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  1. I hope he comes out witha a Singapore cane and a six pack of bud smoking a cig...well shit
  2. At that point I just said fuck it and let it burn. This kindle and the board do not mesh
  3. Frankie's face told a different story. I wanted Frankie to win, but jose worked him over a little. Shrugging off every takedown attempt, avoiding frankie's combos backpeddling and tagging him on the way out. Frankie was pressing the action, but jose landed more headshots and a couple good knees.
  4. Aldo was faster and stronger...part of me is wanting somebody to hand him a cup to send off to usada His physique is just fucking ripped to shreds. I know hes a world beater but he looked 155 fighting a 145er
  5. As much shit as ive given brock lately, I still want to see him win...and overeem to beat stipe...and get THAT rematch...but I still think mark hunt is going to re retire him with a right hand
  6. Frankie is looking very crisp and is using good angles...aldo looks relaxed and loose
  7. Im having tonwatch this on bt sport since I cant find a decent stream for fox sports...just caught the tail end of hendricks/gastellum...ive missed everything since fight pass, whats happened so far?
  8. It really is Christmas for mma fans...I couldnt tell you the last time I was a watching fight pass live with real interest
  9. Dear lord, that is an ugly canvas....piss yellow.. Watching fight pass, miller vs gomi getting ready to start.
  10. Just from how tired/depleted Meisha looked at the weigh ins, it looked like that was a hard cut on her. She has had time to rehydrate and all, but... Nunes looked hungrier too. Shit happens in the fight game though, and what a difference a day can make. Like I said, im pulling for Meisha. I still think Brock gets nuked.
  11. I dont think ive read or heard anyone talking about how big this is for women's mma, for tate/nunes to headline what will possibly be the ufc's biggest ppv of all time, and undoubtedly the most stacked card of all time...regardless of how they got there.
  12. Meisha - Lay off the cupcakes goddamnit. And the..ya know...mexican supplements (bones)
  13. 5-2 You think Creed is bringing that arcade stick with him on the road with the rest of the shit he has to pack? Im sure he plays more on the dualshocks anyway. Besides, 5-2...that aint the controller. If he knew it was going down, he shoulda come prepared. Kenny's Alex is...as the kids say, on point 100 straight fire fleek ...I hate myself now
  14. Somebody should cordially invite Austin Creed to this thread, hell just so he could read it since it looks like he will make the GTA a recurring theme. Im pretty sure my 13 year old daughter would make him rage quit....I can just imagine what a member of the night shift would do to him. He seriously needs help. That was goddamn pathetic and he is supposedly the best gamer on the WWE roster right now. Kenny Omega worked his ass over in Street Fighter 5 too....a brock sized ass whoopin'
  15. JT will love this...it seems the app updated for the year 2 MoT and broke the website, widespread issues of people not being able to access characters. I experienced this myself trying to track down the code for the tshirt. Attempted force stop clear cache, when that didnt work I did a force stop clear data ...then uninstall reinstall. Worked for a second until I tried to access the code again and then it shit the bed once more. After that I started trolling @bungiehelp and a typical trump supporter on twitter (basically called him a dumbass and presented a fact to him)
  16. I may have to buy the tshirt, just saying, but I have little self respect as ive worn the paul heyman tshirt out in public on multiple occassions
  17. Oh, go to the tower and pick up your book... Picture lol...sadly my s5 is dead, my burner doesnt have the capability and this kindle smokes pole at everything. I had to side load the destiny companion over onto this and it doesnt even work half the time (amazon's doing, god forbid they dont try and squeeze every nickel they can out of you in support of their horrible excuse for an app store)
  18. So they posted some shit about bungie day on bungie.com or .net or whatever the damn website is, but I cant link, copy or paste on this shitbox kindle...im hoping someone will so we can discuss. Its interesting to say the least, seems like a little better than last year Btw, my year two MoT are done, cool looking shaders n emblems too
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