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  1. 10 hours ago, Craig H said:

    I haven't, no. This is mainly my friend's deal. He bought a bunch of D&D 5e stuff and while he, another friend, and myself are still local, we stopped playing D&D together and with a couple other people around here, and played board games and other stuff instead.

    I always felt bad for partially hijacking the D&D stuff with board games, so around a month or so ago I said we should play D&D on Tabletop Simulator instead of beating our heads against the wall in DotA every other night. I think my friend likes DM'ing and he has the stuff for it, I just wanted him to have the opportunity to do it. Plus, it lets the three of us that still live here play D&D with our 4 other friends who have moved to various other states. 

    I just don't think he would dig playing a different system at this point.

    Thanks for the suggestion though! I'll at least keep it in mind if D&D starts getting stale for all of us.

    Tell him if he ever gets bored and wants to try something different, look for the module Death Frost Doom, which is good for a short campaign or long one shot. It's really fun, especially if the players don't know what they are in for, and is not really all that difficult to convert to 5E if someone wanted to.

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  2. Rotten Tomatoes List:

    1. Toy Story

    2. Spider Man

    3. John Wick 3

    4. Once Upon a Time in hollywood

    5. Aladdin

    6. Detective Pikachu

    7. Hobbs and Shaw

    8. Secret Life of Pets 2

    9. Lion King

    10. Godzilla

    11. Dora

    12. Dark Phoenix

    13. New Mutants

    14. Stuber

    15. Shaft


    Box Office: 

    1. Toy Story 4

    2. Aladdin

    3. Spider Man

    4. Secret Life of Pets 2

    5. Detective Pikachu

    6. Lion King

    7. Hobbs and Shaw

    8. Dark Phoenix

    9. Rocket Man

    10. John Wick

    11. Play Mobil

    12. Child's PLay

    13. Dora

    14. Shaft

    15. Stuber


    Tiebreaker: Toy Story 4- 515m

  3. I am a dummy and am doing this late, so I guess here we go: 

    Box Office: 

    1. Incredibles

    2 Solo

    3 Jurassic World

    4 Mission Impossible

    5 Ant Man

    6 Skyscraper

    7 Ocean's 8

    8 Mamma Mia

    9 Meg

    10 Equalizer

    11 Sicario

    12 Purge

    13 Superfly

    14 Christopher Robin

    15 Happytime Murders


    Rotten Tomatoes

    1 Incredibles

    2 Mission Impossible

    3 Oceans 8

    4 Ant Man

    5 Christopher Robin

    6 Solo

    7 Equalizer

    8 Sicario

    9 Skyscraper

    10 Jurassic World

    11 Happy Time Murders

    12 Mamma Mia

    13 Action Point

    14 Purge

    15 Meg


    Tiebreaker Ant Man & Wasp 175m 

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  4. So I got married this weekend, which was cool. Also, when my wife (who doesn't like wrestling at all but apparently pays close attention to the things I love because she is awesome) entered the reception prior to our first dance, she had the DJ, unbeknownst to me, play this: 


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  5. Thanks for doing this again! 


    1. GotG Vol. 2

    2. Despicable Me 3

    3. Dark Tower

    4. Baywatch

    5. Wonder Woman

    6. Transformers 5

    7. Spiderman

    8. Cars 3

    9. Planet of the Apes

    10. Capt Underpants

    11. All Eyez on Me

    12. Dunkirk

    13. Baby Driver

    14. Mummy

    15. Emoji Movie



    1. Baby Driver

    2. Dunkirk

    3. Planet of the Apes

    4. GotG Vol. 2

    5. All Eyez on Me

    6. Despicable Me 2

    7. Atomic Blonde

    8. Alien 

    9. Wonder Woman

    10. Baywatch

    11. Mummy

    12. King Arthur

    13. Pirates 5

    14. Transformers 5

    15. Emoji Movie

    Tiebreaker: GotG Vol. 2 will make 312,000,000

  6. Sunday, December 4

    Kansas City at Atlanta

    Miami at Baltimore

    San Francisco at Chicago

    Philadelphia at Cincinnati

    Houston at Green Bay

    Denver at Jacksonville

    Los Angeles at New England

    Detroit at New Orleans


    Buffalo at Oakland

    Washington at Arizona

    NY Giants at Pittsburgh

    Tampa Bay at San Diego


    Carolina at Seattle

    Monday, December 5

    Indianapolis at NY Jets


    Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton passing yards 250

    Tiebreaker #2: Julio Jones receiving yards 111

    Tiebreaker #3: Eli Manning interceptions thrown 1

  7. Thursday, November 24

    Minnesota at Detroit

    Washington at Dallas

    Pittsburgh at Indianapolis


    Sunday, November 27

    Arizona at Atlanta

    Cincinnati at Baltimore

    Jacksonville at Buffalo

    Tennessee at Chicago

    NY Giants at Cleveland

    San Diego at Houston

    San Francisco at Miami

    Los Angeles at New Orleans


    Seattle at Tampa Bay

    Carolina at Oakland

    New England at NY Jets


    Kansas City at Denver

    Monday, November 28

    Green Bay at Philadelphia

    Tiebreaker #1: winning margin in GB/Phi 7

    Tiebreaker #2: Philip Rivers passing yards 295

    Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thrown in Jax/Buf 3

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