The Penta reveal unti the closing skit was the first thing I enjoyed this season. That stuff is what I want to see when I watch LU.
  19. My interest in this season so far can be summed up by how I forgot to watch until yesterday. My idea of wrestling in 2018 is not a Chavo Guerrero Jr. or Jack Swagger match. This is just another Impact for me now where if I hear there's a good match I'll check it out but I am checked out of everything else. It's like a parody of what Lucha Underground used to be. One of my favorite moments was Striker saying something along the lines of "you gotta win over these believers, they won't just cheer for anyone!" as about 15 minutes later they gave an ovation to Mr. Pectacular.
  20. I mean I added the Mexico caveat just b/c I'm on the fence with that or Sombra vs Gargano for overall MOTY right now. As for feud... I think it's a no brainer. Both the work and numbers back it up. If we manage to get all the way to the record breaking Arena Mexico stip match it's gonna be an all-timer. When it comes to financials AAA/CMLL aren't really comparable b/c AAA had many costs CMLL doesn't (i.e. a building). CMLL has an endless money pit & can afford any price set but they usually don't b/c they don't need to cave to anyone's demands. Like I've pointed out many times - CMLL's break even is miniscule. That's why they can do Niebla Roja/Gran Guerrero with 3 weeks build, draw 13,000 at slightly elevated prices & that's an enormous profit for them. Why waste it all on caving to someone's demands? So the fact this entire Rush/Park deal is even happening clearly indicates something has been worked out already & it's a favor to Rush (who is family of the office). Also, LA Park has a personal tie to Rush's family hence why Rush's dad could use the Pierroth gimmick without LA Park beating the living fuck out of him legit. I'm not saying this is 100% locked in but right now it's 100% locked in within the minds of CMLL & the participants. But then again Park/Wagner/CMLL were 100% locked in on a tag match at the 2015 Anniversary to setup a possible mask match in 2016 & we all saw how fast that went off the rails. Personally I'm gonna be rooting for Park to win. If Rush is anything like his dad his hair will grow back just fine and very quickly. Then you use Park winning to set in motion a plan of Park vs Atlantis for the 2019 Anniversary. One of those two unmasking for sure would break whatever record Rush/Park are going to set this year. Atlantis is done when he loses his mask b/c he looks like an old man but he won't lose until his son has his career under way properly and that won't be until 2019. And I think once Wagner lost his mask, Park suddenly had the realization that it's time to do business. He's not a mark for the big match, he's a businessman. So smart business seems to be get that Triplemania payoff, get that Anniversary payoff & cash your mask in against the legendary guy who has a history of record breaking gate prices. Not to mention in the meantime his son gets established as an Arena Mexico top guy (even if he isn't wrestling like one). This should be the end of the build though. Park is away from Arena Mexico until August according to current plans. CMLL will announce the Anniversary show/prices likely when the World Cup ends since nobody is paying attention right now. I'm curious to see how they phrase everything since in theory Park has a mask match already on 8/25 but CMLL is not gonna go out of their way to hype it.
  21. Amazing spectacle. Great match to build to September. They had to do a non-finish and did it in such a way nobody felt ripped off. My Mexico MOTY.
  22. It was rough. For the first half of the match if you told me I accidentally put on an episdoe of Impact at it's worst, I'd have believed it. Fenix saved things & the final 4 was decent but this was just a lot of bad. Really didn't feel like Lucha Underground as much as what's left of what was once Lucha Underground. The Dario/Antonio stuff just seems like it's insulting to me as a viewer. I'd rather they have just done the bit where Dario being shot was a dream or he was wearing a protective vest.
  23. I am very curious to see if this season comes off as Lucha Underground Season 4 or Lucha Underground presents TNA Impact w/ guest spots featuring Lucha Underground workers. There is like... no buzz. First show will be vital to get people interested but even then I feel like they're fighting to just win back their regular viewers (like me) who were such a small # as it was. It's hard to see what the goal of this group is other than give paydays to friends of those in charge. I'm less interested in what happens on the show this year as much as seeing if they make ANY attempt to expand.
  24. Soberano Jr. vs Magia Blanca was surprisingly quite good on yesterday afternoon's show.
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