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  1. LU booking at least take you somewhere. Try following AAA and CMLL. AAA is fun but Triplemania is 3 months away and we have no idea about the card. CMLL booking is non existent and am not surprise they lost their main tv. Dave is set in his ways about wrestling. LU is not meant for him. Its TOO DIFFERENT for him.
  2. I disagree with you guys about Cornette. He would make a great commentator or manager.
  3. I think that match is in two weeks
  4. I thought it was a good show and probably the perfect balance between in ring action and skits. Killshot look decent too me. Isn't killshot from Baltimore?
  5. Has Pentagon had any big wins yet? Pentagon is popular but he's far down the pole compared to Cuerno,Cage,Mundo,Puma,Big Ryck,Fenix,Drago,Aerostar,Mil Muertes,El Patron,Trios champions,Sexy Star and then it's Pentagon. Pentagon needs a win over one of those wrestlers.
  6. I didn't think the mask match hurt future potential mask matches.
  7. I think the Crew are good in their roles in and out the ring.
  8. Should Chris Dejoseph and Chris Roach book aaa instead of Konnan?
  9. Aerostar is not going anywhere
  10. Lethal is the best thing in ROH right now. I don't get people obsession with Cole.
  11. Super Fly lost his mask in Mexico to Aerostar. They probably didn't care about making it a big deal because it already happened.
  12. I do think there will be a season 2 at the end of the day. The last episode of March did close to 140,000 on El Rey according to that Sons of Bronx guy, the network average 25,000.
  13. Uhaa have no hope...... Any update on these Meltzer rumors? They sound misguided or misinterpreted. I remember Meltzer stating the show might be in trouble because they didn't air on Christmas eve and Nye, that one went right over his head.
  14. What is the possiblities of Matanza being a female?
  15. Whatever happen to the Dorito show they supposed to be doing? Will that take over the 12 weeks they are off the air?
  16. Plus, with NXT(WWE) the competition just got worse. I would recommend royal rumble weekend.
  17. Kincaid vs. Americos I always like Kincaid. He had some really good matches with Sigmon and a great little man vs. big man match with Lance Hoyt. Americos is a fun babyface to root for.
  18. Lashley look solid but Angle was really terrible this match. Why put the title on him?
  19. Well at least ec3 is done with the comedy mid card feud.
  20. Probably a squash match. I wouldn't think about it that much.
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