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  1. Cole was probably really messed up so... gets a pass from me. Layout was GOOD but then that happened. Shrug.
  2. The injuries and what not could be a blessing because think now of what Forbidden Door II could be? We didn't see: Bryan, Omega, Punk, Naito, Takahashi, Ibushi, etc..
  3. Went into the PPV with lower expectations given all the injuries but it ended up being well worth the money! Really great show. Even the Buy In was great stuff. Crowd was hyped all night.. Could have done without the Dynamite ending with all the run ins I get they are trying to sell Blood and Guts but let's let some shit breathe Tony lol. Loved the pacing of the show. Loved Claudio vs. ZSJ as that as the technical mat based match really broke up all the action nicely. The nearly 4 hours did not drag at all. AEW x NJPW found a sweet spot where everything got enough time but nothing really overstayed its welcome. SHIBATA!!!
  4. Nah man... that was an underrated era. Loads of great tag matches and whatnot.
  5. I don't remember how I got into wrestling but I had a lot of wrestling figures even by age 3 or 4. Maybe it was my Dad or a combination of things because back then most people I knew had some understanding of wrestling or watched from time to time. Hulk Hogan was such a cultural icon. I was brought to a house show but I don't really remember much about it, I was too young. I think the main event was something like Andre and Rude vs. Warrior and Jake. From there I'd get all the figures, magazines etc. I found JCP on TBS and started loving Sting and The GREAT Muta. In WWF Warrior was my guy. The first show I have a good memory on attending had to be 1991. I think they were running a SummerSlam spectacular or something at the centrum. My dad took me to it. Hogan fought Slaughter but it was a 4-hour show. The main event was a second Hogan match, he fought The Undertaker. Good times.
  6. Made that part of my recent rewatch. Bret vs. Razor/Perfect/Bam Bam. Always an absolute TREAT...
  7. I brought up the topic because I'm truly wondering if I prefer the Rock N' Wresting era of WWF to pretty much every other era because of pure nostalgia or are there other reasons at play. I've been binging Saturday Night's Main Event and I do think there's several factors at play here. -The crowds are insanely hot for all the babyfaces. I miss that about wrestling. Babyfaces used to kick ass. -The commentary is intelligent and nobody is trying to sell you shit. They are focusing on the strategy of the match in front of them. Ventura has always been my favorite and he stands out big time on the binge. -Tag team wrestling is treated as a big deal. The matches are a lot better than you might remember. They aren't on JCP level but there's a lot of great teams having great matches. The Hart Foundation, The Brainbusters, Demolition, Rockers, British Bulldogs, Fabulous Rougeaus, etc. -The mid card feuds are also a big deal. Fans are rabid for Tito getting his hands on Macho or even Ronnie Garvin as a referee snuffing Greg Valentine. From an in-ring standpoint there are other eras that I prefer 1997 as @The Naturalpointed out, Ruthless Aggression Era had lots of tremendous matches too and of course the era we are currently in but from an overall product and presentation standpoint I think 1985-1992 is fantastic despite Hogan having a stranglehold on the WWF Championship.
  8. What era of WWF/WWE do you prefer and why? Pre-1984 1985-1992 1993-1997 1997-2002 2002-2007
  9. That sounds cool but could also just be Lesnar because they don't trust anyone else.
  10. They really don't have a clue who should beat Roman or when.
  11. I believe Sasha and Naomi walked for similar reasons. Reports were Naomi was in contract negotiations, she's been unhappy with her spot in the company for a while. Naomi had some nice WrestleMania moments but they were closer to Ryder's moment when he won the ladder match than some actual sustained push to the top of the division. Naomi watched as WWE tried to make various other (mostly white) women the face of SD! and she was often forgotten about. She's in her 30s now and she's unhappy with her role. She put a lot of effort into her presentation over the years and she's been waiting for an opportunity. She tried to make the best of her and Sasha's team and you could tell they were loving teaming together, they said ok let's make this division something, let's make this our thing. That was their vision but not WWE because WWE is creatively bankrupt. Instead of pushing multiple women they can only push 1 or 2 to the detriment of everyone else. So you can see why Sasha and Naomi weren't feeling the idea of making others look good again, they've been doing that for most of their careers. It's old. The part that people forget is reportedly a producer yelled in their faces. So think of how you would react when you try to come up with some ideas at work to better yourself and your colleagues and all you get is yelled at and told to fix your attitude, especially when you're a black woman and it's coming from likely an old ass racist piece of shit.
  12. Has anyone thought that maybe Naomi's not being discussed right now because there's no news?
  13. Lets hope so. She can go do whatever she wants and then get some oddball WM payday for 2024
  14. Been saying this a while now, Red Velvet is criminally underrated. She's been at her best vs. the hosses of the division, she bounces around like a pinball and when she's on offense she is doing the believable and smart thing, going after the legs or knees, cutting them down. She has probably one of Jade's best matches and a really good match now with Statlander. Kris Statlander just gets better and better, she's a star or on her way. The Baddies is the best act in all of wrestling, they have the potential to be crossover stars. Jade is an undefeated machine but Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan need some wins themselves too. Kiera Hogan is the only Hogan I wanna discuss.
  15. Wolfpac made pretty much zero sense. But Wolfpac was also CRAZY over.. The theme song.. the new merch. WCW was nuts.
  16. Yeah. Cody probably gets the "Hunter at MSG" return and then faces Roman.
  17. Really good match. Cody you are nuts for that. But hell... good stuff. RAW Women's Match was really good too. All the other stuff was cool. Good show.
  18. hmm probably would have preferred a tourney. But anyway good show.. Luchas vs YBs do what they do... fun stuff Hogan vs. Athena was very good! Hogan has come a long ways... that stable gonna go places
  19. Damn.. they gonna need Bryan maybe then for Tana at the PPV?
  20. RAW had one of the worst rated eps ever. "The WWE brand's the star..."
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